Top 10 Tattoo Artists on Instagram (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

With the popularity of YouTube and YouTube gurus, audiences are continuously exposed to art in other forms, such as makeup, fashion, and tattoos. As celebrities and influencers continue to fill up their body with ink, the artists behind the tattoos are also gaining mass followings on various social media platforms. Dying to know who the top 10 tattoo artists on Instagram are? Check them out:

 1. @bangbangnyc

  • Keith McCurdy

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy has left his mark on plenty of stars – Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus to name a few. The artist is the most famous tattoo artist in the world, or, as some may say, the tattoo artist to the most famous in the world. As the most followed tattoo artist on Instagram, McCurdy has transformed the body art industry and subsequently released “Bang Bang: My Life in Ink”, a memoir filled with client testimonials. His shop, located in New York, is made up of 28 artists that work in a similar, detail-oriented style.

2. @romeolacoste

  • Romeo Lacoste

Romeo has not only been featured on Season 3 of Oxygen’s “Best Ink”, but he has also had his work shown off by celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and The Janoskians. He is another one of tattoo artists who has worked on countless YouTube stars, due to his popular YouTube channel on which he posts videos pertaining to his work, pranks and tattoo challenges. He is known for his unique designs that are hand-drawn, detailed, and usually relatable to the personality of the client getting inked.

3. @_dr_woo_

  • Brian Woo

Brian Woo, or Dr. Woo, is leading the movement where tattoos, art, and fashion become one. After getting his start under the legendary Mark Mahoney, Dr. Woo learned the intricacy of the single needle style for which he is known. At his studio in Los Angeles, Dr. Woo is continuing to progress his era-defining tattoos while blending his work with outside influences and interests in art, music, and fashion.

4. @sashaunisex

  • Sasha Unisex

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Sasha is a world traveler, painter, and artist that creates prints, pins, and clothing based on her vibrant personality and style. Unlike other artists who’ve found a love for black and white work, Sasha has perfected watercolor art and a radiant, colorful, graphic style that is rarely seen. Using her degree in graphic design, Sasha was featured on Episode 2 of “The Tattoo Shop” to give a client her first color tattoo, which wowed all of those watching for her unique aesthetic. Much of her work features flowers or animals, as she loves tattooing art that brings happiness to her clients.

5. @jonboytattoo

  • Jonathan Valena

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If you’ve seen Jon’s work before, it might have been on Kendall Jenner’s middle finger. Over the years, JonBoy has become the artist that some of Hollywood’s highest-profile celebrities are turning to for minimalist, delicate, fine-lined designs. Based in New York, he is responsible for pieces on Hailey and Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, Chloë Grace Moretz, and more. The artist, who claims he gets his minimalistic aesthetic from Dr. Woo, credits Instagram fully for his growth, which he treats as his portfolio.

6. @soltattoo

  • Sol

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Wave 💙 .

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Based in Seoul, South Korea, Sol specializes in subtle and delicate tattoos, which can almost go unnoticeable due to their size. Her designs are inspired by watercolor, nature, florals, and pets – which make up a good portion of her portfolio. Known for her cat tattoos, Sol’s studio is an example of the active resistance against Korea’s tattoo law, which states that tattooing must be completed in a hospital by a certified doctor. For Sol, her art is worth resisting the laws.

7. @dotstolines

  • Chaim Machlev

Chaim is a tattoo artist based in Berlin, Germany who left Israel in 2012 to pursue his love of tattooing. While he struggled to make ends meet at first, he is now considered one of the most successful tattoo artists in the world, known for his minimalist line and dot work. He is also known for his passion for giving his clients the best piece of art possible – he takes their ideas and suggestions into consideration while also keeping their unique bodies and aura in mind. This way, they’ll walk in with an idea they saw from somewhere else, and walk out with a completely unique piece.

8. @winterstone

  • Daniel Winter

Based in Los Angeles, Daniel Winter is known for his work featured in Vogue, and on the bodies of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, Emma Roberts, and Mandy Moore. Like JonBoy and Dr. Woo, Winter specializes in his signature fine lines. From a young age, Winter has always had a pencil in his hand – even working at Disney as a graphic designer straight out of high school. In 2012, Winter began tattooing out of his first studio, developing a style with deep gray coloring, fine lines, and meaningful designs.

9. @suflanda

  • Susanne König

Susanna Suflanda König is a German tattoo artist that specializes in a light, illustrated tattoo style. As an artist, Suflanda creates her illustrations with pencils, light lines, and dots, which explains her black and grey color palette for her client’s tattoos. Her focus is on primarily animals and mythological topics in order to bring out her creativity and imagination. She has worked in Germany, Amsterdam, and now the U.K.

10. @vivotattoo

  • Masha Vivo

Masha Vivo, otherwise known as Vivo Tattoo is a vegan ink tattoo artist based in Moscow, Russia. Using black vegan ink, Vivo creates small pieces of beautiful artwork utilizing delicate and precise lines. Usually, Vivo primarily creates pieces using text, symbols and outlined drawings. While her content is mainly in Russian, she has gained a large following due to her fun, minimalist, pink aesthetic while sharing her everyday lifestyle. 

Want to check out some other tattoo artists and their work? Here’s a list of those who didn’t make the cut!

Instagram HandleNameFollower Count
@taticomptonTati Fox257K
@coreydivineCorey Divine253K
@ponywavePony Wave234K
@laurenwinzerLauren Winzer230K
@girlknewyorkMira Mariah193K

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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