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Top 10 Animal Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on Instagram. Most of the Instagram audience is students. Unfortunately, this can cut from your time and ability to deal with more important things like studying, for example. Of course, it’s more enjoyable to surf Instagram than to do homework, especially when there are so many animal influencers overloading your feed with cuteness. However, there is a way out – you can get help from services such as WritingCheap. This way, you will have more time for surfing Instagram or doing whatever you want.

About Animal Influencers

Pets for Instagram is a big business related to generating content and creating compelling ads for users. The most popular animal influencers on Instagram are:

  1. Nala cat
  2. Marutaro
  3. Tuna

Each has at least 2.1 million subscribers, while Nala has about 4.3 million followers. Instagram animal influencers (whose owners create a detailed online image for them with humorous texts and character traits) are today at the center of the development of a new area of the advertising industry, which works using two systems.

  1. The first includes personal animal accounts on Instagram (and more often on Snapchat). Through the mediation of special agencies, pet owners can enter into contracts with brands whose products appear on the pet’s Instagram accounts. The agency takes its commission, and the star status of the animal begins to bring money to its owner.
  2. The second is other companies that use animal influencers in their own advertising. Take Boo, for example, a Pomeranian. Its owner signed a contract with Virgin America, thus becoming an agent of influence for the company. 

Why should brands use dogs in advertising?

When companies need star-based advertising, animals are a win-win.

  • Firstly, referring people may say something unrelated to the brand or offend the brand. Animals never change their message. 
  • Secondly, people like pet content. They are more likely to become viral. They have all the opportunities that opinion leaders have, plus something that people don’t have.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 animal influencers on Instagram. 

1. Izzythe.frenchie

Izzy is a French bulldog that wears a hand-sewn copy of a Valentino dress and lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York’s suburb for millionaires, the Hamptons. For one photo on Instagram (even simple advertising of a vacuum cleaner), its owners receive $1,000-$2,000, and the post collects lots of likes.

2. tunameltsmyheart

Tuna is ready to show teeth. Tuna is responsible for diversity in the world of canine bloggers. It’s impossible to call Tuna “conventionally beautiful,” but more than 2 million subscribers are fascinated by the spontaneity and signature grin.

3. bee_nfluencer

Meet the world’s first bee-influencer. A bee talks about its travels, leisure, food, and activism to save its species. It wants to raise money to save bees, which are reducing in number every year. It is said that a bee needs people: the more followers it has on Instagram, the more interested brands there will be, and the more money it will collect.

4. nala_cat

It’s possible that you have seen this beautiful cat before. This is not surprising, because Nala is the most popular cat on Instagram – the number of followers has exceeded 4 million! This adorable cat with round blue eyes was not always surrounded by love. As a tiny kitten, Nala was handed over to a shelter for some time. Fortunately, Nala found a loving human and is now enjoying a beautiful life.

5. rexiecat

Meet Rexie, a very expressive cat when it comes to showing emotions. But Rexie’s most amazing talent concerns tricks of the tongue. Rexie is a great model, posing well in front of the camera, and the owner knows at what point she needs to take a picture of the pet. This young cat knows how to do different tongue tricks, which no other cat can do.

6. marutaro

Here is a dog of the Shiba Inu breed, nicknamed Marutaro.  Marutaru’s owner, Shinjiro, created an Instagram account for his beloved pet, and now the dog is one of the most successful pet influencers on Instagram.

7. jiffpom

This dog holds two world records: running 10 meters the fastest on its hind paws, and 5 meters on its forepaws. You can also spot this dog in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” video. 

8. itsdougthepug

The secret of this dog’s popularity is obvious: the owners dress Doug in various mini-suits, from purple robes to lace pajamas, while he implicitly poses with eyes full of longing.

9. marniethedog

This next entry on our list of animal influencers is another story about salvation. Marnie fell into a shelter after a raid on stray dogs, and from there, into the hands of new owners. Due to physiological, congenital, and acquired defects, Marnie is extremely recognizable, and, with unconditional charisma, is one of the most popular dogs in the world. Marnie has been photographed with many celebrities – from Taylor Swift and Larry King to Lena Dunham.

10. juniperfoxx

A domesticated fox with a sly grin is already an occasion to subscribe. Juniper has been living in the family since birth, and its owners are happy to keep the final of our animal influencers in their apartment. Nearly 3 million people follow the Instagram page for new, fun photos of this fox.

Do you need more animal influencers? Here are some who didn’t make the list:

NameHandleFollower Count
Dustin & Swarleyprairiedogpack83.1K
MacGyver the Lizardmacgyverlizard223K


Any Instagram account can become popular if you monitor the quality and regularity of content and constantly promote it.

  • Explore the market. See what successful accounts are doing in your industry.
  • Experiment with promotion. Try different ways. In this way, you will find the best option for yourself at the cost of the subscriber and the growth rate of the account.
  • Experiment with content. You will better understand the tastes of your subscribers.
  • Communicate with the audience. Subscribers want interaction with you.
  • Bookmark monetization options initially. If you keep an account just for fun, it will die out when you don’t have time for it or if other hobbies appear. Keep in mind a long-term goal.

This article was written by Eliza Mcmillen

Lions, tigers, and bears? Oh my – look at all the endless possibilities of influencers to work with. Get started with us today!

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