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TikTok Travel Guide: How these creators can help you plan trips

By Editorial Staff

With the rise of TikTok, the popular social media platform has bred a diverse generation of travel influencers and travel guide accounts that are dominating TikTok travel. Sharing everything from travel hacks to underrated travel destinations, these creators pack their under 60-second TikTok travel videos with golden nuggets of information. 

Imagine your dream vacation. Where would you go–stay in the United States or go abroad? What would you want to see? To eat? Do you know where you would stay or how you will reach your destination? How long will your trip be? Do you have a budget in mind? Would you rather travel solo? Or with friends or family?

If your head is starting to spin simply thinking of all the logistics that will have to go into planning your dream vacation, no need to give up–nor splurge on an expensive travel agent just yet, for travel TikTok has you covered!

Even spending just a few minutes scrolling down your TikTok travel-infused For You page, you’ll be hit with a major dose of wanderlust and feel inspired to pull out your suitcase.

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Want to save time planning your next exciting adventure? Whether you’re looking to plan an epic spring break vacation, a lowkey road trip across the United States or simply looking ahead for travel inspo to make your summer 2022 the best one yet, TikTok travel has got you covered. 

We’ve compiled a list below of all the best TikTok travel content creators to follow, sharing the best tips in their travel sub-niche. 

Best for destination inspiration

1. @eatlivetraveldrink

Bright blue waters and dreamy beach sunsets fill this feed, leaving you with endless travel inspo to add to your bucket list. Account run by Nicole Sunderland, she prides herself in being a luxury travel expert and her posts highlight some of the best island vacation destination spots– both in the US and internationally. One of her most popular videos, amassing 6+ million views, reveals all the deets for “the cheapest all-inclusive overwater bungalows.” 


Cheapeast luxury all-inclusive overwater bungalows by the USA 😍 #overwaterbungalow #sandalsresorts #sandalssouthcoast #jamaica

♬ original sound – Travel Tips + Inspo ✨

2. @riotravelers

Also dubbed “The TikTok Travel Couple,” Trent and Sarah Anderson are not only #couplegoals but they also have a variety of international trip idea videos covering everything from the best countries to visit when you’re young to the best underrated must-try activities and underground must-see places (read: not overly touristy, crowded, overpriced vacation spots).

The best part? Outside of their “Add this to your travel bucket list” videos, they also post advice for making your trips affordable AF (goodbye nonexistent savings and hello Airbnbs and affordable adventures) 


Follow Us If You Love Adventure Travel! ✨🌎✈️☺️ Would you go on this waterslide?! #travel #travelbucketlist #costarica #travelcouples #travelcouple

♬ The Nights – Avicii

3. @kimberlyerind 

If you’re looking to build the ultimate travel bucket list covering everywhere from the USA to Croatia and everything in between, @kimberlyerind (AKA Kimmie Davies) is the perfect account for you. To aid in your quest for destination inspo, her videos are typically organized by country and/or region so you can add some “insanely cool places” to your “must-visits” travel list.


Reply to @beearreyetea 100 Places you’ve got to see. For the 2022 ✈️bucketlist. Pt 3. U.S.A. #travelinspo #travelUSA #travelbucketlist #travel2022

♬ just admit it ur in love with me – baldfinnmertens

Honorable mentions:

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Best for travel deals and budget travel

1. @findingfiona 

Loved for her “broke b*tch travel tips,” Fiona is a travel and lifestyle influencer from the big apple (NYC). She aims to help people explore the world without breaking the bank, from sharing her secrets for booking cheap flights to free/nearly dirt cheap fun activities to try so you can save like a pro.


Reply to @kelleyzhang2 Broke b*tch travel hacks: FLIGHTS ✈️ 😍 #travel #traveltips #budgetingtok #budgetingtips #findingfiona

♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World X Electric Love – darcy 🦦

She also will use comments from her past TikToks to inspire her next video, so if you’ve got a budget travel question in mind, it could be worth dropping her a comment:) 

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2. @meganhomme 

As an airline employee, Megan uses her airline and travel expertise to help TikTokers save when planning for their next adventure, sharing everything from finding cheap flights to ingenious packing tips when traveling with budget airlines. She even answers her audience’s most pressing questions about life as an airline employee and reveals all the best tips for getting started in the industry. 


