Top 10 Micro Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

“Influencer” is now a common household term– someone who influences others, typically in the form of a social media personality or popular figure. Large brands have flocked to sponsored endorsement deals using influencers, who typically have upwards of 50,000 followers on a single platform. However, micro influencers are a new group entering the influencer space.

What is a micro influencer?

A micro influencer has a smaller follower base, around 2,000 to 50,000 followers on a single platform. On the large end, they can have up to 100,000 followers (Scrunch). The influencer is usually focused on a specific niche market and may appear more as a relatable everyday person than an Instagram celebrity for example.

Why are they important?

Because many micro influencers specialize in a certain area, such as beauty or fitness, for example, they are often most knowledgeable about their niche. They are more of a subject matter expert, compared to a larger influencer who may cover a variety of topics. In addition, authenticity is key. Micro influencers are seemingly normal people who come across as more credible and reliable sources of information.

As a more transparent source of information and recommendations, micro influencers have been found to have higher engagement with their audiences. A study by AdWeek showed that engagement is directly correlated to follower size. Micro influencers with 1,000 to 9,999 followers have a 7.4 percent engagement rate, while large influencers with 100,000 followers only have a 2.4 percent engagement rate. Moreover, micro influencers are also more attractive to companies due to their smaller cost to work with.

Micro influencers span across a wide variety of industries and topics. Here are the top 10 micro influencers on Instagram.



Top micro influencers SweatAndTell's Instagram feedSweat and Tell is an Instagram blog run by best friends Jo and Jacqs. They’ve formed a community of over 30k health-focused women online. Each of their posts reviews a new workout class or routine, centered upon health tips and trendy wellness locales in SoCal.



Top micro influencer ItsLivB's Instagram feedLiv B is an up and coming foodie. She’s best known for her indulgent, yet simple vegan recipes which can be found on her blog, Instagram, and YouTube page. With 100k followers, she pushes the limits of a micro influencer title.



Top micro influencer JacobTrue's Instagram feedJacob True is a travel photographer. His breathtaking photos of beaches and sunsets are sure to instill wanderlust. With 12k followers, he has enormous potential on Instagram’s world of travel.



Top micro influencer TheBrothersBuoy's Instagram feedThe Brothers Buoy produce comedic creative content. Their Instagram boasts engaging posts and beautiful pictures of food, travel, and adventures. They have 11k followers and are growing rapidly.



Top micro influencer SamanthaKozuch's Instagram feedSamantha Kozuch is a fitness pro and influencer coach. She specializes in fitness content and tips in addition to helping other fitness influencers succeed online. With 41k followers, she’s definitely on her way to the big league.



Top micro influencers SmithBrothersHawaii's Instagram feedAlex, Travis, and Koa Smith are brothers who live in Hawaii and own a successful smoothie shop. Their “Brother Nature” series on YouTube recently launched and has gained 20k subscribers and 7k followers on Instagram. Their content ranges from scenic nature pictures to travel adventures and healthy smoothie bowls.



Top micro influencer PassportToFriday's Instagram feedPassport to Friday is a travel guide by Chelsea Martin. With 18k followers, she specializes in personalized travel planning for honeymooners and luxury clients. In the meantime, she documents her gorgeous travels on Instagram.



Top micro influencer JomarAlexis' Instagram feedJomar Alexis is an incredibly talented male makeup artist. Using himself as the model, he creates makeup masterpieces that are incredibly colorful and creative. He has 11k followers on Instagram and is growing.



Top micro influencer Lil_Man_Life's Instagram feedLil Man Life chronicles the adventures of Benji the Bernedoodle and his dog dad Andrew. They travel to state parks together and lounge on the beach as best buds. With 5k followers and rising, this duo has been featured on a host of other dog and travel Instagram pages.



Top micro influencer IvyCarnegie's Instagram feedIvy Carnegie is a holistic health enthusiast, best known for her wellness and pregnancy content. She is a new mom who shares tips with her 83k followers on how to live a healthy and happy life while growing your family.

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This article was written by Carissa Brones.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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