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Top 10 Chinese Beauty YouTubers

By Editorial Staff

Beauty is a global affair, and China plays a large role. In 2018, the cosmetics market in China was worth over 26 billion, a 21 percent increase since 2014 due to rising disposable incomes and an increase in beauty consciousness. The makeup industry in China is highly competitive and YouTube offers a place for beauty education and step-by-step tutorials where you can learn to utilize your supplies in the right way. Here are the top Chinese beauty YouTubers at the moment.

  1. Rainie Tian

  • 366k subscribers

Toronto-native, Rainie Tian has gained a following of 366,000 through her informative makeup tutorial videos. Her main language is Mandarin, but her texts are bilingual so that makeup gurus from anywhere can enjoy Rainie’s skills. Rainie averages 112,840 views every video, as she explains in detail the makeup she’s applying and the brushes she’s using. The 25-year-old Rainie has taken the Chinese beauty vlog industry by storm, and she’s not looking back!

  1. Oh Emma

  • 352k subscribers

Canadian native, Oh Emma prides herself on her infatuation with lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. With just over 350,000 followers, Oh Emma vlogs about her daily makeup routine, life updates, new fashion additions to her closet, and just everyday life with Oh Emma. If you want a recap of her life for the past month, you can tune into her monthly vlogs that describe all that she does month by month. 

  1. Nana OuYang 

  • 392k subscribers

Nana is 18 years old… yes, you read that right! Taiwanese beauty vlogger cashes in at 392,000 subscribers. Nana is also known for her skills in acting, as she has been on the big screen with Jackie Chan in the movie Bleeding Steel. Nana also travels internationally on behalf of high-end jewelry companies and is always camera ready. Her down-to-earth attitude is key to her success as a makeup influencer. Attending the Curtis Institute of Music, her early experiences cemented her future of success and have kept her eyes open to rise on the big screen. 

  1. Maaaxter English

  • 373k subscribers

Maaaxter English brilliantly takes over the Chinese makeup market from the comfort of her home in Los Angeles. Maaaxter’s main mission is to teach her followers through her videos. Through her bilingual videos, Maaaxter aims to teach English to her Chinese viewers through interesting and compelling themes. She not only focuses on makeup, but her topics also range from everyday life, movies, politics, and latest trends. With almost 375,000 subscribers, Maaaxter entertains her followers with her sparky personality and obsession with all things makeup.

  1. Savislook

  • 195k subscribers

Another US-based Chinese beauty YouTuber, Savislook travels around the globe and takes her talents with her. She focuses mainly on her “Get Ready With Me” videos, showcasing a variety of beauty supplies. She also posts “Cook with Savi” videos, as she demonstrates how to cook some of her very favorite dishes. Savi also shares a tour of her apartment that has over 370,000 views. Her fans bite at the opportunity to see a day in the life of Savislook. With 195,000 subscribers, this Chinese makeup vlogger takes the beauty process to a whole new level. 

  1. Elva Ni

  • 201k subscribers

Elva Ni is a Hong Kong actress, model, television star, yoga instructor, and legendary makeup vlogger. At the ripe age of 18, Elva won the 2005 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant and then a year later participated in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. After winning these titles, Elva graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in economics. During her time at the University of Toronto, she became a host of Toronto New Age Television programs. An active cosmetologist, Ni brings her talent to YouTube and entertains her 200,000 subscribers. 

  1. It’s Jcana

  • 272k subscribers

We have yet another Canadian beauty blogger! It’s Jcana is a YouTube start that not only specializes in makeup vlogs, but her lifestyle and fashion vlogs are just as poppin’. It’s Jcana holds over 270,000 subscribers on YouTube, with nearly 12 million total views. It’s Jcana is also active on Instagram, as she has over 117,000 followers while managing an Instagram for her cat. Who doesn’t love a good cat Instagram account to obsess over? (@toothless.totoro). Her claim to fame on YouTube started at an early age, but it was not until recently that her following grew past the thousands. On top of makeup tutorials, It’s Jcana also goes through her weekly shipment boxes full of new clothes to play “dress up” with her followers.

  1. Vivekatt S

  • 175k subscribers

Although residing from Sweden, Vivekatt S dips her toes in the Chinese makeup tutorial pond and holds her own! Born in Beijing, China, she was introduced to social media via Instagram in 2013 and then eventually launched her YouTube channel in 2014. She began her YouTube channel from a recommendation from a fan on Instagram, encouraging her to make a channel to focus solely on makeup tutorials. Vivekatt S has a good sense of humor, as she named one of her makeup tutorials “How to go from potato to badass makeup tutorial.” Comparing herself to a potato, she makes her audience laugh while giving them a solid tutorial. She also posted a makeup tutorial with her boyfriend commentating (hilarious to say the least!) 

  1. Maryam Maquillage

  • 203k subscribers

NYC based Maryam Maquillage is another key player in the beauty YouTuber realm. She gave herself the name Maquillage, meaning “makeup” in several different languages. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram and 200,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 4.2 million views. She has been a self-taught makeup and nail artist since she was 12-years-old. She collaborated with Pixii cosmetics and eventually sold out at Target. Maryam prides herself with her exotic Eurasian background, making her one of the most influential makeup vloggers to date!

  1. Sarah Cheung

  • 486k subscribers

Sarah Cheung is our most followed beauty guru on this list of the top Chinese beauty YouTubers. She collects over 480,000 subscribers on YouTube channel, with nearly 26 million views. Her content ranges from makeup tutorials to her most popular video, a personal story about how she got a 4.0 GPA. Her second most popular video is her makeup tutorial, showing the different ways she can transform her beauty. She is also known for basing her makeovers off of celebrities, the most popular being one inspired by Ariana Grande

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This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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