Best Snapchat Filters on the App

By Editorial Staff

Snapchat came out in 2011 and, since then, it has only grown in popularity and creativity. In the beginning, there were the O.G. Snapchat filters. The dog. The flower crown. The rainbow puke. These filters were the building blocks upon which we all started, but now there are endless filters and face lenses from Snapchat and hundreds of other creators. With so many to choose from, here’s a selection of some of the best filters on Snapchat right now. If they strike your fancy, just search the name or scan the handy Snapchat code straight from this article.

1. Peach Freckles 

Best snapchat filters on the app peach freckles snap code

Get a soft and summery glow with two peach stickers on your cheeks and a spray of freckles when you use this Snapchat filter. There are tons of filters that follow this same format, so browse through and pick your favorite.

2. Big Mouth

Big mouth snapchat filter snap code

Got something important to say? Use the Big Mouth filter to magnify your mouth so it takes up half of your face, then have fun laughing at the ridiculous results.

3. Eye Color Changer

Blue eyes - best snapchat filters for changing eye color

Ever wanted to see what you would look like with different colored eyes? Skip the colored contacts and scroll through the Snapchat filters to try out a full range of eye colors.

4. Crown

Crown snapchat filter

Sometimes the Snapchat filters prompt you to share it with a friend, but what about furry friends? This filter is made specifically to share with your pets, so grab your dog and see the crown tipped jauntily on their head with two little hearts stuck to their cheeks.

5. Full of Stars 

Best snapchat filters full of stars snapcode

This Snapchat filter surrounds you in a sky full of stars. Use it for a late-night glow or an early morning sparkle in your streaks.

6. Gold Face

Gold face mask is one of the best snapchat filters for its fairy tale nature

Magic Mirror on the wall, but make it 24 karat. This filter tracks your face onto a gold mask in front of a cotton candy sky. With this filter, you can channel Shrek or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and dish out all your fairy tale wisdom.

7. What 2000s Movie

What 2000s movie are you is the best snapchat filter for 90s kids

Which iconic 2000s movie are you, that is the question. Pop on this Snapchat filter, let it scroll and then take the picture to see whether you’re Mean Girls, Princess Diaries, or The Hangover.

8. Passionfruit

Passionfruit snapchat filters

Sometimes you just want something soft and subtle to enhance your selfie. Passionfruit gives you a rosy touch and a slight airbrush without going overboard for a sweet filter.


Happy Vibes is one of the best snapchat filters on the app, and here's the snap code.

Stuck inside but you want that sunkissed glow? This Snapchat filter gives you rosy cheeks, a pink nose, and brightens the room to capture some of those summer travel vibes from the comfort of your bed.

10. Baby 

Baby face snapchat filter snap code

This filter is pretty self-explanatory, and also endless fun. Line up your face with the blue lines, click the button, and watch your cheeks plump and your eyes widen into an adorable babyface. Have fun scanning your entire family and then photo albums for baby faces all around.

“You should see me in a crown” bonus notable Snapchat filters!

FilterSnap Code
Colorful butterfilescolorful butterflies
God of starsGod of stars snapchat filter
Devil Hornsdevil horns snap code
Spring Flowers CrownSpring flowers crown best snapchat filters

This article was written by Christiana Sinacola

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