Top 10 Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts of 2019

By Editorial Staff

Technology is moving at a very fast pace in 2019. With new iPhones being released every few months, AI running manufacturing plants, and facial recognition becoming a norm, it only makes sense that influencers are growing just as fast. Instagram is leading the social media craze of this new era and plenty of influencers are along for the ride. In this article, we will be exploring the fastest growing Instagram accounts of 2019 and how much they have grown based on follower counts.

Katie Morton

  • @katieemo
  • Growth Rate: 137.49%

Katie Morton's Instagram

Katie Morton is an ex-contestant on the show Bachelor in Paradise. She leveraged her show presence into now one of the more popular beauty and travel accounts on Instagram. A dancer at LSU, her alma mater, Katie has always loved dancing and yoga. She is now a dance and talent agent as well as a full-time Instagram influencer. Since her appearance on the show, she has had a massive following that has come to know and love her in the influencer community.

Derek Peth

  • @pethderek
  • Growth Rate: 127.38%

Derek Perth Instagram Account

Derek Peth was a contestant on the twelfth season of the famous reality TV show, The Bachelorette. Before his stint with the show, he was a three-time NCAA All-American track and field star at Wartburg College. He used to work in commercial banking but transitioned to Instagram influencing after his appearance on the show. Now, he is the proud host of his podcast The Betchelor as well as a travel influencer.

Yilena Hernandez 

  • @yilena_Hernandez
  • Growth Rate: 122.48%

One of the fastest growing Instagram accounts Yilena

Yilena Hernandez is known as the Cuban Barbie. She is a model, business owner, and fashion enthusiast. Yilena began with her two businesses, Pizza Art Wine and Yilena Luxury Lashes. Both of the companies have become massive successes within the fashion and beauty industry. Now she boasts an impressive 670,000 followers and continues to work on her company and model for magazines such as Surreal and Playboy.

Michelle Kira Lee 

  • @mykirakira
  • Growth Rate: 82.61%

Kira's Instagram Account

Michelle Kira Lee is an influencer with a heavy science background. A student at the University of California: Irvine, Kira is a published student on the Transgenerational Effects of Obesogens, in short, she has researched the effects of the generational stimulus on obesity around the world. Kira has been passionate about the sciences and how we should be more supportive of obesity around the world. She became an influencer to get the message out to a new crowd and has done a fantastic job at growing her page to show the importance of science in weight loss!

Haley Adams 

  • @haleyadamssss
  • Growth Rate: 77.42%

Haley Adams' Instagram Account

Haley Adams is a fitness influencer and Crossfit champion. Haley Adams was ranked as the No. 6 most fit woman in 2019 and the 2018 Worlds Fittest Teen. A four-time CFG athlete. At only 18 years old, she is what most would call a phenom within the fitness world. Her growth as an athlete and influencer has been astounding and continues to grow.

Tayshia Adams

  • @tayshiaaa
  • Growth Rate: 71.08%

Tayshia Adams' Instagram Account

Tayshia is a TV personality and phlebotomist who is a contestant in the twenty-third season of The Bachelor. Before the show, Tayshia was pursuing her career in biomedical science before becoming a fitness coach at Soul Cycle. From there she was accepted onto the show and has made a career out of her fame. Now she is a full-time fashion and fitness influencer who travels the world living in the world of fashion.

Taylor Durand

  • @treatsbytay
  • Growth Rate: 69.01%

One of the fastest growing Instagram accounts Treats by Tay

Taylor Durand is the stay at home mother of two who has created one of the most popular baking Instagram pages around. A self-taught baker, Taylor features easy to make but beautiful baked goods on her Instagram. She has her own menu, product line, and vlog about her everyday life as a mother. Taylor has made a name for herself as a baker and influencer who can both focus on her family and still be a boss in the bakery.


  • @redcarpetgirlz
  • Growth Rate: 68.49%

Zaza's Instagram Account

Zaza is a social media phenom, rapper, and fashion icon. At just 4 years old, Zaza is one of the youngest influencers that you will find on Instagram. Zaza found her fame after a video of her dancing went viral and her parents started the Instagram account. A few hundred thousand followers later and the young girl was invited to the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she has found even more success with her big personality and adorable character. She continues to pursue dancing and rapping and has now become a fashion influencer for some of the most trendy outfits. 

Kevin Lo

  • @kevindlo
  • Growth Rate: 58.08%

One of the fastest growing Instagram accounts Kevin Lo

Kevin Lo is an American Instagram fitness enthusiast and model. He found his fame in posting his fitness and lifestyle photos on his Instagram page. He began making videos on his YouTube account and started to gain a massive following on Instagram. Now, Kevin is one of the more influential fitness stars on Instagram and continues to post progress photos and exercise regimens. When he isn’t in the gym, he is working on featured videos or traveling the world– enjoying what life is all about!


  • @drea_VC
  • Growth Rate: 50.36%

Drea's Instagram Account

Drea is an Instagram influencer, CEO of her own company ShopDream Makeup, Educator, and makeup consultant. Drea started her career on Instagram by posting short videos and makeup tutorials. Soon she started working with SoCal PRO and one of their makeup artists. Now, she is the CEO of her own makeup company and her own makeup studio where she educates makeup professionals.

Want more of the fastest growing Instagram accounts of 2019? Here are some who didn’t make the list:

NameHandleFollower CountGrowth Rate
Naomi Scott@naomigscott3.1M49.13%
Sophia Rose Labbé@sophieroselabbe178K27.29%
Amber Smith@amberemilysmith162K46.5%
Catherine Reitman@reitcatou99.3K18.72%
Kinsey Wolanski@kinsey_sue2.1K40.4%

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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