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KSI vs. Logan Paul: The Rematch

By Editorial Staff

Logan Paul and KSI are two well-known YouTubers, with over 20 million subscribers each. Their first fight (KSI vs. Logan Paul) took place in August of 2018 after a falling out online but ended in a draw. However, given that the first fight generated over $11 million, I would say Logan and KSI both left the fight as winners. The draw left viewers wanting more, fans of Logan Paul and KSI wondered if there would ever be a true champion. Since the fight in August of 2018, rumors have circulated about a rematch. Just months ago it was announced that there would be a rematch on November 9 in LA, and it was estimated that round two would bring in a whopping $20 million. Since announcing the second fight, KSI and Logan have released many diss tracks to hype up the fights…KSI’s track even goes as far as to mention the controversial scandal Logan Paul landed himself in upon filming in the Japanese Suicide forest years back. In this post, we will share everything we know about what went down on November 9


  • 20.8M subscribers
  • Joined July 24, 2009

KSI, or Olajide Olatunji, is a 26-year-old YouTuber, internet personality, and rapper from Watford, United Kingdom. He is a member and co-founder of the entertainment collective known as Sidemen, alongside a few other British YouTubers. Together, they produce YouTube content and merch, and have racked up over 53 million followers! KSI got his start on YouTube through posting gaming commentary videos of FIFA. His videos blew up, and he has since then expanded his content to include vlogs, comedy, and music. KSI now has 20.8 million followers and counting! KSI YouTube Channel

Logan Paul

  • 20.1M subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 28, 2015

Logan Paul is a 24-year-old YouTuber, internet personality, and actor from America. He is best known for his popular YouTube channel and membership in Team 10. He got his start in 2013 on Vine from his comedic sketches. When Vine was no longer, he made the switch to YouTube and hasn’t looked back. He has made guest appearances on some of your favorite shows and movies, including Law & Order, Weird Loners, and The Space Between Us. In addition, he has launched his own podcast called “Impaulsive” in November of 2018, and now has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube!  Logan Paul YouTube Channel

Where It All Began

After beating Joe Weller in a boxing match, KSI announced, “If any YouTuber wants it, you can come get it. Jake Paul, Logan Paul, I don’t care.” The video went viral! In response to the stab at the Paul brothers, Logan tweeted: “Who is PSI and why are people tweeting me about him?” This tweet started it all….Logan and KSI had a full-on twitter battle, which resulted in Logan Paul making a YouTube video for clickbait called “The Pauls Respond to the CSI Fight.” In this video Logan pokes fun at KSI, calling him “Dad” and volunteering his dad to fight him because it would be a fair fight in Logan’s eyes. It wasn’t long after this internet feud that the day and time of the first fight was announced, and the rest is history! 

KSI vs. Logan Paul: The First Fight

The terms for the first fight were both funny and humiliating. Each contestant had to agree to contribute $25,000, fight a boxing match, host the fight in Los Angeles (giving Logan a “home field” advantage), wear the winner’s merch in their YouTube videos, and say the winner is their “Daddy” if they lost. These terms are simply too appropriate for a fight between two internet personalities!  

KSI vs. Logan Paul: The Rematch

The second fight (KSI vs. Logan Paul) took place on November 9 in LA at the Staples Center and began at 8 p.m. PST. The main event lasted over 6 rounds at 3 minutes each. You can watch recaps of the fight’s best moments on YouTube by searching “Logan Paul KSI fight.” 

The Results 

The fight was a wild and messy one. KSI started strong, knocking Logan Paul off his feet in which the ref deemed a “slip.” From there, things took a turn, as Logan felled KSI with a sole good shot of the night, only to be incorrectly penalized for a hold and hit. That penalty alone cost him the fight. Of the judges, only one scored in favor of Logan. The other two gave it to KSI, deeming KSI the winner of fight No. 2! This fight was laughable, entertaining, and everything we had hoped for and more. Logan is now appealing the decision. 

KSI vs. Logan Paul Rematch
Credit: ESPN

The Analytics

The KSl vs. Logan Paul fight generated approximately $1.2 million pay-per-view buyers worldwide on YouTube and on the KSI vs. Logan Paul official website. This fight accumulates over 800,000 live purchases. According to The Independent, both Logan Paul and KSI brought home roughly $900,000 each. These YouTubers brought home more money than Billy Joe Saunders! 

Both KSI and Logan Paul gained subscribers on YouTube in the days leading up to the big fight. Logan Paul shared his latest follower count with his fans, revealing that he had broken 20 million! Logan is now just a few thousand subscribers short of KSI, who boasts an impressive 20.8 million subscribers on YouTube. 

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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