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Top 10 Women’s Fitness Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

We all could use an extra nudge when it comes to hitting the gym. What better way to find that nudge than from our phones? Girls have been taught from a young age that having a size 00 waist is equivalent to beauty, and it’s a woman’s duty to shop in the petite section (thanks to the social media). Well, the tides have turned. Women are more eager to add muscle and build that dream booty than ever before (once again, thanks to social media). Are you one of these women? Look no further than these 10 powerfully-muscly women’s fitness influencers, whose lifestyles scream, “forget diamonds, the weight room is a girl’s best friend.”

Add these social media handles to your gym bag, and benefit from endless fitness and lifestyle inspo.

Top 10 Women’s Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Natalie Jill

Better late than never!” applies to 46-year-old, California fitness influencer, sports nutritionist, USA Today Best Selling Author, and mother: Natalie Jill. At the age of 40, Jill’s house, retirement, and marriage was swept from under her feet. During this time, she battled an autoimmune disease and gained a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. She not only turned her life around, but she single-handedly created a career and lifestyle for her new and improved self. Jill’s training philosophy proves it is never too late to take control of your health. With 497K instagram followers, Jill posts daily workouts, meal ideas, client success stories, informational videos, and light-hearted memes to promote a healthy lifestyle for women.

Kaisa Keranen

Kaisa Kernanen is one of the top women's fitness influencers.Former track and field student-athlete for the University of Washington, Kaisa Keranen did not let her graduation cap force her to hang up her cleats for good. Inspired by her mother, Keranen lives by these two words: Get moving! As a  2008 Washington graduate, she holds a M.S. degree in Exercise Science, Sports Performance, and Injury Prevention. Keranen works closely with former First Lady, Michelle Obama, as the top trainer for the 2015 “Let’s Move” digital campaign. In her spare time, Keranen poses for numerous fitness magazines, and was featured on the cover of the February 2018 issue of the “Strong Fitness Magazine,” as the first woman ever. (Talk about women’s empowerment!) With 737K instagram followers, “Kaisafit” posts daily bodyweight workouts, geared towards an individual with little to no equipment. Get moving with Kaisa!

Cassey Ho

The internet knows her as Ms. “Blogilates,” 31-year-old CA native, Cassey Ho is the queen of the pilates world. She runs one of the largest fitness channels on YouTube, with over 4.1 million subscribers. Before her career as a social media fitness entrepreneur, she earned a B.S. in biology from Whittier College in 2009. Cassey’s spouse, Sam Livits, serves as the Head of Strategy for Blogilates, and they reside in California. Blogilates is composed of motivational monthly workout calendars, reflections of personal experiences, reminders of women’s self love and even recommendations for best exercise practices based on your zodiac sign. Cassey Ho made a name for herself in 2014, when she put Target on blast for a photoshopped image of a model’s unrealistic “thigh gap.” Target immediately removed the image from their advertisement, and apologized for altering the image. Ms. Blogilates has and will forever stand up for society’s unrealistic expectations for women’s bodies.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is one of the top women's fitness influencers.Lindsey Vonn is a small town girl from Minnesota, with large goals and aspirations for a happy and healthy life. Four-time olympian for Team USA’s alpine ski team and the only American woman to ever capture downhill gold at the Olympics, Lindsey Vonn turns heads. Vonn suffered from numerous injuries through her career. She captured her rehabilitation and return to the sport she loved, via social media. On top of her olympic success, Vonn is an advocate for women’s mental and emotional wellness. Vonn’s efforts include her book published in 2016, “Strong Is the New Beautiful,” captures her message for women to stop thinking about “losing weight fast,” and instead focus on loving their bodies for what they are and can do. Vonn entertains her 1.5 million Instagram followers with daily training videos, snippets of her personal life, and adorable pictures of her training partner puppy, Lucy.

