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Top 10 Mixer Stats: Is It Better Than Twitch?

By Editorial Staff

If you’re a gamer, you probably know that Mixer and Twitch are the premier streaming sites to use, but is one better than the other? For those that don’t know, Mixer and Twitch are social networks where gamers can livestream themselves playing games like Minecraft and Fortnite to thousands of viewers. Mixer is currently the youngest streaming site on the market. Owned by Microsoft, the service launched in 2016 and provides an interactive user interface allowing gamers to easily meet their audience. Most compatible with fellow Microsoft products, Xbox and Windows 10, Mixer is slowly becoming the preferred choice for streamers. But what makes Mixer different from Twitch? As a new platform, Mixer offers a less competitive community to streamers, however, Twitch has been the reigning champion for a while now, boasting over a million average viewers. Both Mixer and Twitch offer easy-to-use websites and cater to their audiences well. We are looking at the Mixer stats to see how the two compare. For a more in-depth breakdown of each site, check out the chart below. 

Mixer StatsTwitch Stats
30 million monthly viewers15 million monthly viewers
69 thousand streamers3.2 million streamers
Launched in 2016Launched in 2011
Owned by MicrosoftOwned by Amazon

Both platforms have a lot to offer users, but Mixer’s status as a young network means it has a lot of room to grow, and now that you’re familiar with both platforms, let’s break down the top 10 Mixer stats you need to know before deciding which platform is right for you!

1. Mixer downloads have more than doubled since August

On August 1, one of the most influential gamers Tyler Blevins, known by his screenname Ninja, made an official switch from Twitch to Mixer. With him he brought his incredibly loyal fanbase, meaning Mixer downloads more than doubled. Ninja’s endorsement brought Mixer into the race, exposing the platform to a whole new audience that wouldn’t have heard of it before. Ninja’s wife and manager, Jessica Blevins, claimed frustration with Twitch was the reason for the change in platforms. Jessica told Business Insider that she and Tyler had several calls with the Twitch team, but they “did not listen to us.” The switch was a huge hit to Twitch and was widely talked about in the gaming community. The tag #TwitchOverParty was retweeted over 12,000 times during the transition.

2. After acquiring Ninja, Mixer was named the #1 non-game app in the app store

Before Ninja moved to Mixer, the app sat at #750 in the app store. After acquiring Ninja, Mixer jumped to the #1 spot out of all non-game apps in the Apple app store. This rating has since gone down, but Mixer’s status has continued to rise. Ninja certainly brought a lot of attention to the platform that is sure to continue to increase.

3. Mixer is the second most popular streaming site

Trailing behind Twitch, Mixer is working hard to build its reputation in the gaming community. Knocking YouTube Gaming out of the number two spot, Mixer stats saw a 188 percent increase in total hours streamed during Q3 2019, rising from 11.3 million to 32.6 million. 

4. 20% of Mixer users are from the U.S.

While the popularity of gaming is increasing in the U.S., most of Mixer’s viewers are from outside of the country. This shows that Mixer already has an international presence and has ample room for domestic growth. Right now, most of Mixer’s users are from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and the UK. 

5. Ninja has 2.3 million Mixer followers

As one of the most popular gamers, Ninja now has 2.3 million followers. He got his start as a professional Halo streamer but now streams all things gaming. His most popular videos include streams of him and his friend playing Fortnite. 

6. Mixer has two types of virtual currency: Sparks and Embers

Users can earn Sparks by viewing streams and can be used to purchase stickers, gifs, and emojis that display in Mixer’s chat feature. Embers are purchased to access premium features of Mixer and go to support the platform’s streamers.

7. Mixer makes digital safety a priority

Mixer offers a Streamer Review Program that enforces the company’s efforts to create a positive and welcoming community for all users. Mixer also takes a strong stance against cyberbullying. The platform partnered up with The Cybersmile Foundation to raise awareness of the potential impacts of cyberbullying.

8. Mixer’s top six streamers have more than 5M combined subscribers

Although it is a growing platform, Mixer already boasts some pretty impressive numbers. Mixer is expected to continue growing, but right now check out these Mixer stats. Mixer’s top streamers include:

  • Ninja – 2.3M
  • Thegrefg – 820K
  • Ship – 543K
  • Xbox – 485K
  • JaredFPS – 377K
  • Siefe – 336K

9. Mixer’s two most popular games account for 33% of the platform’s view time

The top two games for Mixer are:

  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends

10. Almost 50% of Mixer’s traffic comes from Twitter

According to SimilarWeb, 49.27% of Mixer’s traffic is generated on Twitter. The other leaders of traffic include:

  1. YouTube – 37.05%
  2. Facebook – 5.06%
  3. VKontakte – 4.35%
  4. Reddit – 2.51%

Now that you’ve read the most important Mixer stats, it’s up to you to decide; is Mixer better than Twitch? Either way, both platforms have a lot to offer their viewers. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right?

This article was written by Lauren Martin

Mixer streamers are highly influential among the gaming community. Get started with us today!

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