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Top Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles Edition

By Editorial Staff

With influencer marketing still being on the cusp of cutting-edge marketing techniques, there are a few agencies that stand out from the rest. We’ve already compiled the top influencer agencies for platforms like YouTube (which you can read here), but now we’re getting geographical. We have comprised a list of industry leaders located in the greater LA area which is a hotspot for creators and influencer marketing alike. Today we will be identifying the top influencer marketing agency Los Angeles edition.  For even more relevant and entertaining info, check out our Top Lists in other sectors of influencer marketing.

1. Rosewood Creative

rosewood influencer agency

They describe themselves as a forward-thinking creative company that is proud to have worked with some of the world’s top brands like Lululemon. We shared the stories of three modern-day lululemon men and their passion for being father figures. Rosewood produces an attractively high production value. By integrating lululemon with their selected father influencers they created a natural feeling campaign that complemented both fatherhood and lululemon. This reason is why our Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles list is stacked with talent. 

2. Neon Rose Agency

neon rose agency homepage

Another top influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles, Neon Rose Agency boasts several articles written about them in Business Insider mentioning them as being some of the top 15 talent managers who are helping micro-influencers. They represent several different influencers across many different categories. Through their team, they have found success in developing intriguing content that delivers results that can speak for themselves. Neon Rose takes pride in their role and responsibility as a positive influence, resulting in the growth and loyalty of the communities they’ve built across all social platforms.  

3. Open Influence

open influence marketing agency

Open Influence is an award-winning creative and strategic influencer marketing agency. Using a top-down approach, our dedicated creative team designs influencer marketing strategies that result in cohesive brand experiences while celebrating individual creativity. With their guidance, creators deliver best-in-class content that customers share and remember long after they’ve scrolled away. Data informs every decision, from creative ideation to execution. Our platform crunches the numbers and unlocks creative and strategic insights that elevate campaigns from super to superior.

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4. Hireinfluence

hire influence

Hireinflunce is fully engaged and committed from Day 1 to deliver a seamless experience between influencers and brands throughout the duration of each campaign. They design trend-worthy concepts that help audiences discover your brand organically while building emotional connections that drive consumer behavior. Hireinflunce also provides customized analytics and a team of Data Scientists that provide insight for maximizing ROI along the way. It is clear how refined the processes are at Hireinflunce and truly are a benchmark for Influencer Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles.

5. Mostly Sunny

mostly sunny influencer marketing agency

Mostly Sunny is a Los Angeles influencer marketing agency specializing in helping brands grow fast. They go beyond identifying influencers through hashtags, profile descriptions, follower count, and captions. In fact, Mostly Sunny can verify that the influencer can engage the right audience of the right size to realize any campaign goal and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Some of their recent work was with American Express in which they built, connected, and optimized social media platforms to assist in drive awareness for American Express’s “Keep it Blue” campaign in an effort to combat marine plastic pollution.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out even more top influencer marketing agencies here.

Honorable Mentions

Be Social@besocialgroup
Social Intelligence Agency@socialintelagency

This article was written by Sawyer Cairns

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