Apple’s Deal with ChatGPT: A Look into AI in iOS 18

By Editorial Staff

Apple’s deal with ChatGPT has the potential to significantly impact upcoming product functionality, highlighting the dichotomy between rapidly advancing AI technology and Apple’s Siri remaining stagnant, which has raised eyebrows. Discourse about this collaboration – that’s apparently nearing between OpenAI and Apple ahead of iOS 18 announcements, according to Bloomberg reports – comes just days after Apple’s announcement of its new iPad Pro

The new device, alongside new display and visual experiences, boasts Apple’s M4 AI processing chip – making it a “powerhouse” for AI functionality and compatibility. 

OpenAI, the information technology company leading AI advancements under the direction of CEO Sam Altman, could potentially bring a number of functionality advancements to Apple, – giving them an upper hand in the great AI race and increasing their position of competition amongst competitors like Microsoft. With a new iPad and iOS 18’s imminent release, what are the implications for users with older devices? How can users ensure their privacy, safety, and security whilst using new Apple products?

Apple x OpenAI: A Look into AI in iOS 18

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According to Bloomberg reports, this Apple and OpenAI partnership would offer opportunities to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT functionality into the newest iPhones – benefitting both OpenAI’s potential sidesteps into other industries and Apple’s desire to maintain cutting edge functionalities in upcoming software updates. Despite this excitement, there’s no silencing the concern with mentions of AI advancements. 

From safety to privacy concerns, this partnership between OpenAI and Apple has sparked debate. Apple is yearning for a place on the AI map and willing to open up challenging conversations to get there.  

Potential AI Functionality For Apple Users

Following OpenAI’s reveal of their new Chat GPT-40 voice assistant from CTO Mira Murati during their May “Spring Update,” many tech moguls and leaders theorized Apple’s inevitable envy – arguing Apple’s Tim Cook was sweating over the growing divide between their technology and things like Amazon Alexa or Siri. 

However, OpenAI’s announcement and focus on Chat GPT-40 comes at a convenient time. This announcement comes ahead of Apple’s iOS 18 rumored release and rumors pointing to their potential partnership. 

As for potential functionality, exciting commentary theorizes Siri might benefit from OpenAI’s new voice assistant. Rumors saying that users may be able to become “conversational” with them. Alongside these voice-focused software, there’s a number of other potential functionalities Apple could prioritize using in-house hardware. 

As Mark Gurman, Chief Correspondent for Bloomberg News, writes – there’s “three areas” to Apple’s AI Strategy: On-device LLM (in house), Cloud-powered LLM (in house), and Chatbot (OpenAI for sure, Google maybe).” Already moving forward with growing in-house AI-initiatives, the OpenAI partnership will likely step in to take charge of ChatGPT functionality – assuming a great deal of liability for its usage. “Apple isn’t building its own chatbot,” he adds, “but knows the market wants it so it’s going elsewhere for it. It’s the same playbook as search.” 

Of course, alongside this exciting “conversational” voice assistant commentary, it’s important to discuss privacy, security, and overall functionality. For newer devices using iOS 18, users are rumored to have the most powerful features and experience – as on-device processing is supported. However for older devices without the capabilities to house AI processing, even whilst using iOS 18, there could be some drawbacks. Newer devices, processing chips, and technology can be optimized for AI – from user experience to AI data learning – but older devices just won’t have that same reach. 

Privacy & Security Following Apple and OpenAI’s Collaboration

Many anticipate Apple’s deal with ChatGPT will include top of the radar privacy and security, even with considering they haven’t officially announced a potential OpenAI partnership. Assuming they know the need for functionality and software like ChatGPT in their own user base, a partnership like this does make the most sense – on a privacy and security aspect, they’ll bear less of a burden, while still being able to focus on in-house AI. 

With new “mac grade in-house server chips”, Apple will be able to house AI features both on-device and in the cloud to maintain their famous privacy standards. Not only will this speed up the progress of AI learning capabilities – being on-device and within Apple’s hardware – it will safeguard a level of security and privacy for users. So, with the upcoming iPhone 16 release, you can almost certainly expect some of these AI features built-in, including the alleged AI features to shine during the iOS 18 release. 

Closing Thoughts 

As many tech moguls and exploratory sites admit, Apple’s “age-old” debate of functionality versus security and privacy is likely not capsizing under the weight of potentials with AI-technology. Especially considering the wary discourse many Apple users engage with, including their communication of steep expectations, when it relates to AI integrations. 

It’s equally exciting and concerning to adopt AI technology – especially onto something as personal and essential as a cell phone – under full trust to a company like Apple or OpenAI. Their power, insights, and influence on the greater industry of tech devices is truly incomprehensible – we’re only along for the ride as consumers. Despite that, from what we know about Apple’s deal with ChatGPT,  they’re being relatively forthcoming about the potential it has for users – including the implications it has on safety & privacy expectations and the large-scale ramifications it could open up for the industry at large.

This article was written by Zayda Slabbekoorn

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