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Top Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Top Fashion Influencers on YouTube


We identified the top fashion influencers on YouTube to craft a hip & stylish list for you. Using NeoReach we analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance metrics and audience demographics.

If you are aiming to showcase your latest collection, get the word out about your products, or generate exceptional social content around your brand, these ladies represent the best of the best of the fashion world on YouTube.

Top Fashion Influencer 1: Chriselle Lim

The Asian-American beauty Chriselle Lim is undoubtedly one of the ultimate YouTube fashion icons and her channel is growing at a breakneck pace. Her videos are exquisitely edited and humorously narrated. Some of her most well-known content include her transformation Fashion Videos in which she reveals how to transform basic pieces of clothing into stylish apparel. Chriselle has partnered with global brands including Target and Estee Lauder.

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Top Fashion Influencer 2: Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is one of the biggest fashion YouTubers in the US. She is loved by many for the fresh, cute, and open voice she brings to the online fashion world. In addition to her incredibly successful YouTube channel, Ingrid has a powerfully authentic podcast and was invited to the White House to interview President Obama. Ingrid has worked the prestige beauty brand SK-II (owned by P&G).

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Top Fashion Influencer 3: Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is one of those rare digital unicorns that only make an appearance every couple years. She’s been on YouTube for over a decade and most would agree that she is the makeup & fashion tutorial queen. Michelle is also a tech-entrepreneur, having founded Ipsy, a wildly popular beauty product sampling service with a $120M annual sales run-rate. Michelle regularly posts latest trendsDIYs, and wonderfully shot YouTube masterpieces.

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Top Fashion Influencer 4: Zoella

London-based Zoella has created one of the best know beauty & fashion vlogs in the world. Every day, thousands of new people subscribe to watch her hilariously relatable vlogs, in which she openly talks about her private life with dog Nala and boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Alfie Days. Zoella has an ongoing relationship with the hip e-commerce brand ASOS and has worked with WHSmith to launch her own bookclub.

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Top Fashion Influencer 5: Tess Christine

YouTuber Tess Christine has been making beautiful fashion, lifestyle, and travel vlogs since 2011. She is currently 23 years old and is graduating from college with a degree in Marketing and PR. Her most popular content is the Get the Look video series, in which she teaches how to recreate the style of celebrities with a limited budget. She currently works with Revlon and Garnier.

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Top Fashion Influencer 6: Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is a household brand name on YouTube and quickly gaining international fame. She is of Mexican and Portuguese descent and rose to fame at the turn of the decade with her fashion haul videos. Her funny and bubbly personality paired up with a grounded professionalism led Teen Vogue to describe her as a “laid-back-but-girly”. In 2013, Bethany launched her own fashion line with Aéropostale. She is also a supporter of the U.S. Fund of UNICEF.

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Top Fashion Influencer 7: Clothesencounter

Jenn Im is a young Korean-American girl, born and raised in LA. She publishes a variety of travel, beauty, and fashion videos and is loved for her stylish and feminine taste. Jenn also uploads monthly favorite videos where she talks about trendy makeup and fashion products. She works with Sephora and Target, and recently joined forces with Colourpop to launch her own clothing collection: Jenn Ne Sais Quoi.

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Top Fashion Influencer 8: Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Lights is bursting with creativity and personality. She loves making fashion and beauty hauls as well as her famous Get Ready With Me tutorial series. Kathleen Lights launched her own beauty product – Liquid Lipstick – with Miami Fever.

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Top Fashion Influencer 9: CutiePieMarzia

If you’ve watched the most popular YouTuber, PewDiePie, then you are probably well-acquainted with CutiePieMarzia, his Italian girlfriend who also runs her a vlog. She’s famous for her hauls, social fun, and fashion (especially make-up) challenges with her boyfriend. Marzia has partnered with BooHoo, as well as smartphone manufacturer Asus to design a custom-branded phone cover for her fans.

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Top Fashion Influencer 10: Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria is a young London-based fashionista. She mostly creates videos about travel, style, and hauls. Her girly style and bubbly personality are felt throughout her wonderfully curated channel. Samantha has worked with Westfield Mall and Urban Outfitter, and has launched her own clothing line with Novem & Knight. As of June 2016, Samantha will be expecting a baby!

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