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Twitch 2023 Roadmap: What Twitch Influencers Can Expect Moving into the New Year

By Editorial Staff

Twitch is a platform that many gamers use to live stream their video games to their audience and followers. Twitch is also not just limited to games, as Twitch influencers can stream other things such as music, podcasts, and other forms of entertainment. This platform was launched in 2011. Since then, it has since become the most popular live-streaming platform, with millions of daily active users. Likewise, Twitch allows users to chat with others and send virtual gifts to their favorite creators

Twitch has an average of 2.58 million viewers and is only projected to grow from there. However, very few streamers make it big. Ninja, one of the largest influencers on this platform, has around 18.5 million followers and was watched for 151,096,501 hours in 2017 before diversifying the platforms he streamed on. Other influencers also love to share their gaming experiences with their fans as their source of income.

Like all platforms, Twitch has some new things in store for its users in 2023. Many of these additions are simple updates in the AI of the platform, but there are some other new features that Twitch influencers are bound to love. So let’s get into it. 

What Can Streamers Expect from Twitch in 2023?

Making Pre-Rolled Ads Less Annoying

If there is one thing that Twitch users dislike about the platform is the constant pre-rolled ads that play right before their desired video. These ads can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 120 seconds and happen every 30 minutes. The creators behind this app announced at the TwitchCon opening ceremony, that they are working hard to figure out the best way to solve this problem without giving up the necessary advertisement time.

Twitch solves this problem by having a picture-by-picture technique, where the ad can be in another box in the corner of the screen. This way, the stream can still be viewed during an ad break. This allows users to not have to miss out on any footage from the stream, while Twitch can still use its important amount of ad time. 

Twitch creators are also thinking of including a way to give users updates about an upcoming ad within a few minutes time. On top of these two solutions, Twitch will also allow users to disable pre-rolled ads altogether in return for regular ad breaks that will be on a certain time limit. 

Continued Growth of Twitch

Twitch has been experiencing tremendous growth in recent years, and this trend is only expected to continue in 2023. Statistics show that Twitch is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10.5% from 2021-2025, which should be a big deal for Twitch influencers (demandsage). 

More than ever, people are turning towards streaming for entertainment. As a result, Twitch influencers can expect their audiences to grow tremendously next year. 

The Rise of Mobile Streaming

 With the popularity of mobile gaming on the rise, Twitch influencers may see more opportunities to stream from their mobile devices in 2023. This could include live streams from gaming events and on-the-go streams from exciting locations. 

With Tiktok in mind, the rise of mobile streaming is becoming even easier with Tiktok. Twitch has mentioned that they plan to launch tools that will aid Twitch influencers and regular streamers in editing and exporting clips optimized for short-form videos (The Verge).

This will allow an easier transfer of gaming recordings onto different platforms. In addition, this will significantly help Twitch influencers grow their audience and make a name for themselves.

Greater Emphasis on Brand Partnerships

As Twitch grows in popularity, brands are starting to take notes. Brands are seeking potential partnerships, same with the influencers. Twitch influencers can expect to see more brand sponsorships and collaboration opportunities in the coming year.

A few ways that Twitch has been expanding its brand partnerships is by networking with more traditional media. Partnerships with large entities such as the NBA can help give Twitch more exposure. In general, partnerships allow Twitch influencers to grow as well. Twitch is also investing in better technology to assist brands with partnering and reaching out to Twitch streamers. 

Increasing Importance of Analytics

 As the competition among Twitch influencers continues to grow, understanding and leveraging analytics will become increasingly important in 2023. Streamers who can effectively use analytics to optimize their content and engage with their audiences will be better positioned for success.

On Twitch’s blog website, you can find their mission statement for improving analytics on their platform. Twitch states that they are “redesigning analytics to make the data you need easier to find.” Their goal is to end the struggle of digging deep into the platform to find the bare minimum analytics you need to make informed decisions about your content and audience. 

More Follower Insights

This is an exciting update for all Twitch creators! It is super important for influencers on any platform to understand their audience to continue growing. Twitch has mentioned that they are planning to enhance their analytics to allow users to understand where their views are coming from, as well as the times throughout the days that most users are online watching these creators. 

The Future of Twitch

Overall, Twitch has become an essential and integral part of the gaming world, providing a platform for users to share their love of gaming, as well as interact with their audience and build communities. Influencers can definitely expect to see continued growth and exciting new opportunities in 2023, especially through Twitch’s initiative to make pre-rolled ads less annoying.

However, with any platform, influencers must stay on top of new industry trends and continually innovate their content to stay popular and stand out in an increasingly competitive platform.

This article was written by Emma Carlson

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