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Rise of NYC Food Bloggers: Empire State’s Empire

By Editorial Staff

New York City has long been the epicenter of the food world. With almost 27,000 restaurants located around the city, New York City boasts some of the most diverse, and exquisite food on the planet. With a rise in social media over the years, influencers have started creating food content blogs that showcase some of the best spots, deals, and cuisine around the city. For a beginner’s guide on NYC food bloggers, keep reading to learn how food blogging works, how it has impacted food culture, and a list of a few of our favorite NYC food bloggers. 

What is food blogging?

With the start of blogging resurfacing just a few years ago, individuals now put themselves online in a way we have never seen before. We as an audience get to know influencers’ daily habits, where they live, what they look like, and now their favorite kinds of food. Food blogging has exploded in popularity with everyone loving to look at pleasing pictures of food that is now so readily available to view. Even viewing simple recipes has turned itself into a blog-fashioned article with tips/tricks and even a little bit of history, perfect time to eat, etc. And what better place for a food blog than New York City! 

Food lovers aren’t confined to just blogging. Check out the top list of some of our favorite foodie YouTube channels here.

The process of food blogging is simple. As a creator, your job is to highlight the food/drink in the most satisfying way possible. By doing this, not only will people start to follow your food blog, people will start to trust your opinion, and what you have to say about the food. Believe it or not, food bloggers have a lot of say when it comes to liking/disliking a restaurant. This is the same way celebrities have influence on the fashion industry, their opinion will be heard. As a food blogger, making sure that there is truth behind what you post is important! 

Paid Partnerships

With so many food bloggers popping up in New York City, restaurants have more to focus on now than just food. Many restaurants are starting to hire employees with the sole purpose of finding influencers on social media to promote and say good things about the restaurant. Restaurants offer free or discounted food to influencers to come in and take videos/pictures to post in hopes of reaching a new audience. Restaurants themselves have even started running social media accounts posting pictures of their deals, food, drinks, atmosphere, to get people in the door. 


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Especially with many individuals going vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. it is good to know beforehand as a customer what restaurants are able to accommodate your palate. But finding New York City restaurants that have options for everyone should be no problem! 

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How have food bloggers impacted culture?

The rise of food bloggers on social media has helped popular restaurants come to be. Before this, finding restaurants was simply stumbling across a menu and hoping for the best. In today’s tech age, we are able to view opinions of food, pictures of food, what to avoid, what is irresistible, and everything down to the way the service is. With many huge food bloggers posting numerous times a week, we see the emergence of restaurants that are renowned and known by most. For example, Carbone in New York, Nobu in Malibu, Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, and many more. Sure these restaurants are incredible, but they would not be where they are today without food bloggers and reviews giving them an online presence. 

So what does this mean for New York City? As one of the tourist hubs of the world, visitors want to dine at the nicest restaurants, helping to make their time in the big apple perfect. When looking up recommended restaurants in the Tri-State area, restaurants with numerous reviews (due to food bloggers’ recommendations) will be the first to pop up. Although this is great business for these restaurants, many just as good smaller restaurants are being skipped over simply because they do not have as much press as other bigger competitors. So if ever visiting the city, compare NYC food bloggers’ recommendations to those of friends, family, locals, and ones you find on your own!

Can’t get out to New York to try this food? Check out this blog and fix yourself some of these amazing spring recipes from TikTok.

The Top NYC Food Bloggers

Jessica Hirsch@cheatdayeats
Eat This - NYC Foodies@eat_this_

Just a warning! When looking at these accounts, it might make you super hungry… The accounts listed above (and the links provided, check them out!) are just some of our favorite NYC food bloggers on Instagram that highlight food, restaurants, and drinks all around the city. There are plenty more accounts out there- too many to find-so look hard, and you might find your next favorite restaurant!

This article was written by Jake Steel

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