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Top 10 YouTube Marketing Agencies

By Editorial Staff

NeoReach is an influencer marketing agency that has managed over $250 million worth of influencer marketing campaigns. We specialize in many services such as sourcing and performance reporting while connecting a network of influencers and creating a unique strategy for each brand. We are using our expertise to showcase our picks of the high-performing YouTube marketing agencies.

1. Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)

DMA is a digital marketing agency that creates tailored strategies for businesses to achieve their marketing needs. DMA specializes in SEO, PPC, and social media analysis while also focusing on ways to connect a brand with its intended audience. Their YouTube marketing analysis ranges from video SEO, Youtube advertising/marketing, and influencer marketing. DMA is able to optimize the YouTube platform by creating custom campaigns that advertise on popular videos and track traffic among channels within a client’s demographic. DMA’s goal is to help a client reach their audience with YouTube influencers and content. 

Key Clients:

  • Kohler
  • Trip Advisor
  • Makeable

2. Factor One

Factor One is a YouTube marketing agency that takes YouTube marketing to the next level. With their niche being YouTube advertising, it gives them the ability to provide their clients with an in-depth perspective on all the ins and outs of advertising on YouTube. They navigate the process through content targeting, demographic/interest targeting, and YouTube bumper ads. They are also able to keep their clients updated on what’s new in marketing trends, such as YouTube sequencing. Factor One understands the value of advertising on YouTube and in turn, is able to provide businesses the tools needed to succeed on the platform. 

Key Clients:

  • Kardinal Rule Entertainment
  • BNA Solutions

3. Voy Media

Voy Media is one of the top YouTube marketing agencies that specifically focuses on how to advertise on YouTube. Their services include YouTube advertising, YouTube and audience network retargeting, video design for advertisements, copywriting, account strategy, influencer outreach, and marketing audiences. According to past clients, their strategies help drive brand awareness and sales. Their many technology partners such as Google, help them create a unique and effective experience for businesses. Voy Media’s primary goal is to take care of everything a client needs to successfully advertise on Youtube.  

Key Clients:

  • Icon Swim
  • Ketoned
  • Bed Bug Guide

4. NeoReach

NeoReach is a full-service influencer marketing agency that creates unique campaigns that help brands connect with creators on various social media platforms. Their ability to achieve a marketing strategy for YouTube can be broken down into their unique four-step process:

  1. Develop a data-backed strategy
  2. Source top-performing niche influencers
  3. Coordinate communication and logistics
  4. Track campaign performance and share insights

This marketing strategy is able to optimize brand recognition within a campaign to promote success for a business. Their influencer approach to YouTube marketing also provides a modern and powerful approach that helps achieve success for clients.  

Neoreach Marketing Case Study Breakdown: 

Posts Created170
Paid to Influencers7 figures
Campaign Reach179 Million+

Key Clients:

  • TikTok
  • Airbnb
  • Walmart

5. Working Media Group

Working Media Group is an independent social media marketing agency that is based in New York. Their digital marketing services include SEO/SEM, ad serving, influencer marketing, media buying, and many more. They are niched in B2B marketing and with that, stress the importance for clients being able to understand their market analysis and use their results to achieve long-term success. Their social media campaigns produce many YouTube advertisements that help brands create content and engagement. YouTube marketing agency, Working Media Group is performance-driven and values the results of the client. 

Key Clients:

  • American Express
  • The YMCA
  • Level 3 Communications

6. is a boutique marketing agency that focuses on digital services, such as YouTube. Although they vary in SEO services while also marketing and managing social platforms, their YouTube services include a creative strategy that works with YouTube advertising via video content and influencer marketing.’s strategy also keeps experts engaged with campaigns to be updated on results. Their goal is to help businesses produce high quality leads from buyers while engaging with their audience. 

Key Clients:

  • Firelands Real Estate
  • Huxley Banking

7. Techmagnate

Techmagnate is the next of our YouTube marketing agencies that specializes in video services. Their digital media services range from search optimization to content marketing while also creating strategies for reputation management on YouTube, pay per click, video marketing, and design. Techmagnate’s niche, however, is video SEO. They stress the importance of why a business needs video SEO and the advantages of video SEO while offering their unique approach for clients. Their video marketing plans are categorized by Value, Standard, and Premium, however, clients are also given the opportunity to create their own custom plan. 

Key Clients:

  • Airtel
  • Honda
  • Koenig

8. Passion Digital

Passion Digital is a digital marketing agency that has a very niched Youtube advertising strategy. They focus on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies using YouTube TrueView in-stream and in-display. This form of advertising essentially means that an advertisement will play either before a video begins or next to a video while it is being displayed. These two leading advertising methods on Youtube are key to creating traffic for a business. Passion Digital’s goal is to increase audience awareness of these advertisements by making them more demographically conscious. 

Key Clients:

  • The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Good Hemp
  • Cambridge Dictionary

Good Hemp YouTube marketing agencies client

9. Vireo Video 

Vireo Video is one of the YouTube marketing agencies that work to increase views and revenue with their services. They have various YouTube consultants who are certified by YouTube and work to create a customer’s strategy campaign. Vireo Video’s primary client goals are to build an audience, increase audience retention, and optimize videos. They also have a YouTube channel where they post service-related content. 

Key Clients:

  • Nordstrom Talent
  • The Arcview Group
  • Valens

10. Simply Ads

Simply Ads is a YouTube Advertising Agency that works to target a business’ most valued customers using Youtube video advertising. As social media platforms intertwine, Simply Ads uses that to strategic advantage. Their campaign production includes animation, editing, full video, and high-end. Outside of YouTube, they also have services for platforms such as while still focusing on video content marketing. 

Key Clients:

  • worldwide clients

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This article was written by Daniela Jolie

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