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Top 5 Outdoor Influencers in Germany

By Editorial Staff

Germany is well known for its beautiful landscape and outdoor scenery. Many German people have become outdoor influencers on social media whose posts encapsulate Germany’s beauty through fishing, camping, photography, and travel. On this top 5 list, you can read and learn about Germany’s top 5 outdoor life/camping influencers across Social Media where you can learn almost anything to do with life outdoors.

Top Outdoor Influencers #5

babski-jewski-outdoor-influencer-duetch-influencer-german-influencerKijewski is a German woman who enjoys nature and anything that involves fishing. Facebook is her most popular platform with 86.6 followers. Kijewski also has a youtube with a smaller reach of 20,000 subscribers that consists of informative fishing videos. For example, you can find videos on what type of bait to use for each fish and the best way to catch certain types of fish like Carp, Muskellunge, Catfish, and Trout. Almost half of her reach is seen by people between the ages 20-24 at 47%.

Top Outdoor Influencers #4


Claudia Darga is also a German female fisher but focuses mainly on Carp fishing. Her youtube, facebook, and Instagram have a combined reach of 117.3k where you can find fishing videos, tips, and adventures like Darga’s fishing experience in Thailand. Although Darga is female 88% of her reach is seen by males.

People in the United Kingdom are where Claudia’s largest audience is seen at 61% out of 100% of Claudia’s audience location. Nike and Instagram are Claudia’s largest brand affinity with a combined percentage of 30.

Top Outdoor Influencers #3


On Bushcraft_Natur_Kochen’s social media platforms you can find videos based on outdoor life and camping. He uploads on YouTube are all based on camping, hiking, outdoor guides, cooking foods like spaghetti while camping, what to expect while spending time in nature, and dos and don’ts while a camping. His biggest following subscribe to his YouTube with 73.1k subscribers. His biggest audience lives in germany at 33% people out of 100. Like the others, a sign of a strong local influencer. He has a large engagement rate on YouTube with most of his videos reaching 35k views or more. According to Neoreach, Bushcraft_Natur_Kochen’s followers digest and associate heavily with National Geographic and GoPro.

Top Outdoor Influencers #2


Hinkelmann is a German male camper who bases his social media on survival and camping. His most popular upload on YouTube was a tutorial on how to make weapons if trying to survive in the woods. People between the ages 17-19 are the largest age group Hinkelmann has totaling in at 21%. More than half of Hinkelmanns audience live in Germany at 54%; signs of a strong local influencer. Suggested brands for Hinkelmann to advertise are YouTube, Instagram, Spiegel, and BBC.

Top Outdoor Influencers #1

guerelsah-in-picturesGuerel Sahin is a photographer and outdoor adventure seeking male whose from Germany. His Instagram is his most popular platform with 101k followers on his instagram you can find amazing scenery photos of Germany’s landscape like mountain ranges, cliffs, and bodies of water. Sahins audience divide up into 48% women and 52% men. Sahins largest audience location is in the United States with 39% of his followings. Brands recommended for Sahin to advertise are Instagram, National Geographic, Nike, GoPro.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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