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Top Kid Influencers Across Social Media

By Avery Hall

Many of these kids started attracting viewership at very young age; not even knowing how to read or write! Kid Influencers create content based on their niches and upload heartwarming, childish posts. They have a distinct advantage because kids are so easy to relate to. Here at NeoReach, we identified the Top Kid Influencers on social media and listed below.

Our conclusion: cuteness is contagious.

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Influencer #10: 

Meet siblings Emma, Jonah, Noah, and Micah: the creative and fun masterminds behind “KittiesMama”. On YouTube, their most popular medium, the group posts a variety of videos: quirky “challenges”, fun “tutorials”, and interesting“DIYs”.

They attract brands looking to sponsor products on their social media platforms. Their top YouTube video – “Inside Out Face-paint Challenge” – creatively promoted the Pixar movie Inside Out. It has over 80 million views. Resembling the sibling bunch, 42% of their followers are 16 and younger.

Influencer #9: 

Seven Super girls present a YouTube-centric group of girls who perform comical skits. Seven Super Girls forms the largest all-girl collaboration on YouTube. Each girls posts content on their own assigned day of the week. The assigned days go as followed: Alexis on Monday, Ashlynn on Tuesday, Ella on Wednesday, Brianna on Thursday, Jaidyn on Friday, Mimi on Saturday, and Ellie on Sunday.

The girls live in many different cities in the U.S. and world, with one of the girls, Ellie, living in the UK. This spans their reach globally, allowing them to attract major international cities.

Influencer #8: 

Evan-tube-vloggerEvan’s creative channel is perfect for the imaginative young viewer. His YouTube includes entertaining “challenge” videos, toy reviews, science experiments, and more. Young kids find his videos intriguing, especially his toy reviews. His reviews highlight great qualities of toys, showing viewers that the toys are fun for kids like Evan! Evan is only 12 years old. He has close to 1 million followers across all his platforms — quite the accomplishment!

His YouTube channel often features his sister, Jillian, along with occasional appearances of his Mom and Dad. His followers are 54% male. Overall his followers’ affiliate with popular brands, including Instagram, Disney, and Lego. This correlates with his aimed audience of individuals 16 and under.

Influencer #7: 

preteen-blogger-sophia-graceSophia Grace Brownlee shows off an upbeat and confident internet personality. She is an energetic young girl dedicated to music covers and vlogs on her YouTube channel. Sophia music covers mainly feature popular pop songs, and even original songs written by Sophia. She has millions of followers across all social media platforms. YouTube remains her most followed by 2.8 million followers and 650 million views.

Sophia’s YouTube cover of the song Super Bass by Nicki Minaj sparked her fame in 2011. This helped her to appear regularly on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Despite Sophia’s young age, she attracts a variety of viewers – 77% of them aging between 17-24 years old. The vast majority of them are female.

Influencer #6: 

Leblanc-social-media-kid-influencerSince 2008, Annie LeBlanc has been uploading YouTube videos and contributing to a family channel titled Bratayley. She is the eldest daughter of her family and is also a dedicated gymnast.

Annie’s channel includes her gymnastic routines. Her more popular uploads include entertaining and childish “challenge” and upbeat music cover videos. She collaborates with major companies. Disney sponsored one of her recent posts titled Zom vs Pom: Slime Edition. Half of her followers are 17-19 years old and another 35% are 16 years old or younger.

Influencer #5:

Maddie-girl-influencer-dance-kidMaddie Ziegler earns a spot high on our list due to her abundant followers across all social media platforms. Instagram and YouTube are her most followed accounts. Her Instagram has 11.1 million followers and her YouTube has nearly 2 million followers.

We featured Maddie previously on NeoReach’s Top 10 Dance Influencers on Social Media List. Maddie began her dancing career on the Lifetime reality TV show: Dance Moms. She stars in pop-star Sia’s hit music videos, including Chandelier and Elastic Heart, which reached the peak of the music charts after release.

Considering these accomplishments, Maddie influences young girls to seek their dreams and do what they love. Time magazine would agree with this statement, due to naming Maddie one of their 30 Most Influential Teens in 2017.

Influencer #4: 

Ryan-uk-youtube-kid-influencerOne of the youngest influencers on our list is Ryan an 8-year-old avid toy enthusiast. He first debuted on YouTube in 2015, when Ryan was only 3 years old. His popularity increased ever since. Ryan has the largest YouTube following on this list, topping out at 12.3 million subscribers.

His YouTube channel features daily uploads of Ryan reviewing his favorite toys, such as play-doh, Disney, and superheroes. Despite Ryan’s young age, he attracts a range of audience ages, with the peak of his viewers aging from 20-29 years old. This could be due to parents seeking educational material for their children and/or want to know about the latest trendy toys. 

Influencer #3: 

twins-influence-marketing-socialBrooklyn and Bailey, the dynamic duo of our list, portray the ideal sisterhood across all their social media accounts. The sisters strive to connect with their viewers and focus on welcoming new subscribers to their channel.  Based in Texas, the identical twins base their YouTube on family-friendly, comedic-centric content. Their most popular uploads are comical “challenge”, and “DIY” videos.

Their most watched YouTube post is “Identical Twins get Wisdom Teeth Removed”. Beginning in 2017, the sisters successfully began creating and publishing music. One of their songs – Dance Like Me – ranked #12 for the pop U.S. on iTunes in March 2017.

Influencer #2: 

Jacob-instagram-united-states-advertisingMeet Jacob: a 15-year old social media music star who rose to fame through a lip-syncing app. Jacob now publishes music and uploads regularly to his YouTube channel while still occasionally uploading to Instagram remains his most followed platform with 8.6 million followers.

His most popular YouTube video and the song is Hit or Miss Official Music Video. The video received 56 million views. The single sang in the music video reached no. 72 in the U.S. music charts.

Influencer #1: 

MattyBRaps dominates our Top 10 list thanks to his outgoing internet personality. His fans enjoy his staple rap music-cover videos. His most famous covers include Gym-Class Heroes Stereo Hearts and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe.

MattyBRaps fans attract his outgoing character and confidence in his videos. Ever since 2010, more and more people have been watching and loving Matty B.  He has made several television appearances on shows like Today, The Wendy Williams Show, and Dr. Phil. He has a large total audience of 22.7 million fans who are predominantly female.

This makes sense because what girl could scroll by his adorable face? His followers affiliate with top brands such as YouTube, MTV, and Disney.

This article was written by Avery Hall

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