Reply to @shaanbhakta best summer ever #internship #travel #traveljob #career

♬ A-Punk – Vampire Weekend

3. @affordabletraveltips 

In addition to a healthy serving of hidden gem destinations inspo with ideas for weekend getaways, this account serves up a ton of recommendations for where to travel on a budget and places to stay. It features the best of hotels, Airbnbs, and resorts– that are all-inclusive and affordable no less– to help people that are passionate about traveling the country and world.


Check the comments for price per night #airbnbs #coolairbnbs #travelbucketlist #travel #airbnbfinds #traveltiktok

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

To accompany the TikTok account, @affordabletraveltips also has a blog and shares extra resources like the Affordable Travel Guide ebook (including secret hotel discounts, tips for saving on flight tickets, and overall budget opportunities so that you can “spend less and enjoy more.”

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Best for food goals

1. @foodwithmichel 

Having practically eaten his way around the country, you’ll find no shortage of drool-worthy must-try foods on Michel’s TikTok. The noodle pulls, fluffy pastries and endless hot pot options filling his feed will have you ready to start your own foodie adventures in no time


Is this the best sushi spot in the Bay Area?! #bayareafoodies #sushi #bayareafood

♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

2. @consumingcouple 

Dubbed the “original global food TikTok,” this couple has eaten foods from around the world– while managing to stay primarily in NYC. Their posts consist of unique “hidden” restaurants, cheap yet authentic must-try foods from various countries, and endless mouthwatering carbs (we’re talking noodles, donuts, croissants, cakes, and more).


Where to find hidden restaurants in NYC! #nycrestaurants #hiddenrestaurant #nyeats #nybucketlist #foodtravel #nyclife

♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul

Honorable mentions:

EXTRA: Best for traveling solo

1. @shetravelledtheworld 

Creator Courtney has practically traveled the world (hence her account moniker) yet what makes her unique is her majority solo adventures. Understanding how many people fear solo travel due to common safety concerns, Courtney not only shares her top safety tips, but she also has a popular series where she shares “destinations perfect for first-time solo travelers.” 


All of these have my heart and I genuinely recommend 🌾🪁🏹 #solotravel #backpacking #europetiktok #europe #Tigerpigdance

♬ original sound – gossipgirl

Additionally, her videos draw from her personal travel experiences and include many recommendations regarding hostels, from specific hostels to try to how to find hostels best suited for your needs. If you’re looking to start embarking on your own solo trips but have no idea where to begin, Courtney’s account is a great starting place for you.

2. @quingable  

Known for sharing the ins and outs of van life (with two cats no less!) Quin’s videos provide a healthy dose of outdoor adventures inspiration while also sharing tips for traveling solo. Some of her most popular videos include her thorough yet under 60-second travel guides, showing how she travels with two cats, and answering common questions about van life (ie; safety tips for solo van life,  personal hygiene in a van, etc). She also has a women’s travel Facebook group to connect female travelers, share travel experiences and encourage you to start your travel adventure.


Bali Itinerary: 14 Days in 60-Seconds + PRICE BREAKDOWN! Yes food was that cheap… #travelvlog #bali #cheaptravel #travelblog #baliindonesia

♬ original sound – Quin Gable • Vanlife w/ 2 Cats


Travel TikTok may not have been your first choice of resources to turn to when planning your adventures, but it’s evident that combing through the bite-sized, entertaining yet informative, videos on your favorite travel influencers feed can bring you the best of travel tips and inspo. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite vacation spot or have been struck with a major case of wanderlust and need help making your dream turn into a reality, it’s time to start adding travel influencers to your TikTok following list.

This article was written by Grace Zhang

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