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Top Fitness Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

We hunted for the top fitness influencers on Instagram to create a strong and healthy influencer list for you. We used  NeoReach to provide you with each influencer’s reach, average engagement, and audience analytics.

From models to bodybuilders to yoga enthusiasts this list will unveil the influencers that can provide your health & fitness brand some major gains.

Top Fitness Influencer: Jen Selter

Jen Selter is the proud owner of an outstandingly sculpted body and an Instagram account with more than 9 million followers.Averaging almost 200,000 likes per post, her account consists of plenty of mirror selfies, bikini pics, and photos that emphasize her incredible figure. Jen has gained massive popularity through her 30-day #JenSelterChallenge.


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Top Fitness Influencer: Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin resides in South Florida, ut grew up in Venezuela. She stays true to her Latina roots in her various bilingual social media accounts.Her Instagram account consists of workout videos, clips of her goofing off, and some photo shoots that show off her figure and muscle. Univision produced a 15 minute documentary about her life and journey, which she has designed to help inspire people to get in the best shape of their lives.


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Top Fitness Influencer: Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is famous for her Bikini Body Workouts and training programs consisting of videos, blog posts, recipes, and eating plans. Her warm, girl next door vibe, and adorable, frequently featured huskies make Kayla’s account standout in the realm of fitness models and entrepreneurs, and her 5 million followers have proven her methods work and produce visible results. She encourages all of her viewers, primarily females ages 17 to 24, to go ahead and “sweat with Kayla”, producing some amazing results and body transformations.

Her Instagram is full of before and after posts submitted by fans, as well as inspirational quotes, and lots of healthy meals. Her account provides viewers with the tips they need to get in shape while keeping them motivated and inspired throughout the journey.


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Top Fitness Influencer: Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway, self-proclaimed lifestyle expert, and pizza lover has gained a significant social media following, with over 3 million Instagram followers and an average of almost 30,000 likes per post. Her website emphasizes an abundance of before and after shots submitted by happy fans, and her personalized programs promise to help people live a happy, healthy life. Nonetheless, she refuses to force people to miss out on some of life’s greatest pleasures, like pizza and chocolate.

Her account consists of plenty of workout videos and ab-showcasing mirror selfies, as well as lots of indulgent food, motivational, yet funny quotes, and photo shoots.

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Top Fitness Influencer: Shonda

Shonda’s Instagram account followers her fitness journey as a mom, starting at 203 lbs, now much slimmer and an inspiration for each of her 2.7 million followers. Her account, primarily followed by females, is full of workout videos, and healthy meals and recipes embedded directly in the posts, making eating right easier than ever before. Shonda knows being a middle-aged mother of two is no small task, and provides others with the tools they need to exercise and eat right while living their everyday, busy lives.

Many of Shonda’s posts consist of recipes directly in the post, making her meals and cooking tips easy to access for everyone, while she also showcases her life impressive through workout videos and photos that show off her figure.

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Top Fitness Influencer: Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi is a Brazilian Life Coach and Personal Trainer with a bachelor in Nutrition Science. She has won first place in two fitness competitions, and her motivational seminars have gained Bella an impressive and diverse social media following. Her workout plans and programs promise to transform your body, and her bilingual social media accounts showcase her life as a fitness model, mother, trainer, and inspiration.

Her account consists of adorable photos of her growing family, videos of her working out at the gym, and a Transformation Tuesday set of photos submitted by fans.

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Top Fitness Influencer: Massy Arias

Massy Arias has created a successful set of workout programs and plans to help all of her 2 million followers get in the best shape of their lives. Massy is a certified personal trainer, born in the Dominican Republic, who has committed her life to teaching people to live healthily, and most importantly happy, lives. Her various, social media accounts provide followers with an insight into her personal life and fitness journey while providing motivation and advice to be as healthy as possible.

Her Instagram account, followed primarily by people ages 20 to 29, consists of workout videos, healthy meals, before and after videos, and tips for living an all-around healthy life.

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Top Fitness Influencer: Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen, also known as Yoga Girl, has created a popular Instagram account full of impressive yoga poses, beautiful sunsets, and gorgeous beaches that showcase Rachel’s life as a carefree, confident, at peace yoga instructor. Every post showcases a genuine smile or laugh, and Rachel’s warm demeanor has attracted a following of mostly females in their mid 20’s. Rachel’s 1.9 million followers have a unique insight into the life of a successful business owner and all around happy and healthy inspiration.

By just skimming Rachel’s account, any viewer will get a sense of her beachy vibe, impressive yoga skills, and lifestyle in which she promotes love, and happiness through being active.

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Top Influencer: Emily Skye

Emily Skye and her workout program promise to transform your body and life, as her Instagram with over 1.6 million followers showcases this journey with motivational quotes, recipes, workout videos, and a sense of humor. Her daily blogs provide lots of recipes and healthy eating tips, and background in Personal Training and degree from the Australian Institute of Fitness provide plenty of knowledge to her posts. As a fitness model and creator of various exercise plans, Emily Skye has developed a brand that appeals to mostly women ages 17 to 29. Her impressive physique and effective workout programs have gained Emily a large social media presence.

Her account consists largely of workout videos that anyone can follow from their own home, as well a mirror selfies, healthy meals for viewers to try at home, photo shoots, and plenty of comedic relief.


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Top Fitness Influencer: Tana Ashlee

Tana Ashlee, the creator of Train with Tana, has promised to work with her clients to reach their unique and personal fitness goals. Her Instagram, followed by 1.6 million people, consists of workout videos, before and after pics from happy costumers, and loads of motivation to start your own fitness journey. Tana’s customizable program has pleased many, mainly appealing to women in their 20’s. Her background in strength training and conditioning is evident in Tana’s workouts and sculpted figure, providing inspiration and motivation for her followers.

Tana showcases her life through lots of videos, progress pictures from clients, photos that show off her sculpted abs, and plenty of motivational posters.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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