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How to Get a Job in the Influencer Industry

By Editorial Staff

When people outside of the industry think of influencer marketing, they may only think of the final product, an influencer and an ad, that they come in contact with on their own social media platforms. The army of people working to make the final product a success is often a last thought or not even a thought at all. With that being said, the influencer industry is more than an influencer and an ad. Teams of people are working together every day to make the influencer industry boom with success. 

If you have thought of entering the influencer industry but have shied away from the thought because you are not interested in the influencer lifestyle, know there are tons of different options you can get started within the influencer industry. Today we are going to be talking about how you can secure a job in the influencer marketing industry and uncover outlets you may have never thought of before. 

Jobs in the Influencer Marketing Industry 

There is a slew of ways to enter the influencer industry and we are going to be unpacking all the details. 


Of course, the most traditional way to enter the industry is to become an influencer yourself. If you are personable, love creating content, have thick skin, and are looking to expand your audience, this may be the route for you. Remember, to become an influencer you do not need to reach the popularity of Charli D’Amelio or David Dobrik. Micro and macro influencers are expanding rapidly and brands are seeking out deals with smaller influencers every day.

There is no secret formula to becoming an influencer but we can give you some tips to get you started. Content is everything. Creating relatable content, being consistent, and engaging with your audience is huge. 

Shooting your shot and reaching out to brands to work with is also a must. If you are just starting to build your platform, do not get discouraged if certain brands don’t reply. Fashion influencer Kristian Padilla faced struggles with brands at first but is securing more deals with brands and even has brands reaching out to her! 

Want a real life example? Read all about Padilla’s journey and goals here.

Photographer, Videographer, and Editor

As we said, content is everything. Some influencers weren’t born with the innate talent for shooting and editing or they do not have the time to set aside for these tasks because they are busy building their brand in other areas. Enter the people who loved the behind-the-scenes work and have a knack for photography, videography, and content editing. 

Some influencers hire talented individuals to help brainstorm creative, shoot, and edit their content. Taylor King, Alisha Marie’s video creator and editor, got her foot in the door to the influencer industry through this avenue and has since grown her own following as well. Other famous creators like David Dobrik have videographers and editors that have since grown their social media presence. 


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Networking and finding new people to collaborate with is crucial to success in the influencer industry. You may start small but can land big name gigs through word of mouth like Taylor King did. 


Leading the life of an influencer can be hectic which is why an assistant is there to help with day-to-day tasks, both personal and professional, organization, research, and more. Influencer assistants are social media savvy, data driven, detail oriented, adaptable, and most importantly trustworthy. 

To apply for this role, you first need to prepare a strong resume showcasing all your soft and hard skills related to influencer marketing. You can refer to free resume templates online to understand the skills expected for this role. If shortlisted, you will be called for an interview. Take this opportunity to highlight your passion for the industry and demonstrate how you can contribute to the success of the influencer you will be assisting.

Talent Agent

A talent agent aids in the development of a creator’s business in a multitude of ways. Talent agents seek new opportunities for their influencers and expand their reach. From event appearances to merchandising, a talent agent helps take care of it all. Check out our blog, “Working with an Influencer Talent Agency: What You Should Know” to learn more. 

Influencer Marketer

Influencer marketers can work for influencer marketing agencies like NeoReach or can work for brands as a part of their in-house influencer marketing teams. Influencer marketing agencies act as the bridge between influencers and brands for campaign creation while in-house teams run their own campaigns. 

Job titles and roles for influencer marketers vary. Examples of titles for influencer marketers are “social media marketing manager”, “influencer marketing associate”, “marketing and partnerships”, and “influencer outreach coordinator.” There are an abundance of roles and these titles only scratch the surface.

Generally speaking, an influencer marketer can have a wide variety of roles within their company including but not limited to managing content timelines, creative and campaign strategy, campaign proposals, creating influencer rosters, and more. An influencer marketer’s day never looks the same due to the different campaign needs, influencers, and clients. 


The law field opens many opportunities and being a lawyer on behalf of an influencer is one of them. As a lawyer, you would be advising and representing the influencer on legal matters. This may look like protecting the influencers’ creative rights while working with brands and managing contracts. Moreover, it may include intellectual property law and navigating social media with FTC compliance matters, right of publicity, trademarks, and more. 

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here! 

Entering the Influencer Industry

Becoming an influencer or photographer, videographer, and editor does not necessarily require any college education as the technical skills related can be learned outside the classroom. However, many people in the industry have educational backgrounds in a multitude of fields, especially if they are in a particular niche or work with the largest names in the industry. 

On the other hand, other careers in the industry such as being an assistant or influencer marketer require a college education. The majors that are closely related to the influencer industry include (but not limited to) public relations, marketing, communications, journalism, design and visual arts, graphic design, and more. If pursuing a position as an influencer lawyer is what you’d like to do, undergraduate, law school, and passing the bar are required. 

Want an example? See how Tess Christine entered the industry, garnered millions of followers, and started her own brand here.

Securing a Job

Becoming an influencer falls on the individual working and collaborating with others to build their brand. For other careers in the industry, networking and searching for jobs on company websites or sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are extremely important. Putting yourself out there, meeting new people, and securing more interviews increases your chances of not only securing a job but starting your career with an organization or individual you love. 

As you can see, the influencer industry is more robust and has more job opportunities than you could have imagined. From being an influencer to representing an influencer, there is something for everyone. You just have to take the leap.

This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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