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Top 10 Gaming Agencies

By Editorial Staff

The E-sports and gaming industry has been growing into a powerhouse in the world of technology. With thousands of game developers and professionals who play them, the world of video games needs the help of influencer marketing agencies. In this article, we will be exploring the top ten influencer marketing gaming agencies and what makes them the cream of the crop. From Twitch streamers to professional gamers, these agencies have worked with some of the best in the industry and we are going to show you why!

1. Audiencly

Audiencly is a multi-industry marketing agency but is best known for its focus on the gaming platform. Audiencly focuses on its clients in 5 main categories: Influencer PR, Campaign planning, Lead generation, Product Integration, and Offline and Online events. Through these methods, Audiencly produces comprehensive campaigns that are constantly analyzing the results and adjusting to the changing industry. Audiencly also believes in a quality client relationship and shares relevant statistics and data with the client throughout the campaign. Audiencly also helps with copyright protection, video rankings, and licenses for the influencers to make it as seamless and easy as possible for their clients.

Top Gaming Agencies case studies campaign results

2. Kairos Esports

Kairos is a comprehensive service Esports and gaming agency that has some of the most well-established experience in the market. Kairos has worked with esports team owners, professional gamers, and has even planned full-scale tournaments with globally recognized brands. What sets this marketing agency apart is its specific experience in Esports over the last 10 years. The industry of professional gaming is relatively new and Kairos has been perfecting its campaign strategy since the beginning of gaming’s popularity. Most recently they have been working on a campaign to raise awareness about “Mobile Masters”, an upcoming gaming event in Las Vegas.

3. Upfluence

Upfluence is an Esports and gaming marketing agency that has a sole focus on gaming. Upfluence offers full-service marketing campaigns with end to end strategy development with their clients. They do this through 4 main categories: Esports Presentation and Introduction, Influencer Outreach and Management, Team Partnerships, and Tournament Sponsorships. Upfluence offers the most up-to-date software to manage search criteria and find the best influencers for your specific campaign. With over 850 campaigns under their belt, Upfluence is a force to be reckoned with.

4. PocketWhale

PocketWahle is another of our top gaming agencies that focuses on multi-platform marketing in the Esports world. PocketWhale is well established globally with offices in 4 countries and actives campaigns in even more. PocketWhale distinguishes itself by ensuring that each campaign is hand made for each client. They focus on a holistic approach to their campaigns and focus on PR, influencer marketing, advertisings, and event coordinating. PocketWhale also works directly with top gaming influencers on various platforms so that the content is captivating and will bring in new viewers to the client.

5. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is one of the most well-known gaming agencies in the industry. Through influencer marketing execution and strategy, content creation, integrative brand strategy, and performance-based marking, Viral Nation brings award-winning content to its clients. Viral Nation’s most notable campaign was with Angry Birds where, in an attempt to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and Angry Birds 2, Viral Nation well surpassed client expectations and drove the new app up in every category in the app store. With countless examples of their gaming marketing potential, Viral nation is definitely an agency to keep on the radar.

6. Knowscope

Besides its quippy title, Knowscope is an industry leader in gaming marketing. With years of experience in online marketing and client management, Knowscope has been creating campaigns that show a passion for the gaming world. Knowscope’s focus is to ensure that their content creators and gamers are a community that can world well to align with brands that are attempting to grow. With end to end project management, Knowscope analyzes the client’s brand and audience before pushing forwards on targeted campaigns and then utilizes their tightly knit community to find the best influencers to increase brand awareness.

7. Game Marketing Genie

GMG is one of the most detail-oriented agencies on our list and it is pretty easy to see why. GMG is a business growth, marketing, and creative production agency that has a true passion for the gaming industry. They accomplish this mission through their 7 essential elements: Data and analysis, Data-driven marketing, Creative production, Performance-based marketing, Data-driven tech distribution, optimization, and scalability. GMG has a focus on the short and long term when it comes to their campaigns which is why scalability is a big factor of their business model. GMG focuses on user acquisition and organic growth to establish a strong foundation for their clients that allows their clients to grow well beyond the campaign bounds.

Game Marketing Genie logo top gaming agencies

8. Kool Things

Kool things is a gaming and technology full-service professional marketing agency. They offer unique approaches to PR, marketing and consulting that have a focus on gaming and related technologies in the industry. Their full-service approach is broken down into 4 categories: PR, Marketing and Assets production, Consulting and Business Development, and Indie Games support. Kool Things brings unique aspects to their clients in 2 main ways: they are self-described geeks and gamers with a true passion for gaming and they have upwards of 15 years of experience in the gaming industry. With that kind of passion and experience, it is clear to see why they are one of the best.

9. Ader

Ader is a full-service Esports marketing agency that focuses on the global gaming community by utilizing high-impact campaigns, team sponsorships, and influencers activation. Ader was one of the original agencies that worked with influencers on Twitch.TV and now has a complete understanding of the important elements of such campaigns. They offer 10 main services that are geared towards specific brands or sub-markets of the gaming industry. From YouTube highlights to Esports Event planning, Ader is one of the most prolific gaming agencies on our list.

Ader top gaming agency

10. GameInfluencer

GameInfluecner helps gamers and developers in audience acquisition and exposure through some of gaming’s top influencers. GameInfluencer is a full-service influence marketing agency that has a clear passion for the gaming market. With their in-house professionals, GameInfluencer is able to have end-to-end control of the elements in their campaigns. This control has given them a quality reputation and is why they are trusted within the gaming community. With over 31 million influencers at their disposal, GameInfluence will be sure to utilize the correct resources to maximize performance for gamers or developers.

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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