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15 Successful Influencer Marketing Examples (2022)

By Editorial Staff

Utilizing influencers in your marketing campaign has been proven to work time and time again. Influencers bring creativity, trusting audiences, and intelligent success; it’s undeniable that influencers are the future of marketing. If you plan to start a new business or campaign, you’d be silly to not work with influencers. To inspire your next campaign, here are some of the most successful influencer marketing examples in 2022.

1. FIFA x NeoReach

  • 127k engagements
  • 5 countries represented
  • 17 different influencers

First up on our list of influencer marketing examples is FIFA and NeoReach. Many football (soccer) fans were skeptical about FIFA’s decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar. In order to generate hype for the upcoming matches, NeoReach gathered 17 influencers and flew them to Doha.


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A post shared by Spencer Owen (@spenfc)

An international event like FIFA required a variety of influencers from different countries, and NeoReach’s active search for a diverse influencer cast brought in the largest audience. The influencers would be culturally immersed in Doha’s beauty, and posts of their adventures in Qatar were shared on YouTube and Instagram. The campaign was a success, and now football fans can feel optimistic about the hype FIFA 2022 Qatar will generate.

2. Mastercard x Do Your Thng

  • 2M+ total engagements
  • 146k total reach
  • 100 pieces of content

Do Your Thng is next on our best influencer marketing examples. In hopes of spreading Mastercard’s cashback offers with HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI Bank, and Yes Bank, Mastercard partnered with DYT to show travelers that Mastercard is the best brand for international travel. Influencers love to share their travels, so this was a match made in heaven.

DYT selected travel and lifestyle Instagram influencers to advertise Mastercard and show eager travelers that Mastercard is the way to go. With the heat of the pandemic coming to a close and travel becoming accessible again, Mastercard took advantage of people’s adventurous spirit.

3. Cineworld x Fanbytes

  • 52M+ views
  • 200k+ shares
  • 15% average engagement rate

Cineworld, a British cinema company, wanted to spread the word about 4DX, a new cinema experience that simulates the viewer’s senses. Cineworld hosted a 4DX Creator Day and partnered up with Fanbytes to promote their event on TikTok. Fanbytes stated that they only had one week to plan everything, but they contacted 20 creators and invited them to the event. The event was a success, and Fanbytes’s reach was incredible. With over 50 million views, this is one of the best influencer marketing examples of 2022.


This is one of most amazing experiences ever #experience4dx @Cineworld Cinemas

♬ The Big Day – Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright

4. FEELD x Upfluence

  • 1M+ views and impressions
  • 50% more engagements than projected
  • Increased organic app downloads

FEELD is a dating app for women and non-binary people interested in exploring their sexuality. FEELD partnered with Upfluence to create a campaign on Instagram to target these audiences regarding relationships and their sexual preferences. FEELD’S niche was very specific but Upfluence showed off its skills. Upfluence connected with Instagram influencers and asked them to share their thoughts on the importance of inclusivity in relationships. Upfluence also planned in-person events to maximize brand awareness.


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A post shared by FRANKIE SIMONE (@iamfrankiesimone)

5. Santa Fe Opera x Simply Social Media

  • 1.5M+ impressions on Instagram
  • 296k+ reach on Instagram
  • 940k+ reach on Twitter

Santa Fe Opera wanted to expand its younger audience and increase their engagement, so it partnered with Simply Social Media to launch an InstaMeet campaign on Instagram and Twitter. InstaMeet helps connects influencers so they can share their experiences at fun events on social media. These meets are also great for promoting businesses, creating user-generated content, and bringing brand awareness to other demographics. SSM hosted five #SFOInstaMeets events during opera rehearsals. With the help of SSM, the campaign was a success!

6. HISTORY x NeoReach

  • 21M reach
  • $480.7k IMV
  • 1.92x ROI

NeoReach is back on the list of influencer marketing examples, but this time they partnered up with HISTORY to help with their new official account on TikTok. HISTORY wanted to grow its audience and expand its reach, so NeoReach connected with a variety of influencers to create content for its campaign.

Each influencer created a TikTok discussing the history of topics surrounding their niche, and these videos received massive amounts of engagement. Not only did HISTORY grow, but so did the creators themselves. It was a win-win for everyone involved.


#sponsored Staying Curious with @HISTORY #todayilearned

♬ original sound – Lynja

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7. Schweeps x Do Your Thng

  • 130k reach
  • 113k engagements
  • 7.19CPE

Welcome back DYT to the list of influencer marketing examples. Schweeps needed help creating brand awareness, so the company decided to do something special for Friendship Day. Schweeps partnered with Instagram influencers, and the handpicked influencers spoke about why their friend was like the “tonic to their gin.”

Anyone that commented and tagged their best friend on an influencer’s post would have a chance to be invited to an exclusive Schweep’s Friendship Day Bash at a @Socialoffline cafe/bar. Who wouldn’t want to participate in sweepstakes?


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A post shared by Rytasha Rathore (@rytash)

8. Yuka x Stargazer

  • 20M views on TikTok
  • +500k users in one month
  • Became the most popular free app for Health and Fitness on the Apple Store

Yuka is a mobile app that lets people scan food barcodes and personal care products to see how they impact their health. Yuka wanted to launch on the US market, so they partnered with Stargazer to help spread brand awareness on the most popular social media platform: TikTok. Not only did Yuka grow in popularity, but it also helped people realize that a lot of products used for personal hygiene and self-care were unknowingly hazardous.