Rachel Brathen

Swedish native, Rachel Brathen traveled long and far to plant her roots as the ultimate “Yoga Girl” of Aruba. She lives a Caribbean, yoga-infused life with her husband and new adorable yoga baby addition, Lea Luna. Brathen endured some self-destructive teen years, which led her to the beautiful bohemian lifestyle she lives today. Rachel and her husband are the co-founders and CEOs of their practice, Island Yoga. Rachel teaches classes all over the world, but is most known on social media for her beautiful ocean-side photos of her yoga practice. As a photogenic, island girl, Rachel was featured on the March 2018 edition of Yoga Journal. She shared her story of past destructive habits, the importance of self-support and self-trust, all while preaching the healing power of yoga. Scroll through yoga girl’s social media, and you might just convince yourself you are in the middle of the Caribbean Sea in a headstand on a paddleboard, too.  

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Emily Skye

Emily Skye is one of the top women's fitness influencers.Australian web sensation, Emily Skye is a ‘no nonsense’ go-getter. With origins in the modeling industry, Skye’s initial foundations for fitness were unhealthy and dangerous. It wasn’t until Emily educated herself on the benefits of strength training. She put a halt to her life as the typical “cardio girl” in the gym, and decided to pick up some weights. Scroll through @emilyskyefit, and you will see her chiseled body up for display. The pictures in between these beauty shots are what makes Emily Skye so special. Skye posts realistic photos of her body, including “bloated” shots that juxtapose what the world sees her as. She teaches her 2.4 million Instagram followers to not be fooled by the bodies they see on social media, as they have lighting, posing, and photoshop on their side. Skye lives and breathes physical and emotional health, yet remains grounded in teaching that the strongest love should be between yourself and your body.

Paige Hathaway

30-year-old fitness icon, Paige Hathaway credits her online success to the bumpy road that got her there. Hathaway spent 13 years of her life bouncing between foster homes and two families. Upon entering the fitness world, she realized that being “too skinny” was just as bad as being overweight. At the age of 16, she left high school to follow her dreams as a fitness inspiration. After winning her first fitness show, she pointed her efforts towards helping people to reach their own potential. Paige entertains her 4.1 million Instagram followers with daily workouts, fitness tips, beauty hacks and fitness challenges that allow her followers to even win cash prizes. Paige credits her success to becoming a “yes man,” when everyone else was telling her “no ma’am.”  

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is one of the top women's fitness influencers.It’s almost a rite of passage as a teenage girl to see Kayla Itsines come across your Instagram feed at one point in your life. As a 27-year-old, South Australian fitness professional, Kayla Itsines is known for her multimillion-dollar social media campaign and her fitness app, Sweat with Kayla. After graduating from the Australian Institute of Fitness, Kayla specializes in what she likes to call, “Bikini Body Guides.” Itsines posts daily workouts, client transformation pictures, travel photos, and humorous memes. She never fails to incorporate her two adorable Siberian huskies, Ace and TJ.

Jen Selter

Jen Selter is one of the top women's fitness influencers.Jen Selter has been bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about fitness ever since her first job as the front desk keeper at her local gym. Jen is 25 years old and was born under the bright lights of New York City. What started as a hobby turned into a passion. Her career flourished once she reached Instagram, gaining over 12 million Instagram followers. She has participated in partnerships with Nike, New Balance, and Lululemon. Selter’s social media is composed of glam photos that show off her hard work in the gym, paired with encouragement and realistic experiences for women. Her Instagram following has increased by 10 million, ever since she was referred to as the “next Jillian Michaels” in 2014. Show us what ya’ got Jen!

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is one of the top women's fitness influencers.With a grand total of 13 million Instagram followers, Michelle Lewin wins the prize for top women’s fitness influencers! Born in Venezuela, the 30-year-old fitness junkie derives from her roots on the catwalk. Switching gears from fashion to fitness, Lewin transformed her 90 lb body to a 130 lb athletic body of lean muscle. Michelle was introduced to her love of fitness at the same time she met her husband. Her fitness plans focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs, that are perfect for the typical on-the-go person. Michelle models for Calvin Klein and has been featured on dozens of magazines, including Playboy and Muscle & Fitness. We can’t forget about her furry friend, Micho the Schnoodle! Aside from building muscle until there’s no tomorrow, she spends the majority of her off time with Micho and her husband, Jimmy.

This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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