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Top 10 Exotic Car Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Everybody says they want it all. So many individuals strive every day for their version of the American Dream. And still, the idea of success begins with a luxury car.  Coasting through the hills in a powerful, futuristic car encapusulates the spirit of freedom in so many ways.

To highlight the individuals living out this dream, Neoreach compiled a top 10 list of the exotic car influencers on Instagram. We compiled influencers’ overall performance data and their demographics.


Number 1: Car Instagram

Top 10 Exotic Car Influencers

Having over 4 million Instagram followers is no easy task, which is why Car Instagram has earned the number one spot on this list. This influencer’s Instagram audience is comprised of mostly males with no children (~76% male, 97% indicate they have no kids).

This influencer keeps up to date posting multiple times per day showing different exotic cars in scenes that are out of this world.

Our analysis indicates younger audiences (ages 17-24) are captivated by the automotive brands: BMW, Audi, Range Rover, and Mercedes.


Number 2: Cars Without Limits

Top 10 Exotic Car InfluencersComing in at number two, Cars Without Limits captivates an audience through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Between these sites, this influencer has a reach of over four million people.

More than 55% of this influencers viewers are located in the United States, which is followed by the United Kingdom and Canada. Again, a younger audience (ages 17-24) holds a strong interest in exotic cars.


Number 3: Exotics Motorsports

Top 10 Exotic Car InfluencersWith Instagram being Exotics Motosport‘s  only platform, 3.9 million followers is very impressive. Just like the rest, this account displays the worlds best cars from around the world featuring many upgrades that do not exist on the sales floor.

What makes this page unique is the wide arrange of cars posted. It includes many brands of cars that are not normally seen on the roads. Just like the other channels, the majority of the viewers are ages 17-24, while 77% of the viewers are male, and 97% of them having no kids. Still at 31%, the US dominates the viewer makeup with Brazil and the UK following behind. Check out this page to view cars that you wouldn’t see on the streets.


Number 4: Car Lifestyle

Top 10 Exotic Car InfluencersJust like the name of this influencer, cars are a lifestyle to many. They want to be seen in a certain type of car for their image or just for personal enjoyment. Car lifestyle is the place to come when looking for inspiration, which holds the attention of almost 4 million Instagram followers.

They are consistent with the audience being 17-24 years old and the majority being men with no children. Car Lifestyle sets the stage for future influencers.


Number 5: Motor Head

Top 10 Exotic Car Influencers
Getting any spot on this list shows how much an influencer knows their platform and audience. Placing in at number five, MotorHead flaunts well over 3 million Instagram followers.

Checking out this page will definitely make your day. Consistently, there is a dominant single-male-with-no-kids audience being drawn in. Email this influencer for more information regarding their post and the cars that they display.

Number 6: Amazing Cars 24/7

Top 10 Exotic Car InfluencersNot only does Amazing Cars 24-7 have over 3.6 million Instagram followers, they also have a Twitter and YouTube channel that spreads the excitement for exotic cars.

Interestingly, this influencer still has the majority of single-young-male followers, but the gap between single and married closes in. Compared to the others, 67% of them are single, while 33% of them are married. The aesthetic on this page is unreal, which makes these exotic cars look ten times more appealing.

Number 7: Exotic Cars and Supercars

Top 10 Exotic Car Influencers
Coming in at number seven, Exotic Cars – Supercars explains how to become successful enough so his followers might own one of the cars they show. This is really unique. The first influencer to connect this way to their audience with amazing results.

Their audience data lines us with the rest of the list. Make sure to look up this page for tips, and advice on how to live out your dreams.


Number 8: Blacklist Lifestyle

Top 10 Exotic Car InfluencersBlacklist lifestyle dominates Instagram with glamorous and surprisingly creative pictures of the exotic cars. This influencer goes under the hood by providing the performance and background knowledge of these exotic cars. The inaction shots give us a more deeper perspective rather than slapping up a still.

This influencer follows the trend of the audience, even with their audience primarily being located in the United States, UK, and Brazil.


Number 9: Amazing Cars

Top 10 Exotic Car Influencers
This influencer boasts a whopping 2.2 million Instagram followers that are highly invested in their posts. This page features never before seen cars. Brands like Lexus, Mercedes, Audi, and more make an appearance on this page and never fail to engage the audience.

The United States, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom are the countries with the majority views. Give this account a look and learn about cars that you might have never known were out there.


Number 10: MadWhips World’s Hottest Cars

Top 10 Exotic Car InfluencersLast on our top ten list is Madwhips, showing the top-rated cars in the world in a way that makes them stand out. This influencer operates a website and sells his merchandise. Majority of followers are in the 17-24 age range with many of them single men. To sum up the talents of this influencer: presentation matters.

To request a spreadsheet with these top 10 influencers featured above, or contact us for more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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