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Top 10 Influencer Marketing Startups

By Editorial Staff

Influencer marketing startups can play a key role in a brand or influencer’s career, connecting influencers to brands and driving the campaign to new heights. Influencer marketing startups generally make a brand’s role in marketing, campaigning, and generating likes easier. While brands could select influencers to campaign with themselves, some may find it more time consuming, which is where these companies step in. Influencer marketing startups allow brands to…

  • Discover, contact, and select specific influencers for their campaigns
  • Create content for socials
  • Manage and build relationships with influencers
  • Analyze everything, such as the success of a campaign

Overall, influencer marketing can be made easy for brands with the right startup. Connections are key, after all! In this list, we have ten of some of the hottest influencer marketing startups right here for you. Keep reading to find out who’s on the list!

10. Sway Group

  • Sway Group
  • CEO: Danielle Wiley
  • Year Founded: 2011

sway group homepage

Sway Group is an influencer marketing startup that is always adapting and evolving, valuing creativity, solutions, and inclusion. They offer services such as influencer marketing, digital media planning and buying, and a content studio. With their influencer marketing campaigns, they analyze search trends, customer insights, and social media patterns. They have paid social advertising available for brands as well, allowing brands to amplify their content, create and distribute ads on social media, and strategy/management for the content that’s created. They’re based in California, and their offices can be located in Corde Madera, California.

9. IMA

  • IMA
  • CEO: Anneke Shgot
  • Year Founded: 2010

influencer marketing agency

IMA, also known as The Influencer Marketing Agency, is the oldest of the influencer marketing setups on the list. Their platform began as a fashion inspiration platform, but they quickly became aware of the growing power of the digital influencers within their circle. Because of this, they began their full-service marketing agency, connecting brands with these influencers. Their services include influencer marketing strategies, influencer matchmaking, content strategies, campaign management, and much more. A global agency, they can be found in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, London, Singapore, São Paulo, and Shanghai.

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8. Kairos Media

One of the influencer marketing startups based overseas, Kairos Media is a UK based startup that offers what they call a “science meets art” approach for brands. They offer creative strategies, content production, social strategy, data and insights, paid media, and influencer marketing as their services. They have blogs on their website, as well as a podcast. Their offices can be found in London, Manchester, and even Los Angeles.

7. HireInfluence

influencer marketing at the highest level

HireInfluence’s main goal is to lead influencer generated content into being engaging, bringing in the results and metrics that brands need. They’re solely devoted to influencer marketing, making what the client wants happen, as they customize their approach to what different clients want. Their services include full-service campaigns which include strategy development, influencer curation and validations, and much more. They also offer on-site brand promo and events, talent sourcing and placement, and recurring influencer generated content. They can be found in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York.

6. Viral Nation

Viral Nation, originally formed as a leading talent agency, found that working with brands could bring more value to them through influencer marketing. They are now a full-service influencer marketing agency, leading their brands to connect with influencers creatively. Their services work through a process, going from influencer campaign strategies to influencer sourcing and contracting, content creation and scheduling, and even more. They also work with many different kinds of influencers, from full on celebrities to nano influencers. They are based in Ontario, Canada.

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5. Influence Hunter

Influence Hunter’s mission is to make influencer marketing affordable for everyone — and they carry this out by offering their clients the tools they need in order to complete their goals successfully and affordably. They use micro influencers to help build brands, with an active search engine of over 30,000,000 influencers. They also offer customized packages, so each brand that works with them can get a personalized approach to their marketing strategies. They can be found in the US and Canada. 

4. Obviously

  • Obviously
  • CEO: Mae Karwowski
  • Year Founded: 2014

Obviously is an influencer startup whose goal is to guide brands through every step of the way of the influencer marketing process. Their services include network management, influencer and social strategy, life events, and much more. On their website, you can also find their influencer agencies for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They have platforms to help brands out as well, such as their influencer identification platform. They have offices located in New York, San Francisco, and Paris.

3. NeoReach

  • NeoReach
  • CEO: Jesse Leimgruber 
  • Year Founded: 2013

NeoReach provides many services for brands, such as data, software, and agency services. We use the top analytics to help create effective marketing campaigns, helping brands build influencer relationships as well. We have an expansive network of influencers, and our search features allow brands to target influencers and their audience using specific keywords and demographics. Our analytics allow you to see just what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to campaigns and your marketing efforts. Overall, our goal is to help connect brands to their communities easily and effectively! We have offices in Florida, Los Angeles, California, and Texas.

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2. The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory is a startup that makes influencer marketing easier and effective. They have a data driven approach, working on brand awareness metrics and number of conversations. They have a lot of resources available to help educate on influencer marketing on their website, such as articles, guides, and even eBooks! In general, their goal is to create creative and effective campaigns, while also keying clients in on the latest trends. Their offices are in both Miami, Florida and New York, New York.

1. Fanbytes

  • Fanbytes
  • CEO: Timothy Armoo
  • Year Founded: 2015

Fanbytes, whose core audience is the Gen Z and millennial crowd, is one of the influencer marketing startups most popular with that group. They activate influencers in seven different countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Norway. Since their audience is made up of the younger generation (usually 13 to 25), Fanbytes is a perfect fit for brands who want to market to that kind of audience in particular. They have an influencer platform that assists with tracking and measuring stats and growth, plus a community of Gen Z creators that design content for brands’ socials. Overall, this startup is a great choice for reaching the younger crowd, as the influencers both relate to and essentially are the target group.

Honorable Mentions

As there are many influencer marketing startups out there, we couldn’t include all of them on one list. Below are some honorable mentions.

CompanyCEOYear Founded
August UnitedMargie Traylor2015
CaruseleJim Tobin2015
Open InfluenceEric Dahan2013
Go Fish DigitalBrian Patterson2005

This article was written by Rianon Gladura

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