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Top 20 Fashion Influencers on YouTube (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

The visual appeal of video has made YouTube a main hub for fashion influencers. In conjunction with Instagram, it is the audiences’ favorite social media for fashion and lifestyle inspiration and expression. Here are our top picks for fashion influencers on YouTube.

1. Zoe Sugg

  • 11.5M subscribers
  • 1,114,872,477 view Count
  • Joined in December 2009 

Zoella is a nation-wide lifestyle fashion blog that covers many platforms beyond Youtube. Covering a wide variety of fashion, Zoella provides their 11.5M viewers with beauty hacks, makeup tutorials, hauls of all kind, while giving a sneak peek on her organized chaos of a life.

2. Tess Christine 

  • 2,390,000 subscribers
  • 197,953,577 view count 
  • Joined in April 2008

Tess Christine is a New York icon, sharing her makeup hacks and tips to those not only in her backyard– but all around the country. Tess loves to incorporate outfit ideas while sharing her OOTD’s (outfit of the day’s), and she is known for the way she can take a boring old t-shirt to the next level.

3. Vanessa Zilleti 

  • 346,000 subscribers
  • 48,645,513 view count 
  • Joined in September 2010

The next on our list of fashion influencers is all the way from Italy, Vanessa Zilleti! In an Italian-based channel, Vanessa provides an insight into her life. An exciting new wedding, face care routine, and “shopping with Vanessa ” keeps her subscribers busy. She provides an interesting take on fashion and beauty along with her unique background.

4. Jenn Im 

  • 2,500,000 subscribers 
  • 268,634,902 view count 
  • Joined in February 2010

Born and raised in LA, Jenn Im is a korean beauty lifestyle influencer that specializes in monthly favorites, tutorials and lifestyle advice. Jenn loves to travel, but loves to share her travels even more. Jenn also specializes in “What Would Jen Wear?”, while incorporating diet tips and tips for how to pose in pictures.

5. Samantha Maria 

  • 1,790,000 subscribers
  • 194,232,934 view count 
  • Joined in July 2009

The London-based fashion and lifestyle blogger and Youtuber, Samantha Maria has a passion for traveling the world, eating and handbag collecting. Her videos center around her personal style, beauty favorites, advice, and travel. Samantha is known for her recent video coming out about her struggles with mental health. With over 75K views, she was able to reach many people and provide comfort that the Youtube community needs.

6. Patricia Bright

  • 2,870,000 subscribers 
  •  315,572,221 view count
  • Joined in July 2010

A British-native beauty extraordinaire and the next on our list of fashion influencers, Patricia Bright brings a fresh perspective to beauty products and clothing hauls. Along with her beauty reviews, she incorporates “Stalk My Life” videos that keep her followers engaged on what she’s doing in her life.

7. Coolirpa 

  • 2,030,000 subscribers
  • 135,891,142 view count
  • Joined in October 2010

Coolirpa is run by a female named April, who specializes in DIY fashion and beauty creations. She loves to thrift old clothing, and turn it into something fresh and new. She recently took a $5 shirt and transformed it into a shirt worth $228. This is one of our fashion influencers who is an entrepreneur at heart!

8. Mel Joy 

  • 1,330,000 subscribers
  •  92,660,339 view count 
  • Joined in April 2014

Melody Joy is an American teenager that loves fashion and beauty, and videography of just about everything. From beauty hacks to pranks on her friends, Mel’s channel has a melting pot of all different content. Her popular videos often include her boyfriend picking out her outfits, or guessing the price of certain clothing.

9. Kalyn Nicholson

  • 1,470,000 subscribers
  • 18,339,948 view count 
  • Joined in October 2011

Kalyn Nicholson markets herself as the average young adult: loves coffee, clothing, makeup, and sharing it with her friends. Kalyn also gets motivational with her followers and provides numerous videos offering life advice. Whether you are interested in learning makeup tutorials or how to organize your life, Kalyn is your girl!

10. Amber Scholl

  • 3,190,000 subscribers 
  • 386,584,863 view count 
  • Joined in October 2011

Amber Scholl embodies exactly what it means to #ballonabudget. Living in LA, Amber teaches her viewers how to look like a million dollars without spending it. She reaches her audience by claiming she’s “broke” (not anymore). She gives tips on hot locations to find steals and makes videos on how to piece it all together.

