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Twitch: How Can It Help Your Brand?

By Editorial Staff

By Kyleigh Eaton

Twitch is an Amazon-owned social network and gaming platform that continues to grow in popularity. Gamers worldwide use Twitch primarily to watch others play games in order to improve their skills and technique, however, there is more to this streaming platform than just gaming. Twitch currently has as many monthly viewers as popular television shows, making it the perfect marketing platform. Yet, brands aren’t taking advantage of this marketing opportunity. Due to misconceptions, brands seeking more exposure are missing out of this advertising gold mine.

Similar to YouTube, influencers on Twitch are able to endorse brands and products on their live streaming in front of thousands. Ninja, Twitch’s biggest influencer, expressed his excitement for his ability to reach thousands within one streaming. He told Forbes, “There really is no better way to reach out to an audience than a live interaction in front of thousands of viewers, who are passionate and ready to support what the broadcaster supports.” Ninja is certainly onto something. YouTube influencers endorse brands through sponsorships and video advertisement, so what’s stopping influencers on Twitch from doing the same?

Ninja live streaming on Twitch
Credit: YouTube

Although the general audience on Twitch includes younger males, it is branching out to more diverse audiences. Publications such as Washington Post have channels on the gaming platform, opening doors for new audiences in the near future. Marketers have a tough time pinpointing the general audience on Twitch, which oftentimes makes advertising difficult. For instance, the global director of client strategy at Twitch, Mike Lucero, told Ad News, “The biggest challenge is to unshackle Twitch from gaming, and really convince the market that it’s a lifestyle brand that goes far beyond just the video games, which just happened to be the core content.” The misinterpretation of their audience may account for the lack of advertising inquiries. If brands knew the diverse audience of Twitch, advertisement space would be highly sought after.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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