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SEO Business Secrets: The 4 Pillars of Effective Digital Marketing

By Editorial Staff

Digital marketing is a necessary part of commerce, thanks to the growing population of internet users and its increasing influence on everyday life. Over 5 billion people worldwide use the internet on a day-to-day basis. Combined with the proliferation of internet-capable devices, it’s essential for any business to have effective digital marketing plans. Strategies such as search engine optimization and social media marketing can become your client’s lynchpin to success.

Whether you’re planning on starting your own SEO company or already running one, you’ll need to come up with successful digital marketing campaigns. Many tutorials and guides will tell you that you need to accomplish or meet multiple requirements to do so.

The truth is you only need to focus on four key areas to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

These pillars ensure that the services you offer, like local SEO packages and online reputation management, meet their goals and satisfy your client.

1. Quality Content

Most effective digital marketing relies on well-written content. Although effective use of and keyword placement can bump up a client’s page to the top of the results page, quality content is what will persuade online users to stay on it and maybe even become leads.

Updating a client’s social media feed every hour is futile if these posts aren’t well-targeted and expertly written before posting. Excellent writing is also essential when creating paid ads for search engines. With so little room, these ads need to have content that instantly captures the attention of online users.

Improve the quality of your content with the following tips.

Create engaging content: Break up text into easily readable portions and try to mix up the medium. Insert images and video clips between paragraphs to keep your readers interested and prevent articles from being monotonous. Finally, provide your pieces with titles that grab people’s attention to make them want to click on your link.

Determine evergreen topics: Evergreen topics are subject matters that are relevant for long periods. These topics are perpetually interesting to readers, particularly if you’re writing for a niche industry. They include basic tips and how-to articles, frequently asked questions by customers or newcomers to the field, and explanatory pieces of basic concepts. Focusing on evergreen content means your site and article will continually attract visitors and build you up as an authority on the subject matter.

Seek specific audiences: To achieve both of the above, you’ll need to narrow down your audience. Although you could already have a general idea of who’ll be interested to read your content, a very specific audience helps create tailor-fitted content that they’re guaranteed to read. Narrowing down your audience also makes it easier to find evergreen topics that will appeal to them.

2. Unique Brand Voice

Unless your client’s site covers something completely new, they’ll have competition. There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, so their site must stand out. Creating a unique brand voice helps online users remember the website and distinguishes the client from the competition.

A brand voice is a combination of different things. The imagery associated with a brand or site, such as their logo, iconic pictures, and similar items is part of a brand’s voice. The language and vernacular you use to create blogs, write emails, and social media posts are a huge part of a company’s personality.

It’s the public persona of a business, and you can refine how you create it with the following advice.

Do your research: Extensive research is key in creating an appropriate and effective brand voice. Check out their products or services and determine the best language to use in speaking for them. For example, children’s products shouldn’t use overly sophisticated language and high-end fashion goods shouldn’t use street slang. More importantly, identify the brand’s intended audience. Doing so helps fine-tune the words and speech patterns you’re going to use in every piece of content you’ll create.

Craft distinct personas: After studying your brand, create a buyer persona. This is a theoretical representation of the brand’s ideal client. A buyer persona helps you refine your brand voice by pinpointing what exactly your ideal customer is looking for, how they look for answers, and when they go online. For example, if your ideal customer is holding down a full-time job, they’ll be most active on social media at 1 p.m. and 5 p. m., which are lunch hours and the end of the workday respectively.

Study the competition: The competition will advertise their strengths, but your research can uncover their weaknesses. You can incorporate these weaknesses and present them as your client’s strength through brand language. If a competitor has more product options for customers but is located out of state, focus your language on your client’s accessibility and nearby locations.

3. Effective Distribution Methods

Effective digital marketing requires a multi-pronged approach that doesn’t depend on a single method to fulfill its objectives. Over-reliance on one approach is shortsighted and fails to use all the tools at your disposal efficiently.

When you create a digital marketing campaign, it should include major digital distribution channels to consistently reach your audience.  They also complement each other, increasing the possibility of converting a user into a sale.    

Increasing the scope of your marketing channels is only half of this pillar. The other is polishing your distribution channels and methods, so they communicate your message. Accomplish these goals by following these steps:

Invest in mobile: More than 80 percent of Americans now own a smartphone and tapping into this digital medium is essential to your strategy. Mobile devices like smartphones obviously have different settings and configurations than desktop computers and laptops. When optimizing your website, make sure that it’s able to adapt to mobile configurations so users can easily navigate it. Expand your strategies to include other mobile technologies, such as SMS or app developments to increase your digital marketing channels.

Integrate social media: Social media alone is a powerful digital marketing tool that’s able to reach across the globe. However, you should integrate multiple social media platforms to expand that reach considerably. Different platforms also let you reach other audiences. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to establish authority and reach other professional accounts whereas an Instagram account reaches out to young adults and is ideal for increased engagement.

Include email marketing – Email marketing is still a powerful and efficient tool at your disposal that competitors may disregard. Emails are cost-effective because they’re relatively easy to craft and can be automated. It’s also great for supporting other distribution channels. The key is crafting effective emails that users won’t consign to their spam folders. Avoid generic messages and focus on creating emails that offer specific information relevant to your users.

4. Reliable Performance Analysis

Review the effectiveness of your digital marketing methods to learn how to improve your services. Reliable performance analysis helps you focus on aspects of your digital marketing strategy that aren’t as effective instead of identifying what you’re already good at.

Regular and reliable performance analysis increases your return on investments by showing you where to focus your attention on, preventing you from wasting resources. A complete performance check of your digital marketing services is ideal, but pay special attention to the following aspects of your services.

Study conversion efficiency: Site traffic is only a superficial aspect of your digital marketing efficiency. The real metric you should be looking out for is how many people your sites and methods convert into sales. Check the effectiveness of your sites by monitoring how long users stay on pages and how they interact with it. Do they like your content? How many of them leave comments? How long do they stay before clicking the back button? Answering all these questions can determine the appeal of your methods.

Analyze site design: Content is the meat of your sites, but its site structure is the framework. Website structure and design need to be as user-friendly as possible. Assess if your site designs are too cluttered or if the font is easy to read. Are all buttons and features functional? Can visitors navigate around the site easily while they’re browsing on any device? Are pop-ups generating leads or causing users to abandon websites?

Audit training methods: Finally, look into the effectiveness of your training methods. Digital marketing is a fast-paced business with constantly changing metrics and rules. Search engines routinely change their algorithms, requiring your employees to constantly retrain. Make sure that you’re employing up-to-date strategies and that they’re always learning new methods that improve their performance.

Focusing on these four pillars of effective digital marketing lets you build a strong foundation for your business.  Improving these aspects of your strategy not only helps your company become more efficient, but it also benefits your client by providing them with effective services they need for their businesses to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Author Bio: SEOReseller is a premier provider of excellent digital marketing solutions for businesses around the world. Our cutting-edge services are available for businesses large and small, from multi-national corporations to humble brick and mortar establishments. Fill out our contact form today to find out how we can help your business expand.

This article was written by Itamar Gerro

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