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VERO and the Future of Influencer Marketing

By Editorial Staff

5 minute read

VERO – a new social media app – took over the conversation on the internet because it’s directly challenging its competitors and their net worth – Facebook [$74B], IG [1.55B], Snapchat [3.8B].

Compared to free-business-model of other social media companies, VERO does not data mine or use algorithms and is an ad-free zone. It’s subscription business model with an annual price that CNBC reports will amount to “a couple of cups of coffee”. VERO lets users share all types media [book, links, music, text, pictures…etc.] to their audience and in turn, users see their feed in chronological order.

This news may seem depressing for marketers and advertisers, but it’s not. In fact, if you’re not on VERO, sign up now because this new platform is a haven for influencer and affiliate marketing. The cost per impression may become even cheaper.

*Announced earlier this week, VERO reached it’s million-user-mark and is extending their lifetime membership until further notice because they are experiencing growing pains – tech bugs. Right now the app does crash often.*

VERO: An Influencer Marketing Paradise

[VERO] has attracted social media stars like Christian Collins. Christian has begun to utilize Vero to not only share his content, but to strengthen his community of fans. The musical artist and influencer, who has grown his following to over 30 million people across his various social networks, has partnered with Vero to promote his Limitless Movement for young people to support each other in pursuit of their goals.

— Roger Bryan, Contributor | Founder at

vero-app-influencers- audience

Influencer Mass Exodus

Compared to the amount of use other social platforms have, VERO does not seem much but its where influencers and creatives are flocking because they are not drowned out and there are no barriers to their audience.

Some of the creatives include Brooklyn-based musical prodigy (and sometimes model) PAULi, filmmaker Zach Snyder, BAFTA’s official photographer – Greg Williams, filmmaker Max Joseph, director Kibwe Tavares, British musical maverick Ben Drew aka Plan B, Clash Magazine.

[See photo – Audience]

On VERO, you have absolute control over your feed.  When sharing, you can swipe your thumb right and select either Close Friends to Friends to Acquaintances to Followers. You have direct access to your entire audience – if you want to. And with no algorithms, there is no need to bump a post in order for all your followers to see it.

Make A Post

I chose Vero, because of what the platform stands for and its care for the creators and its users. . . It’s a place you don’t have to worry about algorithms and can be free to fully express yourself.

– – Christian Collins, 3.5M followers on IG  and over 2M subscribers on YouTube.

Influencer Marketing w/ No Competition

Unlike other social media platforms, there is no tier system [ i.e. a business account, business page, personality page, music band]; it’s all individuals.

[See photo – Make a Post]

When you want to make a post, hit the bottom green +. Then you’re taken to a page where you can add: photos, music, book, movies, link, a place. With all of these [except place], you can add an affiliate link or sell a product directly with link.

VERO welcomes affiliate marketing and influencer marketing. They state it on their blog and it’s apart of the design.

According to MediaKix, 85% of Gen Z users will use social media to learn about a product before they purchase it. One way to take advantage of this is through influencer marketing. It’s where the times are going because influencer marketing elicits trust.


[See photo – Product]

When a user goes to a search, they are taken to a whats-trending-now page. There are exclusive live videos shown only on VERO first. And more importantly, they encourage their creatives to sell products as well. VERO dedicates an entire section labeled as Products. Any transactions made through the app, they receive a small transaction fee – which keeps their annual subscription for so low. And to be explicit, low subscription keeps customers on the app til its a habit, exactly like Amazon Prime and Spotify Premium retained a huge customer base.

Once clicking on the product, the seller can display their product in different fonts – heading fonts then subject fonts. Underneath the username, it states the post is a product. Within the app, you can hit BUY NOW [or DONATE NOW if it’s a charity] right then and there.

Now, when posting your apple music or a book you’re reading, one of your followers or close friends can click on the book and be sent to Apple Music or iBooks.

So when it comes to marketing online, traditional Facebook ads and Google AdWords increased costs per impression. Affiliate marketing is effective but often expands its reach from influencer marketing. Now VERO exists, influencers now have a social media platform where they have total autonomy. So, we would recommend building more solid partnerships or ambassador relationships with influencers.

So, now is a time for influencer marketing! Adblocking increased influencer marketing. Now on VERO – the ad-free app, there are no other distractions from influencer marketing and we predict the second explosion. To add to that, native influencer marketing product promotion will be changed by more trackable links VERO has to offer.

If you have a hard time finding affiliates for your marketing, reach out to us. 

In conclusion

truly-social-new-social-media-appThere are a lot of different aspects to this new app. So here’s a quick summary:

  • Major influencers are leaving the giant social media apps
    • Money is moving and there is an opportunity to make money
  • Ad-free does not mean marketing free
    • predictions: influencer marketing expands even more and supplemented by more affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Interest is king
    • Since any post [besides place] allows the user to buy the product (or donate charities)
    • Content matters.
  • The app is still in beta
    • It crashes a bunch
    • Anyone that signs up now will be considered a lifetime member, so don’t miss this opportunity!


This article was written by Editorial Staff

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