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Top 5 Beauty Influencers in India

Top 5 Beauty Influencers in India

Social media became the hub for all things beauty. Whether it is fashion, cosmetics, beauty routines, or just a simple selfie, viewers all around the world are captivated. India specifically has been on the uprise of producing social media stars, or a beauty influencer presents themselves artfully to the world each day. Like many other influencers, social media plays a big part in the spread of ideas in the beauty “world”.

#5 Influencer 


This influencer continues to entertain her audience with all of the beauty advice and techniques that she provides to her followers. With many of her followers based out of Dubai and Saudi Arabia, her reach is unlike many. She boasts over six hundred thousand followers across all social media which is very she is so popular. Give her a follow, to maybe learn some new beauty techniques.

#4 Influencer 



Ahmad’s one million Instagram followers help her expand her beauty ideas all over the world. Also based out of Dubai, her younger audience is captivated by her posts that display her traveling lifestyle.

#3 Influencer 



This makeup guru has followers galore on YouTube that constantly watch her tutorials and life videos. Her total reach of almost 3 million gives her viewers that are mostly in the US, UK, and India a chance to put themselves in her shoes.

#2 Influencer 



Coming in a number two on this top five list, Dulce Candy not only gives beauty tutorials but also gives us an insight into her everyday life. Her page features “A Day in The Life” which draws in more followers interested in her art and style. 

#1 Beauty Influencer in India

indian-influencers-influencers-from-india-beauty-influencer-farahThe top beauty influencer in India is Farah D. Across all social media, she blows the competition out of the water with a reach of just over ten million people. The majority of her viewers are in the United States and contributes the most to the craze that is Farah D.

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