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Top 10 Vegan Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

At Neoreach, we want life easier for you by providing the top 10 influencers and why they’re there!

This week we found the top 10 Vegan influencers who use social media platforms to advertise their photography and their favorite locations. Their dedicated fan base plus mentions from around the world landed these influencers on our Top 10 Vegan Influencer Influencer list.


Number 1: Best of Vegan

Vegan Influencers Best Of VeganBest of Vegan earns the number one spot by her impressive follower amount and their healthy vegan recipes. Out of their 1.3 million Instagram followers, 86% are female, within that 89% of them do not have children.

Their posts range from colorful pictures of arranged fruits and vegetables to healthy smoothie bowls. Best of Vegan pushes the limits to show her followers just how to eat fun while staying clean nutritionally.  The majority of their followers are 17-25 years old. Younger people’s desire for healthy cleanses is what draws and keeps people to this account.


Number 2: Daily Vegan Food Inspiration

Influencers Daily VeganAn impressive one million instagram followers puts Daily Vegan Food Inspiration as number two. Aside from their popular visual recipes, their alterations to sweeter foods is what sets them apart from the rest. 

Consistent with number 1, most of the audience is female (86%) and younger (17-24), showing this age group growing up will value healthy diets and consumer-conscious products.


Number 3: Fully Raw Kristina

Vegan Influencers FullyRawFully Raw Kristina is on every social media platform imaginable! Her reach of 2.1 million people explains her rampant popularity.

Her instagram isn’t all about vegan food recipes, but also living a healthy lifestyle. Kristina’s followers (mainly females from the US) stay loyal because of her travel pictures where she learns about clean diets from different places around the world. She is proof that it is possible to travel and eat well. 


Number 4: Lets Cook Vegan

Lets Cook VeganLets Cook Vegan host a wide variety of food that ranges from healthy smoothie bowls to vegan turkey burgers. This account features easy to follow instructions and ingredients that can be found in the caption area of the post. The instructions offer step -by-step on what to do with recommendations on what ingredients the account uses to produce the wide array of healthy options that are presented.

Women dominate the viewing percentage with 87%, and 45% of them from America.  Checking out this page could be the ticket to health! 


Number 5: Vegan

VeganVegan’s 761 thousand instagram followers stay loyal because they offer vegan awareness where they post about the long term affects of eating vegan and how it helps the environment. It is an equal mix of the environmentalist information and healthy diets facts that can help people commit to veganism.

Again, a large majority (86%) of their viewers are female, with a good majority in the age range of 17 to 24. Make sure to check out this page to learn what you can do to make a change!


Number 6: Vegan Community

This influencer stresses the importance of grains in an\ everyday diet. Their 80% female followers contribute to the mass follower number, and the over seven thousand follower on Facebook. Over half of this influencer’s followers come from the United States, while the other half is divided between the United Kingdom and Canada. This feed is filled with quotes that inspire others to switch to the vegan diet. Funny pictures also are found on this feed. Visit this page to find out more about this lifestyle!


Number 7: Vegan Food Videos

vegan food videosVegan Food Videos only uses Instagram, surprisingly that gives them an advantage. They know their target audience well. Young viewers dominate this feed with most of them being female.

Some videos show the process of making the foods, while the others show the cooked meal in the end. Young generations watch these videos to figure how to cook and prepare vegan meals. Explore this page to find out more!


Number 8: Vegan Bowls

vegan bowlsVegan Bowls expands their audience so its more inclusive. Smoothie and acai bowls are all people talk about nowadays. This craze has swept over the youth to the degree restaurants dedicate to serving only bowls are opening nation wide. A variety of different ingredients can be put into these bowls such as sweets like coconut and honey, and substance like avocado and bananas. Half of Vegan Bowl’s followers are in the United States, and 84% are women. This new trend sparks the new vegan wave that is going around America.


Number 9: Choosing Chia

choosing chiaChoosing Chia is run by a lady named Jess who is very involved with the vegan lifestyle. This influencer is on multiple social media websites, including Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Her instagram features light and airy pictures of fruity dishes that are extremely healthy for you. She uses Instagram as a promotion for her real blog which can be given upon request. This influence has a higher age viewing range, with most of her viewers in the 30-34 range. Make sure to check out this trendy Instagramer and visit her blog!


Number 10: Anett Velsberg

anett velsberg

Anett Velsberg connects superbly well with her audience with a 3.69% engagement rate. This rate is very good as the average is only about 3% percent. Anette shows us her colorful, yet nutritious snacks that are at the top of the charts.

Her website is where she gives all of her fans her information. Again, 87% of her followers are females who have no children, and half of those women are married. The United States is where the majority of her followers are located, followed by The United Kingdom and Australia. Anett Velsberg’s fan base is rapidly expanding, and may soon be on top!

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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