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Top 10 Funniest YouTubers (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

From sketch comedy to lip-syncing, YouTube has it all! YouTube has become a platform for comedy, as comedians around the world share their best stand-up, skits, and more daily. The YouTube channels below are sure to make you laugh, as this list is composed of the world’s funniest YouTubers to date.

David Dobrik

  • 15.4M subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 19, 2014

David Dobrik is the “founder” of comedic vlogs. Starting out on Vine, he became an increasingly popular influencer in the comedy world years ago. David’s YouTube channel currently has over 15 million subscribers, and his fan base continues to grow every day. His original and hilarious vlogs tend to feature himself and his vlog squad running around LA, and typically involve a prank or two. David Dobrik is a comedic genius and one of the biggest and wealthiest names in YouTube!


  • 102M subscribers
  • Joined April 29, 2010

PewDiePie, also known as Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a hilarious YouTuber from Sweden. With over 100 million subscribers, he’s one of the most valuable YouTubers right now. His channel features everything from vlogs to his famous “let’s play” video series, where he records himself playing video games. His high-energy personality and great sense of humor are two large reasons why he has been able to gain over 24 billion views and is considered one of the funniest YouTubers.

Dolan Twins

  • 10.6M subscribers
  • Joined March 9, 2014

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are twins who live in LA and love to entertain their 10 million followers. Good looks aside, they create hilarious and unique content of them roasting and pranking each other. They do everything together and don’t pair with other content creators too often as they like to keep their videos fun and consistent. There’s no doubt these twins will have you crying with tears of laughter after watching just a few of their videos, making them some of the funniest YouTubers on the site.

Emma Chamberlain

  • 8.6M subscribers
  • Joined June 13, 2016

Emma Chamberlain’s infectious and carefree personality never fails to make her fans laugh. Whether she’s vlogging regular, day-to-day activities or living on her balcony for 24 hours, there is never a dull moment! Her strange but funny approach to every video she makes is a reason she’s considered one of the funniest YouTubers. Click here to find out more about her!

Liza Koshy

  • 17.8M subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 2, 2013

Liza gained her fame through Vine and continues to thrive as an actress, comedian, and YouTuber. With over 17 million followers, Liza has proven to be one of the most successful comedians in the industry. Her vlogs feature funny skits, makeup tutorials, and episodes of her daily life. Liza’s energetic, bubbly personality is bound to bring a smile to your face!

Ryan Higa

  • 21.3M subscribers
  • Joined July 20, 2006

Ryan Higa is a comedian, actor, and YouTuber best known for his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has videos that have gained over 4 billion views! He started by posting funny videos of himself lip-syncing to songs from 2006. From there, he has grown to be one of the funniest YouTubers and is known for his hilarious skits and original parody songs.

Jenna Marbles

  • 20.1M subscribers
  • Joined Feb. 16, 2010

Jenna Marbles is an overnight sensation, gaining her fame through her first hit video titled, “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.” Jenna Marbles now has a huge following of over 20 million subscribers! Her channel is full of comedic videos, containing skits with flying puppies and comedic “how to” videos. Even her “average” day vlogs are sure to bring a smile to your face, as she’s a comedic genius.

Jake Paul

  • 19.7M subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 19, 2013

Jake Paul is an extremely famous influencer who has relevance on pretty much every social media site. He’s also regarded as one of the funniest YouTubers for his extreme and energetic content. Whatever it is he’s doing, he knows how to keep his audience entertained. As the leader of Team 10, he’s always doing crazy stunts, pranks and throwing wild parties for his followers to watch. Whether he’s sinking someone’s car in a pool or covering a Lamborghini with peanut butter, you won’t want to look away.  

Shane Dawson

  • 23.1M subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 21, 2005

Shane Dawson is a YouTube sensation with over 23 million subscribers. He’s best known for his famous documentary and conspiracy series on his channel where he explains things with his hilarious personality. Regardless of the tone of his videos, he’ll always be one of the funniest YouTubers for his ability to deliver information in a way that is guaranteed to make people laugh.

Tana Mongeau

  • 5.19M subscribers
  • Joined April 30, 2015

Tana is not only a YouTube sensation, but she also has her own MTV reality TV show. Her huge personality always makes her subscribers laugh and ensures there’s never a dull moment. Most of her videos involve her making fun of herself, owning up to her extremely irresponsible and unreliable qualities. Her hilarious storytime videos, like the one about her stalker, always end up making her viewers laugh.

Can’t get enough of the funniest YouTubers? Check out these channels that didn’t make the cut:

YouTuberSubscriber CountView CountDate Joined
Smosh25M9.2BNov. 19, 2005
Logan Paul20.1M4.8BAug. 28, 2015
Miranda Sings10.8M2.1BJan. 30, 2008
Trisha Paytas4.93M1.7BJan. 3, 2007
Ryland Adams4.58M450MFeb. 9, 2010
Josh Peck3.53M278MJune 8, 2017

This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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