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Top 10 Travel Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Wanderlust? These top 10 travel influencers know more about this than most travel lovers. If you want to be inspired, these intriguing Instagrams are the ones to follow. While we all secretly want the extravagant life of a travel blogger, most of us do not have that luxury. BUT we can take a peek through these travelers’ lenses (literally) and experience the world from our own comfy bed. We all say “it’s such a small world,” but these influencers remind us there’s so much to explore… So get going!


Top 10 Travel Influencers on Instagram You Should Be Following

By Sarah Dinon




Chris Burkard is an award-winning photographer. The outdoorsman has been able to pursue his passion for nature through his travels and photography. Chris has used his fame to inspire others to preserve wildlife worldwide. He has six published books that display his work. Chris also has a TED Talk. His Instagram displays his extraordinary photography skills along with his perpetual love for the beauty nature offers.



Jack Morris has been traveling the world since 2012. Throughout that time he has visited over 50 countries! He met his girlfriend Lauren in 2016 while working in Fiji, can we say goals? Jack and Lauren currently live in Bali between all their travels. Jack’s Instagram is filled with flawless pictures documenting his adventures. He also has a blog that goes more in depth about all of his exciting trips!



Lauren Bullen is Jack’s girlfriend!! If you can’t tell I’m obsessed with this couple. Lauren’s blog has a focus on fashion as well as travel. She is the ultimate inspiration for trendy travel outfits and absolutely stunning pictures. A quick scroll through her story highlights displays all the amazing places her and Jack have been able to explore! In addition to fashion and travel, Lauren has posted about beauty, cooking, and updates on their home.



Alex Strohl is an incredible photographer who has been featured in notable publications like Forbes and Vanity Fair. His client list is impressive, to say the least. He has worked with companies like Apple, Google, Land Rover, Canon, and the list goes on… Alex developed a love for travel at an early age from his father. The wanderlust has since grown and helped him turn his passion into a career.



Louis Cole shares his travels every day on his Instagram and YouTube channel. He made the decision to turn every single day into an adventure. The results? Amazing pictures and videos that make us ALL jealous. Since joining YouTube in 2011, Louis has amassed almost 300 million views! He also founded Live the Adventure, a community of travel influencers who can share their stories and experiences on a communal blog and Instagram (@livetheadventure)!



Quin Schrock has always loved adventure and travel. From an early age, the California and Hawaii native has been drawn to the outdoors. His Instagram displays his love for nature and its indescribable beauty. He travels to some of the Quin has worked with renowned clients like GoPro, HGTV, Travel Channel, and numerous others.



Chelsea Yamase is a native Hawaiian who shares her love for travel, fitness, and modeling through her stunning Instagram and blog. Not only are her posts enviously beautiful but her personality seems tough to beat. Chelsea’s posts are diverse, ranging from travel to wellness to random thoughts. Her impressive client list includes Under Armor, Jeep, Beats by Dre, Urban Outfitters, and tons more!



Kiersten Rich, better known as Kiki, quit her job 6 years ago to pursue her love of traveling. Since following her dream, Kiki has traveled to 70 countries, boarded 446 flights, and flown 845,100 miles! Not only does her Instagram display her amazing adventures, but it also shows her love for fashion. Her blog has a variety of posts ranging from travel and packing guides to festivals and solo travel tips.



Johan Lolos is a Belgian photographer who has been traveling the world since 2013. After catching the attention of large publications he decided to turn his fascinations into a career. Johan has helped promote numerous brands with his stunning pictures of places he’s traveled. He recently released a book, Peaks of Europe, documenting a 5-month road trip across 17 European countries!



Finnish photographer Samuel Taipale and his wife, Hildegunn Taipale (@hilvees) travel the world while taking beautiful pictures of each other and the places they visit. The couple is always somewhere breathtaking, be it the Grand Canyon, New Zealand, or Italy. They are literally the cutest couple, and they’re expecting their first child!! If you want wanderlust and genuine happiness head over to their Instagrams to catch up on their whereabouts.

If you’d like to reach any of these top travel influencers on Instagram, click here!

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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