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5 VidCon Influencers With Powerful Voices

By Misha Talavera

Less than 2 weeks until VidCon! Here are some of our favorite VidCon influencers using their voices in the unique ways. We had the pleasure to interview each of them. Here are their answers.

Vidcon Influencers

1) BrizzyVoices

Entertaining the YouTube land for over 3 years, Brizzy has an adorkable personality and a freakishly-fun ability to impersonate voices from cartoons and video games like Rugrats, Pokemon, Disney films, My Little Pony… the list goes on. Her Frozen video has reached over 13 million views, and her YouTube channel has over 849,000 subscribers! Needless to say, we and everyone else can’t get enough of her.

What piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

My Alphabet Aerobics cover where I rapped as 26 cartoon characters A-Z!

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

My superhero was always Hermione Granger, and by extension, JK Rowling, because she proved that being intelligent is actually something to be proud of. They have both accomplished amazing things for the world (one fictional, one very real).

What’s your favorite VidCon memory?

Walking around the con with Laina (the Overly Attached Girlfriend) and counting how many times she was asked for a photo by marking it on my hand with Sharpie. I quickly ran out of room on my hand.

What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend?

For some reason I will never get over doge jokes.

Define the main social media outlets in one word:
  • FB = hometown
  • Twitter = trending
  • Vine = loopy
  • YouTube = EVERYTHING
  • Instagram = hot
  • Snapchat = genuine
  • Periscope = hip

2) Allie Evans

If you don’t know who Allie Evans is, prepare to see a lot of her this year. She took the YouTube community by storm with her fun makeup and fashion tutorials, and soon after, she turned her channel into a space that promotes self-image positivity and artistic expression. She’s a gem you should keep an eye on.

What piece of content of yours are you most proud of? 

Clean Slate. Not only am I proud of the way it was shot and the voiceover I did for it, but it’s the most honest I’ve ever been with my viewers.

Who was your childhood superhero? Why? 

I was obsessed with Batman. I wish I had some deep answer for this, but I simply thought he was a badass.

Who’s your favorite YouTuber that you haven’t met? 

Hmmm, I feel like I already know everyone just from social media, so it’s hard to remember who I actually haven’t met. Hannah Hart!!

What’s your favorite VidCon memory? 

I think the panel I did last year. It was such an inspiring group of woman, so it was an honor to be on it.

3) Meghan McCarthy

Meghan has no problem admitting that she’s older than she sounds. While she has become undoubtedly ‘vine famous’ over the past two years thanks her hilariously unique voice and zany personality, that doesn’t mean she can’t keep upping her hilarity on YouTube. Needless to say, after gaining over 386,000 subscribers on YouTube, big things are in store for Miss McCarthy.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

I’m probably most proud of my Vine with Snoop Dogg because he told me he loved me so I can die happy now.

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

Batman, but if you mean an actual person then it was Steve Irwin. I dressed up as him for Halloween when I was a kid and I planned on becoming the next Crocodile Hunter.

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in?

I’ll hopefully be doing some meet and greets so I can hug a lot of strangers.
What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend?

The Kylie Jenner Challenge was so bad yet so good.

Define the main social media outlets in one word:

FB = frenemies
Twitter = complaining
Vine = trends
YouTube = ranting
Instagram = deceiving
Snapchat = casual
Periscope = scary

4) Jair Woo

Once upon a time, Jair Woo was surfing the net and thought, “Hmm… there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there creating content for guys that need a bit of help with men’s fashion… I’m going to change that.” And he did. In the 3 years since starting his style channel, Woo has used his influential voice and fashion expertise to attract over 100,000 subscribers and over 10 million video views.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

I would have to say most of my fashion content. I also really like the videos where I help others become better versions of themselves in terms of confidence, health, and overall life.. It is important to inspire others with a platform like this.

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

My favorite superhero from my childhood was Spiderman. I’ve always wanted to wear that spiderman suit and fly around the city. I think that’d be pretty sick!

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in?

I will be participating in the the Beauty & The Brand panel talking about branding.

What’s your all-time favorite Vine/Internet trend?

I liked the Ice Bucket challenge because not only did it give you a reason to do bribe your friends and family into getting ice water dumped on them, but it was for a good cause which was really cool to see.

Define the main social media outlets in one word:

  • FB = High School/College
  • Twitter = Celebrities
  • Vine = Hilarious
  • YouTube = My life
  • Instagram = Photo memories
  • Snapchat = Instant chatting
  • Periscope = Haven’t downloaded Periscope yet, but now i’m eager to.

5) Jon Bailey 

You may not recognize Jon Bailey if you were to see him in person, but you would definitely recognize his voice. With countless years of experience, Bailey is a talented voice actor who has worked on movie trailers, commercials and toys (Star Wars) to name a few. Over the past few years, Jon has taken his golden voice into the YouTube sphere and created endless amount of entertaining content for everyone. Needless to say, he’s the real deal.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

“Star Wars Force Awakens in 30 seconds

Who was your childhood superhero? Why? 

Optimus Prime. Coolest voice ever.

If you have been before, what’s your favorite VidCon memory?

After party with Smosh Games and Lasercorn picking a fight with a Mickey Mouse statue

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in? 


Define the main social media outlets in one word:

  • FB = MySpacesomeness
  • Twitter = Interactivity
  • Vine = Ochoferior
  • YouTube = Entertainfullfied
  • Instagram = Cropnection
  • Snapchat = Memergy
  • Periscope = Connectitud

This article was written by Misha Talavera

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