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Top 10 Tattoo Artists on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

With the year almost finished, we decided to showcase the top 10 tattoo influencers on Instagram in 2017 because these influencers capture global audiences, have huge followings, and have dedicated subscribers.

These tattoo experts show world-class mastery at designing, illustrating, and creating some of best tattoos. Using Instagram on top of their years of experience and intriguing tattoo techniques gives the advantage of the attention and loyal clients.

Using Neoreach, we chose the top 10 tattoo influencers on Instagram based on the measurements of cumulative reach, audience, and engagement data each of these influencers exhibits.


Number 1: Keith McCurdy

Keith McCurdy is amazing at what he does and has worked with various celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Cara Delevingne.

Keith’s dominant influence is in the United States. Of his total reach, he reaches females more at 69%. Keith’s top Instagram post was a tattoo depicting “dragonart” – an assortment of flowers turn into a dragon’s head.


Number 2: Brian Woo

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramBrian Woo nicknamed is Doctor Woo, is one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in Los Angeles, California. He too has worked with a lot of celebrities. He is most well known for a special tattoo design where he creates an image by grouping together dots, circles, and arrows.

Woo’s audience is based in the US at 49% and another 11% is located in UK. People aged between 20-24 are responsible for 36% of Woo’s reach. One of Woo’s top Instagram post is a wolf jumping over a tiger. This incredible tattoo incorporates Woo’s signature design of images created using dots and circles.


Number 3: Sasha Unisex

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramSasha is a professional tattoo artist who creates unbelievable and imaginative tattoo designs. Her signature includes geometric shapes and vibrant colors. She also specializes in temporary tattoos.

Unlike others, 61% of Sasha’s reach is located in places outside than the United States with 11% seen in Brazil. 93% of Sasha’s audience are people who don’t have kids. One of Sasha’s top Instagram posts is her custom temporary tattoos of a colorful floral bouquet created by abstract shapes.


Number 4: Jon Boy

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramAnother great tattoo artist named Jon Boy specializes in very small, delicate tattoos. Jon’s audience at 43% are people between the ages of 17-19. Jon reaches New York at 12% and has an overall influence of 54% in the United States.

Jon’s top Instagram post was a girl with her palms together with two words in cursive and one word being on each forearm. This photo received 8,578 likes. Jon Boy tattooed famous celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber.


Number 5: Chaim Machlev

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramChaim is a tattoo artist based in Berlin, whose tattoo designs are very different. Most of Chaim’s tattoo pieces are designs made from linear patterns and can sometimes incorporate geometric shapes. Chaim’s tattoos are split almost evenly between males and females: 49% v. 51%. Chaim’s reach is located in the United States is at 38% with the rest seen in various countries across the world.

One of Chaim’s top Instagram post received 19,228 likes, and showcased a piece located on a woman’s lower back with outstretched lines, creating a singularly unique triangle pattern.


Number 6: Susanne Konig

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramSusanne is an incredible German tattoo artist who lives in Manchester, England. She uses black ink only in all of her tattoo designs creating a highly detailed, dreamlike work of art. 67% of Konig’s reach is located in multiple countries, the other 33% percent is located in the United States.

A quarter of her audience is between the ages of 25-29. Her top-liked Instagram post is inspired by Harry Potter and described the piece as “the school of our dreams for every tough girl”. This photo received 17,082 likes.


Number 7: Corey Divine

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramCorey Divine is a Los Angeles based. Corey uses graphic, geometric patterns similar to those of Chaim Machlev. More than two-thirds of his reach is located in the United States, totaling 63%. Divines audience are mainly single individuals – split 31% married, the rest single. 

His top post on Instagram is a mind-boggling back piece that covers every square inch of a man’s back. The design incorporates geometrically shaped flowers and lines, looking 3D. This post received 10,339 likes!

Number 8: Lauren Winzer

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramWinzer is a lovely tattoo artist who lives in Sydney, Australia. Winzer is most well known for her tattoos that incorporate colorful cartoon characters and tattoos of vibrantly colored floral designs. Her designs are said to be more feminine than masculine which explains why 83% of her audience are females, with the other 18% males. 75% of Laurens audience is between the ages of 17-24.

Winzer’s top Instagram post has received 12,042 likes. One of her top posts features a recreation of the painting Starry Night by Picasso onto someone’s forearm and made into a circular shape rather than square.


Number 9: Tati Fox

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramTati is different from all the other tattoo influencers so far. Instead of using a machine needle for creating art on skin, she is a hand-poked tattoo artist. Tattoo designs created in the hand-poke style are made dot by dot, so they come out more minimalist and delicate.

Almost half of her total reach is located in the United States, totaling at 49%. More than 3/4 of her audience are single, coming in at 78%. Her top Instagram post was a mesmerizing piece of two leopards with their noses touching each other.


Number 10: Tea Leigh

Top 10 Tattoo Influencers On InstagramTea is a tattoo illustrator and also specializes in stick and poke tattoos. Her designs are simplistic and delicate, and for that reason, she is a very in high demand tattoo artist. People between the ages 17-19 are responsible for 39% of Leigh’s audience with 13% of Leigh’s total reach located in New York City — the most popular for her fan base. T

ea’s most liked Instagram post was a crescent moon with a face and written underneath were the words La Luna.

Note: Exact Influencer account values can vary due to account changes over time from the time of publishing.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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