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Recruiting an Influencer | Free Template

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Recruiting an Influencer | Free Template


NeoReach exists to support the influencers and marketers shaping this world. Using our software, we help marketers and influencers find one another since most of the time they miss during crucial times. It’s like two ships on a foggy night – one ship carrying an over surplus of food, needing water and the other ship carrying water without any food.

Once you begin using NeoReach, you’ll find plenty of influencers who may align well with your company. However, starting the conversation to win an influencer may be difficult. Questions: How can I stand out? What is most important information to add?

We asked a long time user of NeoReach if we could share their email template they designed to reach out to influencers in the best way possible. A few things to take note: the eye-catching aesthetics, what campaign they need this influencer for, and why their product aligns with this particular influencer’s values.

Campaign Template Example


How are you doing?
Nice to e-meet you! My name is Esther, I’m in charge of the Social Media Channels at Bijoux Indiscrets. 
I’ve found you using Neoreach and I’ve been checking your Instagram and YouTube profile – I really loved your posts & videos! We would like to do the promotion for our St. Valentine’s campaign with you, we would like to propose you a promo code to your followers.
I attach the catalog and press materials where you can have a look at our shop. Our latest collection is Maze a 100% vegan, BDSM-inspired line of accessories, which can be worn over the clothes as daytime accessories, bringing the erotic into the every day, and then transformed into intimate accessories to be used with your partner in private.
I would love to send you some items to review, please take a look at our shop online: 
 We are happy to send you your favorite!
Thank you in advance for your answer and lovely to ‘meet’ you!
Look forward to hearing your tips. 

Un saludo. Best regards,

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Remember for higher influencer recruitment rates, you ought to personalize and send your emails/brief to a sample size. So you can adapt if needed, but also controlling specific variables that affect influencer recruitment success over time.

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