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7 Different Types of Influencers You Should Know

By Editorial Staff

Influencing has evolved from posting a brand deal on YouTube to changing the way people think, act, and essentially live their lives. Influencers of all industries have used their platform to create a connection with their followers by posting content about their passions and life. Influencers dominate social media and have expanded to many different niches. Here are 7 different types of influencers you should know about:

1. Beauty

Beauty influencers are some of the most successful and competitive in the world of influencing. The makeup industry is such a powerhouse on social media so the people who influence for these companies must be at the top of their game. Beauty influencers on social media (specifically on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok) have content ranging from tutorials, product reviews, challenges, and collaborations. Because the beauty community on social media is so competitive, influencers have to get really creative to make their content stand out. For example, beauty influencer, Antonio Garza, takes a comedic approach to content creation by making “get ready with me” style videos and talking about random topics while incorporating funny edits. Popular beauty influencer, James Charles, has expanded his channel from tutorials to creating very unique content such as incorporating singing into his videos and working with high profile celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian.

Top Beauty Influencers:

  • James Charles
  • Manny MUA
  • Bretman Rock
  • Antonio Garza
  • Jeffree Star
  • PatrickStarrr
  • NikkieTutorials

2. Travel

Travel influencers are best known for posting their worldwide travels. Through content, primarily on YouTube and Instagram, they are able to take followers throughout their journeys while giving travelers inspiration and tips on how to travel like a pro. When a travel influencer posts about their trip to Italy, a follower is likely looking to their accounts to learn what they did, where they ate and what they saw to help them plan a trip to Italy of their own. Travel influencers are very influential because when people travel (specifically internationally) they want their trip to be as seamless as possible. They want to know the best airline, the best places to stay, the best places to eat, and more. People no longer look to TripAdvisor but to influencers they see and trust. 

Top Travel Influencers:

  • Jay Alvarez
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Dean Unglert
  • Eric Stoen
  • Murad and Nataly Osmann
  • Jessica Wright

3. Gaming

Gaming influencers are a type of influencer that shows huge success on YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube, these influencers can create tutorials and hack videos on popular games such as Minecraft and Fortnite. On Twitch, these gamers can allow their followers to tune in and simply watch the influencers play these games. Twitch has a very competitive element because you can watch your favorite gaming influencers go head-to-head in a game of Fortnite, for example. Mega gaming influencer, Pewdiepie, is ranked as the most subscribed to YouTuber with 103 million subscribers. Although gaming might not seem like a huge industry from the outside, they have established a very dedicated and competitive world for influencers and their followers. 

Top Gaming Influencers:

  • Pewdiepie
  • Fernanfloo
  • JuegaGerman
  • VEGETTA777
  • elrubiusOMG

4. Fitness

Fitness influencers are a type of influencer that can be found on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Although when people think of fitness influencers they just think of workouts, there are many types of content that go into being a fitness influencer. Yes, there are workout routines often but fitness influencers have expanded to also creating content about what they eat, where they buy their fitness clothing, grocery hauls, their personal tips and tricks, and more. Fitness influencer, Maryana Dvorska, uses her platform to create unique content for her followers. She is not only a GymShark ambassador but she also created a segment on her YouTube channel called “Munchy Monday’s” where she takes viewers through what she eats in a day. She is also known for being very candid about her fitness journey, as most of these types of influencers are, to help motivate their followers. 

Top Fitness Influencers:

  • Sarah’s Day
  • Love Sweat Fitness
  • Maryana Dvorska
  • Whitney Simmons
  • Michelle Khare
  • Rob Lipsett

5. Fashion

Fashion influencers are most known for their style. These are the type of influencers that followers go to for outfit ideas, current trends, and cheap finds. Fashion influencers primarily create lookbooks on YouTube, show off different outfits on Instagram, and promote affordable but fashionable finds on TikTok. YouTuber Julia Havens has specifically done many celebrity outfit inspirations on Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber that can be found at Walmart to show how to look luxurious without breaking the budget. She also, like many fashion influencers, always tags where she bought her outfits on her Instagram account and is first to provide as much information as possible on the clothes she is wearing for her followers. These types of influencers are able to share their passion for fashion with their dedicated followers. 

Top Fashion Influencers:

  • Julia Havens
  • Tessa Brooks
  • Lauren Giraldo
  • bestdressed
  • Margot Lee

6. Dance

Dance influencers are a newer type of influencer to social media. Dancers really took off after TikTok grew. Charli D’amelio, in particular, became one of the first dancers to blow up on social media, currently with 38.2 million followers on TikTok alone. The success of TikTok dances allowed for professional dancers to grow their following and for non-dancers to just have fun with easy choreography. Dance influencers can also be found on Instagram and YouTube in a more professional and rigorous setting where they are in studio classes or on stage competing. Maddie Ziegler is also one of the top names in dance influencing, as she took her career from Dance Moms to dancing with SIA. 

Top Dance Influencers:

  • Charli D’amelio
  • Addison Easterling
  • Maddie Ziegler
  • Kaycee Rice
  • Sean Lew
  • Jade Chynoweth
  • WilldaBeast
  • Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Top Dancers on TikTok:

TikTokerAccountFollower CountLike Count
Charli D’amelio@charlidamelio38.2 million2.2 billion
Addison Easterling@addisonre25.3 million1.0 billion
Sofia Wylie@sofiawylie5.7 million139.5 million
Nicole Laeno@nicolelaeno1.1 million43.5 million
Kaycee Rice@kayceerice912.6 thousand29.4 million

7. Lifestyle

Lifestyle influencers are the complete package of what it means to be an influencer. This type of influence gives creators free range to post whatever they want about their lives and use their platform to entertain viewers with themselves. Many lifestyle influencers started their success on YouTube but have expanded to all social media platforms. Their success on YouTube comes from the ability to create videos taking viewers throughout their days or plan their day around what they want to create. Most daily vloggers categorize as lifestyle influencers because they just pick up a camera and are able to record their life. These influencers also post everyday content on Instagram and TikTok and succeed by showing their audience the most authentic version of themself.  

Top Lifestyle Influencers:

  • Emma Chamberlain
  • Zane Hijazi
  • Adelaine Morin 
  • Claudia Sulewski
  • Casey Neistat
  • Ellie Thumann

Other Notable Types of Influencers:

TypeDescriptionTop Influencer
ComedyCreate comedy sketches for viewers to be entertained. Lele Pons
TechReview new technology to inform and advise viewers.Linus Tech Tips
MusicEntertain viewers with covers or original songs.Audrey Mika
CollegeCollege-related content for young-adult viewers who want inspiration or advice. Danielle Carolan
FamilyCreators who vlog or post content with their entire family for new families or just entertainment.KKandBabyJ

For more information on influencers, check out our blogs on How to Find Influencers in Your Industry and 10 Most Influential Women on Social Media.

This article was written by Daniela Jolie

Whatever type of influencer, there is someone perfect for your brand. Get started with us today to find them!

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