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10 Most Popular Beauty YouTubers to Help You Master Your Summer Looks

By Editorial Staff

The most popular beauty YouTubers empower their viewers to embrace their beauty and embrace makeup as something for themselves, not for anyone else. While summer 2020 looks different this year, the idea of doing something for yourself remains especially true during this time. The most popular beauty YouTubers will help you do something for yourself and help you master your summer looks.

Whether you want a bold, natural, bronzy, dewy, or smokey makeup look, there’s guidance for everyone. And there are looks you can wear for any activity you’ll be enjoying this summer. Keep reading to see which most popular beauty YouTubers made the list and if any of your favorites made it.

1. James Charles

  • 19.8M subscribers

Aside from beauty tutorials, James Charles is a natural-born entertainer and keeps his subscribers engaged with a variety of challenges, guests, and lifestyle videos. His success has landed him as YouTube’s most popular beauty influencer with 19.8M followers. James has also had the opportunity to partner with the beauty line Morphe to create his own palette which showcases his style. While his techniques and looks may seem too advanced or intimidating at first, practice makes perfect. James’ beauty looks are often vibrant, pairing perfectly with bright summer colors.

2. Jeffree Star

  • 17.7M subscribers

Jeffree Star is the second largest most popular beauty YouTuber, with 17.7M followers. His persona on camera is lively enabling him to easily entertain with challenges, tutorials, and product reviews. Jeffree’s passion for makeup is apparent for anyone watching his channel and it has led him to start his own makeup line “Jeffree Star Cosmetics.” His line has it all. Eyeshadow palettes, concealers, highlighters, and lip products. Jeffree’s makeup looks are more often than not, bold and bright, which his product line reflects.

3. NikkieTutorials

  • 13.4M subscribers

Nikkie de Jager, also known as NikkieTutorials, has accumulated over 13 million followers by being relatable, friendly, and positive. Of course, her makeup tutorials are spectacular too. Nikkie also creates challenges, product review, and look inspiration content for her channel. Being wildly successful, she had the opportunity to partner with Ofra Cosmetics and create a highlighter. Her makeup looks range from natural and elegant to bold and vibrant, so she really has something for everybody to love. Nikkie is also an advocate for the LGTBQ+ community, a staple she and her 13.4 million followers celebrate and love.

4. Tati Westbrook

  • 9.36M subscribers

Tati Westbrook is a businesswoman and makeup artist using her platform to share what she loves. She mainly produces content that combines both product reviews and tutorials at the same time. As a businesswoman, Tati launched her own product line “Tati Beauty” which has an eyeshadow palette and a makeup applicator for primers, foundations, concealers, and more.

5. Carli Bybel

  • 6.19M subscribers

Carli Bybel utilizes her platform to create lifestyle and makeup content for her 6.19M subscribers. She’s incredibly talented and her talents enabled her to partner with beauty company Anastasia Beverly Hills to create her own eyeshadow palette. Carli’s tutorials range from “Get ready with me” to glitz and glamour looks. Beginners and experts can enjoy her videos and find the perfect look to match their summer outfits.

6. Jaclyn Hill

  • 5.83M subscribers

Jaclyn Hill has been creating beauty tutorials on YouTube for over 5 years. Jaclyn creates product reviews and makeup hauls along with her beauty tutorials. She partnered with Morphe Beauty in 2017 to create her own eyeshadow palette and has continued making more palettes and eyeshadow brushes over the years due to the success of the products. Jaclyn has a glamorous and inviting personality which often matches her makeup looks. While her videos may look intimidating, Jaclyn does an incredible job of walking you through the process with the right tools.

7. Kathleen Lights

  • Kathleen Fuentes
  • 4.18M subscribers

Kathleen Fuentes, better known as Kathleen Lights, creates tutorials, product hauls and reviews, and beauty unboxing videos. Kathleen gravitates to more neutral looks in her videos but also can beautifully execute a bold, or vibrant look as well. Kathleen has partnered with ColourPop beauty to create her own eyeshadow palette, blush, and lip products.

8. Huda Beauty

  • 4.02M subscribers

Huda Kattan, also known as Huda Beauty, is an extremely successful makeup artist and businesswoman. She utilizes her YouTube channel to create tutorials, challenges, and other lifestyle content. In 2013 she launched her own beauty line called “Huda Beauty.” Her line covers all the essential beauty products and more.  

9. Jackie Aina

  • 3.47M subscribers

Jackie Aina creates beauty tutorials, tips, and product reviews for her 3.47M subscribers. She is an incredibly strong, intelligent woman who utilizes her platform to advocate for the visibility of people of color within the beauty industry. Jackie has partnered with a handful of beauty companies including Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f Cosmetics, Sephora, Too Faced, and Sigma Beauty.

10. Desi Perkins

  • 3.34M subscribers

Desi Perkins is an insanely talented makeup artist. Aside from beauty tutorials, she creates lifestyle content and product reviews for her 3.34M subscribers. Her makeup ranges from simplistic natural, glamorous, or costume. Beauty brand Dose of Colors partnered with Desi to feature her in a lipstick product. Desi’s channel has something to offer to everyone and pushes people to discover their style.

With this compilation of the most popular beauty YouTubers, there’s an endless amount of knowledge and tools at everyone’s disposal. Whether you’re staying home or heading outdoors this summer, there’s truly something for everybody.

Found an amazing beauty look but are unsure what outfit would pair perfectly with it? Check out The Top Fashion Influencers on Instagram Blog to find the best outfit inspiration. The perfect summer look is only a couple of clicks away.  

Popular Beauty YouTubers That Didn’t Make the List

NameSubscriber Count
Alissa Ashley2.04M
Nyma Tang1.24M
Jackie Wyers788K
Allana Davison672K

This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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