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How Chiara Ferragni earned more media value than Meghan Marckle

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How Chiara Ferragni earned more media value than Meghan Marckle

How Chiara Ferragni earned more media value than Meghan Marckle

By Kyleigh Eaton

Chiara Ferragni is a top influencer, with over 14.6 million Instagram followers her net worth is well above the average influencer or celebrity. She started her blog, “The Blonde Salad” in 2009, and from there slowly rose to the top of the influencers on social media. She now works with the hottest brands in beauty and fashion and is the CEO of her media company, TBS Crew. Chiara got married this past Saturday, September 1st, in Sicily to her now husband, Fedez. This wedding was among the most successful, in terms of media engagement, of all time! Among the glitz and glamour at the wedding was her stunning gowns for her big day. The reception dress was very unique, as it displayed images and motifs inspired by her relationship with her husband. However, the reception gown was not nearly as elaborate as the dress she wore in her ceremony. Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the gown for her ceremony required over 1600 hours of labor to craft. This elaborate gown has already influenced the world of wedding fashion in just the past few days. Chiara Ferragni earned her wedding dress designer more media value than Meghan Marckle! Her three Dior Couture gowns earned the French fashion house approximately a rise in 5.2 million dollars. But, who’s surprised? When two popular influencers marry, it’s expected that their ceremony will gain the attention of their many followers! Their wedding hashtag, #The Ferragnez, has about 67 million engagements alone.

Despite the expense Dior took on in making this wedding possible, it was a good investment considering the rise in the brand’s value. A total audience-driven media impact value of 5.2 million dollars was accomplished within this one event. Dior saw a media engagement of 5.6 million in this event. However, Dior was not the only brand lucky enough to have a part in the big day. Prada reportedly designed Ferragni’s rehearsal dinner gown, Alberta Ferretti dressed the bridal party, and Lancome provided beauty products throughout it all. Although Chiara Ferragni is not royalty, she most certainly rules the fashion world and continues to influence the masses!

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