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How to Make Money on Twitch  

By Editorial Staff

Twitch has become the go-to platform for gamers. Each month, over 2 million gamers broadcast live and 15 million users tune in to watch or play every day, according to this Business of Apps report. Therefore, Twitch has become a viable platform for gamers looking to turn their hobby into a way to make some cash. 

Some streamers are able to earn up to seven figures per year through subscriptions, sponsorships, and share of ad revenue. There are very few able to do so, however, as these streamers have tens of thousands of followers and broadcast for multiple hours each day, including gaming and hosting others on their channel. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be an elite gamer to use the site. These tips will help you build an audience and start making money while gaming on Twitch. 

How to Sign Up for Twitch

The very first step is getting your Twitch channel set up. A channel is where users stream live gameplay while including live video and audio commentary. Channel streams are 24-hours, but you don’t have to play every second of the day. Twitch lets you upload pre-recorded videos and host other gamers on your channel as content for when you aren’t behind the screen.

Signing up for Twitch is quick and easy. You can create your own login or use an existing Facebook account. The process for broadcasting depends on what gaming devices you’re using, whether it’s a computer or gaming console, in addition to the specific equipment you decide to use. Luckily, other Twitch users are very supportive in helping out newcomers, so don’t hesitate to ask for help in the chats and forums.[1]

How to Sign Up for Twitch

How to Build an Audience

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to build a large audience overnight on any platform and Twitch is no exception. Good Twitch channels, like on any other platform, are built over extended periods of time through consistent sharing of content.

Though you might make a little money here and there early on, don’t expect to earn a steady income until you’ve put a lot of work into your channel.

It’s important to identify your niche: what makes you different from other channels? For example, if you’re not the most skilled, be the funniest.

It’s also important to develop a consistent schedule so fans know when you’re playing. You should also use existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more, to connect with fans. You should also support other Twitch users, whether it be watching their streams or engaging with them on social media. 

You should regularly ask your viewers for feedback. This will help you discover what’s working and what isn’t. More importantly, it will tell you what you need to focus on to gain more viewers. For even more information on growing your audience, check out our blog on how to gain Twitch followers.

How to Make Money on Twitch as a Novice

You’re more likely to earn money as your audience grows. However, there are ways to cash in while your audience is growing. These are some ways to make money early on in your Twitch career. 

1. Donations 

Twitch members like to support one another. Donations are an easy way viewers can send money to their favorite streamers to reward them for providing entertainment. Adding a ‘donate’ button to your channel is really easy and will let your viewers give you the money they think you deserve.

How to Make Money on Twitch– Donate Button

2. Merchandise

If you manage to build a loyal following, you can sell your own merchandise. T-shirts, stickers, cups, laptop cases, or anything else that fans would want to buy are all great ways to help your fans show their support. Sites like TeePublic or SpreadShop are great ways to design your merchandise. It’s easy to create an online storefront that features all of your items. Once you have everything listed, include a link on your Twitch channel and promote it.

Merch Button

3. Brand Partnerships

Companies are noticing the popularity of Twitch, as explained in our blog on how Twitch can help brands, so it’s no surprise they’re beginning to advertise on the site. They use Twitch streamers to get their products in front of viewers and give them something in return. These partnerships can come from almost any company, but the most common ones are Twitch generally relate to gaming. Companies that sell gaming headsets and chairs, hardware and software, and energy drinks are the most common. One example is Razer, the hardware and software company that offers affiliates as much as 20% off its products. It’s uncommon for brands to approach smaller channels, so use the Twitch community to discover affiliate opportunities.

Brand Deals

How to Make Money on Twitch as a Twitch Affiliate

There are specific criteria for streamers to become a Twitch Affiliate. It’s an invitation-only program with the following mandatory milestones:

  •     Minimum of 8 hours broadcasted
  •     Minimum of 7 unique broadcast days
  •     Average of 3 concurrent viewers or more
  •     At least 50 followers

The program comes with its own special ways to earn money:

1. Virtual Cheers

Viewers can provide financial support through virtual cheers, referred to as ‘bits’. They purchase bits, which are offered in different colors and sizes, from the chat window. Viewers then give them to their favorite streamers, who get a cut. Typically, users can get 100 bits for $1.40 and streamers receive 1 cent for every bit thrown in their chat.

Virtual Cheers

2. Subscriptions

Viewers who subscribe to your channel are able to unlock perks like exclusive chat rooms, emoticons, and merch discounts. Monthly subscriptions are offered for $4.99. There are also $9.99 and $24.99 options available. Affiliates earn a portion of each subscription they receive.

Subscribe Button

How to Make Money on Twitch as a Twitch Partner

Only 1% of the 2.2 million active streamers are considered Twitch Partners. Unlike the affiliates, partners must go through an extensive application process. They also have more advanced criteria they must meet to be considered. Streamers must broadcast at least three times each week and have a steadily growing audience with an active chat. There isn’t a specific number, however, as Twitch tends to take it on a case by case basis.

Partners earn money in the same ways affiliates and novices do, but they are able to get a share of the ad revenue their channel generates. Partners are also much more likely to be approached by companies looking to offer endorsement deals and brand sponsorships. 

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This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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