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Shane Dawson Net Worth: How He Turned a Passion into Profit

By Editorial Staff

Shane Dawson is a 31-year-old YouTuber who has been in the game for over a decade. Now known for his conspiracy theories and documentary series, Shane started out on YouTube in 2008 when he launched his first channel, ShaneDawsonTV. The conspiracy theorist is now estimated to have a net worth of $12 million. How? Let’s find out in our Shane Dawson net worth breakdown. 

Shane is receiving an income from a variety of outlets, starting with YouTube and Instagram, including sponsorships and his merchandise, as well as the most recent addition to his stream of income, his makeup collection. Shane Dawson’s net worth is comprised through all of these different streams of revenue and although his path to success hasn’t been traditional, it certainly is one that isn’t stopping any time soon.

Top Sources of Income:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Sponsorships
  • Merch
  • Makeup Collection

Shane Dawson Net Worth Breakdown

Shane has a solid Instagram following of over 11.9 million alongside a hefty 23.1 million subscribers on YouTube. YouTube is a main source of revenue that heavily contributes to Shane Dawson’s net worth, but he’s even said before that money isn’t everything for him– it’s just what he’s always done and loves to do. 

Shane was one of the first people to have turned YouTube into a full-time job and he’s paved the way for many to join him in his line of work, though no star is quite like Shane. When he started his career on YouTube, his original channel, ShaneDawsonTV, was one that comprised of comedic skits, made-up characters, and even made parodies of popular songs, always making sure to poke fun of pop culture. In only two years of launching his first YouTube channel, Shane managed to hit half a billion views and, in the same year, he was named the twenty-fifth most famous internet celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine. Take a look at his following now:

Social Media PlatformHandleFollower Count

Now, what many know Shane Dawson for are his hours-long documentaries and engagingly spooky conspiracy theories. Shane began making these types of videos in 2015 when he initiated the first conspiracy theory series to see his channel. He began making videos that highlighted conspiracy theories about celebrities, politicians, Disney Channel stars, and big names that quickly got him tons of clicks. But Shane’s best-known conspiracy theory videos is from his two-part series called Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson, which have earned 43 million and 37 million views alike. Other most-viewed videos now are the more recent documentary series that he’s produced which includes a series on Jake Paul and another series on Tana Mongeau’s TanaCon event. These videos all have around 23-35 million views, while his most-viewed video ever is his first-ever video on Jeffree Star titled The Secret World of Jeffree Star, at 46 million views.

Shane Dawson's YouTube Videos

On his main channel, Shane receives about 4.2 million views per day which, in turn, generates revenue of approximately $16,800 a day, or $6.2 million annually. His second, original channel accumulates over 100,000 views per day and generates an estimated $400 per day or $150,000 a year.


The entrepreneurial entertainer that he is, Shane Dawson has admitted to not being very money-savvy when it comes to business and profits. He even took it to himself to search for sponsorships for his most recent five-part video series with Jeffree Star, three of which ended up being sponsored. The third video was uploaded on August 3 and ended up receiving 11 million sponsored views, hitting the No.1 spot on Tubular’s Global Sponsored Video Leaderboard. Although he doesn’t have that many current deals with sponsors, we might quickly begin seeing Shane Dawson’s net worth on the rise after his most recent documentary series, when his friend, fellow YouTuber, and well-known MUA guru, Jeffree Star, told him he could have made over $200,000 on an Instagram post he’d already made. This shocked Shane enough to the point of seriously reconsidering his revenue streams and the amount of sponsored content and giveaways he’s done and will start doing in the near future.


Thanks to his close relationship with Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson recently released a line of merchandise following his most recent documentary series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. Shane’s line, which sold out only a few hours after launching, includes phone cases, hoodies, shirts, slides, backpacks, with Shane’s signature pig icon and Jeffree’s signature color pink. This line alone created a 70% profit off of the merchandise and Jeffree Star told Shane during the series that from the revenue he’d generate with the merchandise store and makeup line, he could retire. 

Shane Dawson Merch Website

Makeup Collection

Shane Dawson and his dynamic duo partner also launched a makeup collection together, following their documentary series. Released on November 1 as Jeffree Star’s 2019 holiday collection, there were over 1.1 million palettes sold. After posting on Instagram about their line being completely sold out upon launch, the collection was restocked and sold out once more, earning at least $3 million from the restock alone. During one of the videos in Shane’s series, viewers were able to watch the two discuss numbers with a sales representative from Morphe, who explained that that would mean about $20 million for Jeffree Star’s team and another $10 million to go directly to Shane.

Shane Dawson’s net worth is influenced heavily by his YouTube career that started a decade ago and pioneered the professional side of creating videos. The theorist and documentary-producer is only just starting to take important steps into the worlds of sponsorships, makeup, and online merchandise stores but with a consistently growing following, he’s sure to have tons of success in the very, very near future. Having already made millions and millions of dollars in just this month of November, it’s safe to say that his career successes or the growth of Shane Dawson’s net worth won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

This article was written by Anneliese Muller

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