Instagram Product Tagging Explained

By Editorial Staff

What Is Instagram Product Tagging?

Instagram is one of the world’s most used social media platforms. It originally began on the premise of sharing pictures and media. Soon after it began, Instagram monetized the idea with advertisements from various vendors and companies. Now, Instagram has launched a new means of integrated advertising called Instagram product tagging. Instagram product tagging is when users can post media and tag the products they have with them of the clothes they have on. Once they tag the product, the tag will embed a hyperlink to the product through Instagram’s internet browsing feature. This allows influencers to work with advertisers while also maintaining the genuine nature of their posts.

Quick Facts on Instagram Product Tagging

There are proven methods to have successful Instagram product tagging and with nearly 62% of smartphone users making purchases through mobile devices, Instagram product tagging is extremely relevant.

  • 60% of the 200 million+ Instagram users discover new products via Instagram.
  • Tyme, an e-commerce store that specializes in hair styling tools, has seen a traffic increase of 44% since implementing product tagging.
  • Spearmint Love, an eco-friendly children’s clothing company, saw an 8% increase in revenue due to Instagram shoppers.

Spearmint Baby Using Product Tagging

These are just a few examples showing how product tagging is the way of the future for e-commerce.

How to Use Instagram Product Tagging

To use Instagram product tagging you have to follow three simple steps:

1. Convert your Instagram account to an Instagram business account

2. Create a product catalog on Facebook

    • Instagram product tagging works closely with Facebook to bring you a better media experience
    • Create a catalog in Catalog Manager
    • Select “Create Catalog” and choose the correct catalog type for your inventory

Create Facebook Catalog

Facebook Configure Your Catalog Settings

3. Add your shoppable tags on Instagram

    • Link your Facebook template with the business Instagram page under Settings > Business Settings > Shopping
    • Once this is done you can create posts and tag your products

Best Tips and Tricks to Sell on Instagram

Instagram is a huge marketplace and has tons of users. This means that there is plenty of competition for your business and Instagram product posts. Here are some tips on how to make it big with product tagging.

  • Post about positivity: Buying products usually centers around emotion so, if influencers can connect with their followers on an emotional level, followers will buy products.
  • Use Instagram Stories to leverage your products: Instagram Stories are very easy to watch and can be a great medium for influencers to sell their products or others.
  • Keep it low-key: Most Instagram users do not want to be sold on products while they are browsing their feed. That is why it is important to showcase the product but avoid over-selling.
  • Tag multiple products per post: Posting more products increases your chances of selling a product so the more the better.
  • Use high-quality images: Consumers want to know what they are buying so make sure it’s in the best like with the best definition.

These are just a few simple steps to up your game in e-commerce on Instagram. Using these steps, your business Instagram page will be able to kick off the ground!

How Are Companies Using Instagram Product Tagging?

A fantastic campaign is ASOS’s  As Seen On Me campaign. ASOS is a men’s and women’s fashion company that focuses on a more modern style. Their campaign consisted of using the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe and letting their followers and customers post pictures with this tag. The hashtag brought followers to ASOS’s Instagram page where they have their assortment of product tagged posts for people to buy.

#AsSeenOnMe Asos Campaign

ASOS created a page for this campaign and found great success because their customers loved to be both seen and heard. Fashion customers want to express themselves and ASOS gave them a platform to do it. Adding in Instagram product tagging only made it sweeter for ASOS.

The Big Takeaway

E-commerce and the internet are the fastest growing sectors in the world today. With more and more people joining Instagram and buying smartphones, companies are looking for avenues to reach the new consumer base. Instagram product tagging is a catalyst in the e-commerce market and is a great place to start in e-commerce for any business regardless of the size.

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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