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Top 10 Yoga YouTubers

By Editorial Staff

Looking for a way to relieve some stress?

Want to try yoga but also want to avoid breaking the bank and looking like an uncoordinated fool?

These days you can learn about almost anything on the Internet, and yoga is no exception. YouTube serves as the perfect platform for yogis to upload videos and allows viewers to practice in the comfort of their own home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these yoga YouTubers have something for everyone at any level of experience.

Adriene Mishler – Yoga With Adriene

When you search “yoga YouTube,” Yoga With Adriene dominates the search results. With an impressive 3.5 million subscribers, Adriene is the most popular yoga YouTuber. She posts yoga practices that accommodate all levels and needs including self respect, anxiety, depression, migraines, loneliness, dancers, athletes, teachers, and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, Yoga With Adriene will have something for you.

Lesley Fightmaster – Fightmaster Yoga

Fightmaster Yoga is run by yoga YouTuber Lesley Fightmaster (Yes, that is actually her name!). Her channel provides support to yogis at any level, guiding them through various practices. She places a strong emphasis on mental/physical health, overall happiness, and wellbeing. Fightmaster features yoga for beginners, weight loss, back pain, energy, and more. She also includes 30-day challenges that’ll transform your mind and body. Moreover, this yoga YouTuber offers quick 15-20 minute sessions for those with a busy schedule or hour-long sessions for those with more freetime. Overall, Fightmaster Yoga has a yoga practice that will fit your lifestyle and needs.  

Juliana Semenova & Mark Spicoluk – Boho Beautiful

Husband and wife, Mark Spicoluk and Juliana Semenova, travel to the most exotic and remote places to film their yoga sessions. Although their channel primarily concentrates on yoga, they also incorporate videos regarding nutrition, meditation, and pilates. In addition, this couple shares stories about their relationship, personal struggles, and adventures. With almost 800,000 subscribers, this channel has increasingly gained popularity throughout these past years, making this duo the ultimate couple goals!

Corrina Rachel – PsycheTruth

This channel has it all. Aside from an endless assortment of yoga sessions suited to all levels, this yoga YouTuber also explores nutrition, weight loss, massage therapy, alternative medicine, meditation, and pain relief. With around 2.3 million subscribers, Psychetruth is a one-stop channel for anyone interested in embracing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Kino MacGregor – KinoYoga

With around 500,000 subscribers, KinoYoga is another great channel that offers guided yoga sessions for yogis at any level. The owner of the channel, Kino MacGregor, is quite qualified, with over 20 years of experience as a yogi. As a result, she understands how to break down the most complicated of poses and provides helpful tips along the way. If you’re looking to improve your backbend or handstand, KinoYoga is the yoga YouTuber for you.

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Sarah Beth – SarahBethYoga

Sarah Beth is a yoga YouTuber dedicated to teaching others the practice of yoga.  Not only does she post videos on her YouTube channel, but she also created an app for your smartphone. Sarah Beth recommends beginning with her #MonthOfYoga 30-day challenge. However, there are plenty of other videos for even the most experienced and inexperienced yogis.

Esther Ekhart – Ekhart Yoga

Ekhart Yoga is a yoga YouTube channel run by Esther Ekhart. She and her team of world class instructors teach various styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative and Yin Yoga. As a result, viewers are taught by qualified professionals in the comfort of their home for free! It’s almost like having a personal trainer in your living room. With almost 300,000 subscribers, Ekhart Yoga is a yoga channel on the rise, and one that you should subscribe to.

Tim Senesi – Yoga With Tim

Yoga With Tim is another growing yoga YouTube channel with almost 200,000 subscribers. Tim posts videos every Thursday. Recently, he has been uploading 30-day challenge series, as other yoga YouTubers have been doing. Instead of Tim practicing poses alongside the viewers, he uses models to demonstrate, while he instructs them. Overall, Tim is one of the few male yoga YouTubers and even has an impressive male following.

Brett Larkin – BrettLarkinYoga

Brett Larkin’s yoga channel focuses both on yoga and philosophy.  She posts her yoga videos on Monday, while she posts her philosophy videos on Friday. This yoga YouTuber has a variety of videos tailored to every level of yogi. Brett blends 18-day challenges, short and long yoga sessions, chakra meditations, and practices to help relieve pain. Moreover, Brett has podcasts available where she interviews different health experts. If you’re looking to better your body and mind, Brett Larkin is the yoga YouTuber for you.

Tara Stiles – TaraStiles

Last, but not least is Tara Stiles. She is a former model and current yoga YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers. In addition to running a YouTube channel, Tara is also the creator of Strala Yoga, a revolutionary yoga style sweeping the nation. Moreover, she has received a lot of backlash as a result of her unorthodox teaching style, ignoring the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga. However, this “hate” has not deterred brands such as Reebok from collaborating with her. Next time you’re feeling stressed, go check out this beautiful yogi.

This article was written by Laney Helmers

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