#greenscreen #yuka #allfoodispoison

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

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  • 200% sales increase (grew to 500% throughout the campaign)
  • Nearly 500k reach
  • 10k+ likes

The KOA x HYPR partnership stands out among influencer marketing examples because its success came from a gifting-only campaign. KOA manufactures sugar-free, calorie-free juice that’s tasty without the crash later. KOA and HYPR contacted seven influencers and gifted them a free month’s supply of the drink. The influencers became brand associates, and they were asked to promote the drink in their content. Health and lifestyle influencers were a massive part of the campaign’s reach, and it’s all thanks to HYPR.

10. Vestiaire Collective x Fanbytes

  • 14.2M+ views
  • 600k+ likes
  • 20k+ clicks

Vestiaire Collective is a well-known fashion marketplace for thousands of different brands, including high-end fashion. Vestiaire wanted to promote its brand on TikTok for Gen Zers and fashionistas, so it partnered up with Fanbytes.

Fanbytes states that Vestiaire wanted to expand its reach in countries like Britain, France, Italy, and Spain, and luckily, the campaign did just that. Fanbytes crafted a 6-month always-on strategy with TikTok influencers by posting how-to videos, styling tips, and “product page-to-garment reveals.” The influencers also linked Vestiaire’s website in their bio to encourage users to try out the marketplace.


Link in bio to shop my closet on @Vestiaire Collective #VestiairePartner #closettour #unboxing #haul #designerhaul #designershoes #designerclothing #designerbags #designerunboxing #tiktokfashion

♬ original sound – Audrey Peters🍒

11. Universal x Upfluence

  • Surpassed projected audience reach by 73%
  • Increased visits and registrations
  • Exceeded industry audience reach averages (5%)
  • 33% reach rate

When Universal Pictures needed help promoting its new all-access rewards program, it asked Upfluence to manage the campaign. Upfluence specializes in influencer discovery, campaign management, and audience matching, so this was perfect for Universal’s campaign goals.

Upfluence launched a retargeting strategy for their advertisements, selected influencers to use Universal’s rewards program, encouraged signups, and monitored new audience insight. All of this was done within the span of six weeks for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As a result, Universal’s online presence increased significantly.

12. Tezos x NeoReach

  • 1.1M+ views
  • $167k IMV
  • 40k+ fan engagements
  • 1.3x ROI

Tezos is an open-source blockchain that specializes in one-on-one transactions. Tezos’s cryptocurrency is the tez, and tez is given to users for participating in their community. When Tezos approached NeoReach, they hoped to create brand awareness and grow as a network for cryptocurrency.

NeoReach connected with influencers that had low audience overlap, which helped diversify Tezos’s reach. NeoReach and Tezos agreed to campaign on Twitch and YouTube since these platforms have a large gaming and tech community. Influencers promoted the company and exemplified educational videos, making their partnership a massive success.

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13. Mercari x Stargazer

  • 5M+ views on TikTok
  • 15% engagement rate
  • Thousands of new Mercari users

#ad Want to make some money? Or even spend some money? Mercari is perfect for you! #mercaripartner #mercari

♬ MYKEL MARS – Michael Ruland

A previous star performer on our list of the best influencer marketing examples is none other than Stargazer. Mercari is a marketplace that functions similarly to eBay – you can buy and sell a plethora of products. Originally founded in Japan, Mercari expanded to the US in 2014. Mercari wanted to spread brand awareness on TikTok, so they partnered with Stargazer and other influencers to increase their user base. 


When you go through a breakup 🥲💔🤣#mercaripartner #breakup #boyfriend #blackpink #skit ❤️ Code- Theoneshu

♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

14. Bundesliga x Fanbytes

  • 14M+ views
  • 600k+ likes
  • 7k+ comments

Bundesliga is the most famous professional football (soccer) association in Germany, and the association reached out Fanbytes’s Music, Entertainment, & Gaming team to connect with Gen Z TikTokers. Bundesliga wanted to increase awareness in the US, LATAM, and Europe for their latest ‘Der Klassiker’ (football matches between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund).

Fanbytes collaborated with influencers with fantastic engagement to create content that fit the influencer’s specific niche while also promoting the Der Klassiker. Influencers that weren’t big football fans still had incredible reach from their audience, resulting in the campaign’s success.


fiz uma versão que o time perdia agora tá ai de quando ganha KKKKKKKKK e quem você tá apoiando no jogo “clássico“ da Alemanha (Der Klassiker) em 23 de abril? #DerKlassiker @Bundesliga @FC Bayern @Borussia Dortmund @OneFootball

♬ som original – Bárbara Coura

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15. SearchKibble x NeoReach

  • 954k impressions
  • 273k views on #searchkibble
  • 116k engagements
  • 2.3x ROI

NeoReach is here to wrap up our list of influencer marketing examples with its partnership with SearchKibble, a search engine that feeds shelter dogs through ad revenue generated from your searches. NeoReach connected with pet-loving influencers on TikTok to help spread the word about SearchKibble’s contribution to feeding shelter pets. Whether you have a pet or not, you can’t deny that every animal deserves to be fed! The campaign exceeded NeoReach’s projected estimation of 600k impressions and helped connect animal lovers to one another.


Simple yet powerful way to support rescue dogs🐶 @SearchKibble #dogsoftiktok #dogrescue #searchkibbleambassador

♬ –


This article was written by Brianna Borik

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