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Top Travel Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Looking for travel influencers to promote your travel equipment, products or programs?

Using the NeoReach we identified the top photographers, daredevils, and passionate travelers on Instagram and crafted an effective list of your influencer marketing.  We then analyzed and provided you with their performance metrics and audience demographics.

1: Jay Alvarezz

This social media star has gained a massive following on Instagram and continues to attract a lot of people. He is an extreme sports enthusiast and an active skydiver and surfer. He travels all around the world with his girlfriend, Alexis Ren, who also has a big Instagram audience, and shares pictures and videos of their adventures together. His primary audience is girls in their late teens. His most recent sponsors on Instagram include Islandview Hawai’i, Lokai, and Hyundai.

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2: Foster Huntington

After quitting his job as a designer for Ralph Lauren in 2011, Foster has traveled all over the country with his VW van, publishing numerous photo books and posting pictures and videos. In 2014, he decided that his nomadic life was enough and it was time to settle… in a treehouse! He documented the building process of “The Cinder Cone” and posted pictures and videos of it on Instagram and even wrote a book about it. His Instagram feed is filled with beautiful scenic shots and his treehouse, that includes a hot tub and a skateboarding rink. He also shares his favorite books and camera equipment.


3: Chris Burkard

Chris travels all around the world and takes amazing, awe-inspiring pictures that look like they could be your computer’s preset wallpapers. He has worked on global campaigns with Fortune 500 brands, given a TED talk, developed specialty product lines, held workshops to teach photography, and published many books. He has won many awards, including most recently the PMDA Visionary Photography Award in 2016. Most recently on his Instagram, he has posted pictures of Denali National Park, the Westfjords of Iceland and promoted the sailboats that tour that region as well, and the Yellowstone National Park.

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4: Alex Strohl

Alex is a Madrid born, French photographer, who attempts to capture the most authentic moments of nature. His Instagram feed is filled with calm, serene pictures that makes you appreciate nature. He lives in Whitefish, Montana, but travels on the road with his wife Andrea Dabene, who also has a great Instagram following, to the farthest places in the world. He has been featured in many prestigious publications such as Forbes, Vanity Fair, and Gentleman’s Journal and has many noteworthy clients like Apple, Canon, and Microsoft. Check out this video of him paddling on an abitibi & co.’s canoe, a picture during his mountaineering course with the American Alpine Institute, or a picture of his lodgment owned by Montana’s Best Rentals to get a glimpse into his feed.

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5: Jared Chambers

Jared is an LA-based photographer who documents his travels with pictures of people, nature, and cars. His pictures are simplistic and minimal but very aesthetic and beautiful and thus have attracted a lot of people to follow him on Instagram. Many young people seem to like his approach as his primary audience is people from ages 17 to 24. He has worked with companies such as Lincoln Motor Company, iGNANT, and Front Runner Outfitters.

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6: Zach Glassman

Zach is a passionate explorer and shares his experiences with authentic and interesting pictures on his Instagram. All his pictures are very different and tell a story of their own. He is the founder of the Passion Passport, which is an organization of travelers and storytellers that seek to inspire people to travel. He has traveled to Lord Howe Island in New South Wales; Matera, Italy; Chengdu, China; and many more!


7: Matthew Karsten

Matthew is a full-time adventure travel blogger and photographer who has been traveling and exploring the world for over 5 years, after leaving his job and close friends and family when he was 29. He takes incredible pictures of people, animals, buildings, and scenic views to share his journey with the world. His primary audience is people in their thirties who share his taste for medieval buildings, exotic animals, and beautiful landscape.

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8: Eelco Roos

Eelco is a Dutch photographer that travels to many places in the world and takes portraits of animals, as well as grandiose scenic shots. His feed is filled with pictures from all over the world including Uganda, Canada, and the United States. And while his captions are brief, they have a lot to say and give a glimpse into his witty personality. One of his most liked picture is a shot of the Boreal Prairies and it is absolutely stunning.

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9: Kirsten Alana

Kirsten is a professional photographer that specializes in travel and lifestyle. She lives in New York City and when she is not traveling, she explores and takes pictures of her home city. She has tested camera and smartphone technology for Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Sony, Lensbaby, and Leica, and continues to be an ideal influencer for many brands due to her passion and reputation. Most recently on Instagram, she has collaborated with Grey Goose, a vodka company, The Luxury Collection, and Condé Nast Traveler. She has worked with many small shop owners and restaurants as well!

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10: Gary Arndt

After selling his house in 2007, Gary has been traveling, blogging, and photographing all around the world in over 180 countries. He is a self-taught travel photographer who was named Travel Photographer of the Year by both the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association. He mostly works with travel agencies such as G Adventures, Adventure Travel Trade Association, and most recently, TravelAlaska. His pictures are definitely wallpaper-worthy and something worthwhile to check out!

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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