Top Fashion Influencers on Instagram (Updated for 2021)

By Editorial Staff

Social Media platforms have served as a tool for millions of people around the world to share and inspire others. Fashion is a form of art and self-expression and many top-notch fashion influencers share their art and creativity with the world. We have identified the top 10 fashion influencers on Instagram and crafted a stylish list.

Using NeoReach, we analyzed each of the fashion influencers and provided you with their  audience demographics.

1. Chiara Ferragni: 21.5M

Instagram: @chiaraferragni

Twitter: @chiaraferragni

Facebook: @theblondesalad

YouTube: @theblondesalad

Italian fashion powerhouse Chiara Ferragni has grown her following to 21.5M over the years and has climbed her way through the fashion industry. She has worked with numerous brands through her blog, The Blonde Salad, and has launched her own fashion line “Chiarra Ferragni”. Ferragni is chic, classy and a force to be reckoned with.

2. Zoe Sugg: 9.1M

Instagram: @zoesugg

Twitter: @Zoella

YouTube: @Zoella

Facebook: @zoe.zoella

Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella, is a fashion and lifestyle influencer. She founded Zoella and her large following serves as a testament to her knowledge and connection with her audience. Zoe Sugg always has a positive word to say and an incredible outfit to serve as inspiration for others.

3. Camila Coelho: 8.8M

Instagram: @camilacoelho

YouTube: Camila Coelho

Facebook: Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho is the third largest fashion influencer, boasting 8.8 million followers. In the past four years, Camila has gained over 3 million followers, showing her growth and continued impact on people’s lives. Her style can be described as bold and colorful, which stems from her Brazilian heritage. She continuously inspires women all around the world.

4. Olivia Palermo: 6.4M

Instagram: @oliviapalermo

Twitter: @oliviapalermo

Olivia Palermo is an international style authority, inspiring millions of women around the world. Olivia has worked with Elle and is founder and chief executive of Olivia Palermo, her own collection. Her luxurious style can be described as classy, elegant, and modern.

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5. Negin Mirsaheli: 6.1M

Instagram: @negin_mirsaheli

Facebook: Negin Mirsaheli

Twitter: @neginmirsalehi1

Negin Mirsaheli has worked with notable brands like Revolve and Cluse and traveled all around the world by doing so. She has a wide range of styles and effortlessly pulls off any look. Check out her blog, Negin Mirsaheli, where she covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

6. Julie Sariñana: 5.6M

Instagram: @sincerelyjules

Twitter: @sincerelyjules

“Sincerely, Jules” has grown by 2 million since 2016. Her style varies and her creativity shines through her outfit choices. From modern chic, to boho beachy, she unapologetically dresses for herself. She’s a positive light within the fashion industry and has collaborated with brands like Billabong and Scrunci Hair accessories. 

7. Aimee Song 5.5M

Instagram: @aimeesong

Twitter: @aimeesong

Facebook: SongOfStyle

YouTube: Song Of Style

Aimee Song has over 5 million followers and has been a major force within the fashion industry for years. Between working with brands like Laura Mercier and showcasing her own modern, laid back creativity, millions of women around the world look to her. Her blog “Song of Style” cover topics outside of fashion such as beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

8. Carli Bybel: 4.8M

Instagram: @carlibel & @thefashionbybel

Youtube: Carli Bybel

Facebook: beautybycarli

Twitter: @carlibybel

Carli Bybel took the world by storm in the beauty industry and has now become an influential force in the fashion industry. She expresses her personality and creativity through her outfits and her makeup for her 4.8 million followers. Carli Bybel’s style can be described as modern and edgy.

9. Jessica Stein: 2.2M

Instagram: @tuulavintage

Twitter: @tuulavintage

As Jessica Stein travels the world, she showcases her laid-back and vibrant style. She has amassed over 5 million followers and has worked with Teen Vogue as an influencer. Julie is also an entrepreneur with her own brand “Tuula Vintage”. 

10. Irene Kim: 1.8M

Instagram: @ireneisgood

Youtube: Irene Kim

Twitter: @ireneisgood

Model Irene Kim has been dubbed by Vogue Magazine as an “ambassador to the buzzing South Korean fashion scene” and has become a fashion icon in Asia. She is exuberant and sports a wide variety of styles. Irene Kim shares her passion and experiences with a growing global audience.

We are fortunate enough to have these fashion influencers who share what they are most passionate about and guide us along the way. Here’s a list of fashion influencers who didn’t make the list. 

Blair Eadie1.6 M@blaireadiebee
Xenia Adonts1.5 M@xeniaadonts
Jeanne Damas1.4 M@jeannedamas
Chriselle Lim1.3 M@chrisellelim

This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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