11. Summer McKeen

  • 2,340,000 subscribers
  • 169,443,020 view count
  • Joined in December 2012

Summer McKeen is a fashion influencer that specializes in a more natural look with clothing and makeup. Her most popular videos include fashion advice for on-the-go looks, while not sacrificing the beauty of the outfit. She is very open and honest with her viewers and provides relatable advice such as struggles with acne and self-confidence.

12. Loey Lane

  • 2,010,000 subscribers
  • 253,763,673 view count 
  • Joined in February 2013 

Loey Lane is a fashion influencer who specializes in plus-size modeling and styling. She helps her viewers by posting body confidence vlogs, sharing her personal stories and inspiration for confidence in her followers. Loey Lane also uses her platform to speak her opinion and promote body positivity throughout the main popular clothing brands.

13. Olivia Jade

  • 1,950,000 subscribers 
  • 181,764,429 view count 
  • Joined in June 2014 

Olivia Jade has a strong passion for all things beauty and fashion, and loves to show her subscribers her take on typical fashion. She loves posting fashion hauls where she shows her subscribers where she gets her clothes and for how much. She caps off every month with “monthly favorites” where she shares her go-to products and clothing brands of the past 30 (ish) days.

14. Kelsey Simone

  • 1,690,000 subscribers 
  • 123,186,777 view count 
  • Joined in April 2013

Kelsey Simone is an east-coast beauty influencer who is not afraid to reach her potential in putting outfits together. She posts beauty and fashion hauls and lookbooks. She is a big fan of New York Fashion Week, and she posts her unique reviews on her perspective. 

15. Koleen Diaz 

  • 1,460,000 subscribers 
  • 47,698,965 view count 
  • Joined in January 2012 

Young beauty influencer, Koleen Diaz posts a variety of fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos as she inspires her nearly 1.5 million viewers. She shows her viewers how to incorporate one piece of clothing in multiple outfits, and how to maximize each outfit to its fullest potential.

16. Freddy My Love 

  • 1,030,000 subscribers 
  •  83,803,834 view count
  • Joined in November 2012

Freddy is another of the young female fashion influencers. She loves the color pink almost as much as she loves her fashion. Freddy also loves to travel, and she utilizes her trips to showcase her fashion expertise. Her uploads feature her travel and fashion talent, you won’t want to miss! 

17. FashionByAlly

  • 978,000 subscribers
  • 81,067,252 view count 
  • Joined in March 2007

Fashion by Ally features her passion for DIY fashion hacks that bring your outfit from a 10 to a 100. Her fashion hacks range from how to fill in gaps on a buttoned t-shirt, to the importance of bell-bottom jeans. She makes her already beautiful followers more creative with her tricks of the trade and there is no stopping her! 

18. Miss Alex

  • 843,000 subscribers
  • 69,893,774 view count 
  • Joined in September 2013

Miss Alex shows some fashion influencer love for all those girls who don’t have the 6’0 height of the fashion models. She provides fashion hacks for girls similar to her height, 4’11”, while making them feel just as beautiful. A unique take on fashion, Miss Alex helps every girl reach her full potential.

19. Chriselle Lim

  • 750,000 subscribers
  • 76,242,547 view count
  • Joined in July 2011

Chriselle is a family-fashion influencer who shares her love for her little ones all around the world. She began her career as a stylist and grew to create her own visually-pleasing content on Youtube. She specializes in the fashion of different seasons, collaborations and “best of’s” each month. 

20. To The 9s

  • 635,000 subscribers 
  • 37,004,447 view count 
  • Joined in September 2013

To the 9s is a fashion collaboration between two college beauty influencers who share a mutual love for all things fashion. Their videos consist of exciting outfit challenges where they film in local discount-retail stores. They also include closet essentials, hauls, and their most-worn clothes collection.

Other Fashion Influencers Not on Our List: 

Alex CentoAlex Centomomo
In the Frow
Dre Drexler
Hey Its Thalia
Tiffanie Ray

This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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