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Top 20 Twitch Stats

By Editorial Staff

If you are a gamer, you are probably familiar with Twitch. If you’ve never heard of it, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Twitch is a video streaming network for gamers with a large fan base. It was purchased by Amazon in 2014 and continues to grow in popularity. You are probably wondering, what makes Twitch so popular? Well, it is among the largest social networks for gaming, has opportunities for influencer marketing, and allows users to analyze their gaming and broadcasting using a detailed dashboard within the app! To no surprise, there are a lot of statistics circulating regarding Twitch’s audience and popularity. Twitch stats can be useful to those interested in joining the gaming platform, but also for marketers attempting to sell games on the platform. I have done the hard work for you, as I have compiled a list of 20 Twitch stats that will serve to be useful for both Twitch users and marketers. 

  1. 81.5% of Twitch users are men 

Twitch Demographics

Men dominate the streaming network Twitch. This is useful information for marketers because using this information, they can cater more ads to men rather than women. For instance, rather than selling women’s clothing, marketers may instead to sell men’s clothing given that the audience is primarily men.  

  1. 55% of users are between the age of 18 and 34

Twitch has a broad audience with the age of users ranging from 18-34. What does this mean for users and marketers? Well, if you are a user you can expect a younger pool of gamers. If you are a marketer, expect to sell products that are appropriate for the given age group.  

  1. Twitch has more than 15 million daily active users 

Twitch Active Users

Twitch has an impressive 15 million daily active users and counting! These numbers capture the attention of marketers, as this audience size is optimal for sales.  

  1. Twitch has between 2.2 and 3.2 million monthly broadcasters 

With 2.2-3.2 million monthly broadcasters, Twitch has many users that contribute to the content of Twitch! Many of these users make money for their contributions… want to learn how to make money on Twitch? Check out our latest blog

  1. Twitch contains over 124 million clips 

Twitch Clips

Twitch contains a lot of content! With over 124 million clips, users are bound to find something they will enjoy. 

  1. Twitch has raised over 30 million dollars for charity 

Twitch puts the fun in fundraising! In total, Twitch has donated $30 million dollars and counting for charity. Who doesn’t love an organization that makes the world a better place?  

  1. 245,000 viewers simultaneously watch a single channel

Twitch has impressive numbers, such as 245,000 viewers simultaneously watching a single channel! From a marketing standpoint, these numbers may spark your interest in utilizing the Twitch platform for your next big ad! 

  1. 436,000 people watched a game premiere

Premier Game Viewers

If you are a gamer, you will appreciate the success of Twitch’s most-watched game premiere! And if you are a marketer looking for a platform… look no further. These numbers are impressive, to say the least! 

  1. 95 minutes of use per day on average 

The average Twitch user stays on the platform for roughly 95 minutes per day. That’s a seriously dedicated fanbase!  

  1. There are over 220,000 Twitch affiliates 

Twitch currently has 220,000 affiliates. If you are looking to turn your gaming hobby into dollar bills, this platform may be able to help with the number of opportunities they have to make money! 

  1. There are roughly 27,000 Twitch partners 

Twitch Partners

With 27,000 Twitch partners, it is obvious that this platform is deemed trustworthy and reliable. If you are a marketer, this statistic should be of a relief! Finding a trustworthy and reliable platform is no easy task.  

  1. 21.3% of Twitch viewing is eSports 

The vast majority of viewing on Twitch is related to eSports. Given the popularity of eSports, I am not surprised by this stat. IF you are a lover of all games eSports, check out Twitch! 

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  1. 21.32% of viewers come from America Viewers

Knowing your audience is an important aspect of marketing. Twitch recently shared that a large portion of their viewers come from the US! This information will be useful to those marketers hoping to sell products to Americans.  

  1. Over 62% of Twitch activity occurs in English 

Not only does most Twitch activity occur in English, but the vast majority of Twitch users speak it too! This is useful information for both Twitch users and marketers! 

  1. The peak time of Twitch use is 4 p.m. EST 

Peak Twitch Time

If you are wondering when Twitch peaks, it is 4 p.m.! Next time you are wondering what the best time to hop online is, remember most Twitch users believe its 4 p.m. EST.

  1. 44 billion minutes watched per month 

Twitch has an impressive 44 billion minutes watched per month! For those aspiring Twitch influencers, this number is good news, as the platform is growing in popularity and numbers.

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  1. 726,792,858 hours watched per month 

Hours Watched on Twitch per Month

With over 726 million hours watched per month, Twitch has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Since being purchased by Amazon in 2014, the streaming platform has surprised us all with its success! 

  1. Fortnite is the most popular game of 2018

To no surprise, Fortnite is the most popular game of 2018. If 2018 could be summarized in one word, it’s probably “Fortnite.” Given Fortnite’s popularity in recent years, it is not surprising that its peak view totaled 1.46 million on Twitch! 

  1. Over 9 million channels exist on Twitch 

With over 9 million channels, Twitch has established a large platform over the years. Gamers, influencers, and marketers can all benefit from this large following! 

  1. Ninja alone was watched for 151 million hours over the past year

Ninja Watch Time

Although Ninja recently left Twitch, he was the most popular Twitch user for years prior. With over 151 watched hours, he has made Twitch history! 

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This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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