Top 25 Food Bloggers on Instagram (Updated for 2021)

By Editorial Staff

Attention all food lovers, we have created a list of some of the best food bloggers on Instagram today. Instagram has grown to be a perfect medium for hosting delicious food images and more, sparking inspiration for those all around the globe to hop into the kitchen. Additionally, the platform is a perfect liaison for food bloggers to drive curious cookers to their blogs and other social media platforms to learn more about their recipes. Whether you’re an extreme foodie looking for new recipes, scrolling to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing pictures of scrumptious food, or searching for restaurants in new cities, there is definitely an Instagram blogger that will fit your needs! 

Top 15 Food Bloggers

1. @skinnytaste 


Food blogger and author Gina Homolka has taken the Instagram food community by storm. She has amassed 1.6 million followers and takes everyone’s favorite meals and turns them into healthy, guilt free options to enjoy. Homolka is a New York Times Best Selling Author and has published three cookbooks of her own. She has recipes for a wide variety of dietary needs including gluten-free, keto, low carb, and more. 

instagram food blogger

2. @halfbakedharvest


Tieghan Gerard started her food blogging journey in 2012 and has flourished into one of the most known food bloggers today. She has published two of her own cookbooks and has been featured on HGTV, Food Network, Crate and Barrel, and more! Gerard’s recipes are inspired by the places and people she loves. Her recipes are both hearty and healthy, making it easy to indulge. Check out her instagram, blog, and cookbook to get inspired in the kitchen. 

food bloggers of instagram

3. @spoonforkbacon


Dynamic food stylist and photographer duo Jenny Park and Teri Lyn Fisher run @spoonforkbacon where the most scrumptious recipes can be found. They cover an assortment of foods from dips and salsas to drinks and holiday dishes. The pair doesn’t leave an occasion or food group untouched. Check out their blog for all their recipes and DIY hacks. 

food bloggers on instagram

4. @deliciouslyella


Ella Mills, also known as Deliciously Ella, has been a part of the food blogger community for years. She pursues a plant-based lifestyle and helps others make plant-based living sustainable and delicious. Mills recipes are vibrant and eye-catching. Aside from being a food blogger, she’s a mom and an entrepreneur. She has her own cookbook, podcast, and app for those looking to dive into cooking plant-based meals. If cooking isn’t your taste, she has her own line of snacks, cereals, and her own deli. 

instagram food bloggers

5. @whole30recipes


Whole30 has become an extremely popular dietary choice and Whole30recipes makes the 30 day challenge that much easier. Their guidance and Whole30 approved recipes are both nutritious and pleasing to look at. Check out their Instagram and New York Times best selling recipe book for yummy dishes. 

6. @thrivingonplants


Cherie Tu is based out of Sydney, Australia and is another large vegan food blogger. All of her recipes are created by scratch with the cleanest, vegan friendly ingredients. Anyone could spend hours looking through her appetizing feed. She has over 75 recipes of her own and is releasing the second volume of her cookbook “Thriving on Plants”. 

instagram food bloggers

7. @girleatworld


Melissa adventures around the world seeking the best foods in different countries. Between traveling to Paris, Bosnia, Italy, Vietnam, and more, it’s safe to say she has a pretty good taste of the world. She’s currently highlighting her favorite drinks from Singapore and delectables from Japan. From Paris to Vietnam, she offers a diverse range of foods unlike many other food bloggers. 

8. @ldncheapeats


London Cheap Eats is the ultimate insider guide to dining out on a budget in London. In order for a dish or restaurant to make it on their feed, it must be fresh, frugal, filling, and for a friend. London Cheap Eats also strives to reveal hidden gems and explore all of London. Learn more about London Cheap Eats here and check out their Instagram to start dreaming about the perfect London trip full of refreshing food and drinks.  

9. @rachlmansfield


Cookbook author, food blogger, and podcast host Rachel Mansfield indulges herself in sweet, chocolatey desserts. The best part is, she turns these not-so-healthy desserts into healthier options so people no longer have to feel guilty about treating themselves. In addition to her scrumptious dessert recipes she has healthy meal options catering to a variety of dietary needs including gluten-free, paleo, and vegan. If you have a sweet tooth or are just looking for healthy dinner and lunch options, Mansfield may just be the solution you’re looking for.  

food bloggers

10. @minimalistbaker


The Minimalist Baker makes eating enjoyable with “simple recipes that make you feel good”. Their account has grown tremendously over the years, making it a hotspot for those looking to make cooking easier. Most of the recipes are vegan making it possible for everyone to enjoy the recipes Minimalist Baker has to offer. This fall they featured their own pumpkin butter recipe. Delish!

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11. @thenaughtyfork


Sam Schnur is an east coast food blogger that features local Miami restaurants! Its title, “The Naughty Fork,” is very fitting for Sam’s blog, as the blog features indulgent foods. From Miami’s best hamburgers, fish tacos, ice cream, and drinks, this blog is a must-follow if you plan on visiting Miami anytime soon. I think we can all relate to her bio that reads: “I think I’ll start my diet tomorrow.”

12. @saladforpresident


Calling all salad lovers, food blogger Julia Sherman is the answer to your prayers. Her feed is full of green as she creates jaw dropping salads. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your salads, check out her instagram and cookbook. Sherman has over 75 recipes waiting for you to try. 

13. @hotforfood


Food blogger and published author Lauren Toyota turns mouthwatering vegan recipes into any foodie’s dream.  Whether you are a vegan, are trying to eat less meat or dairy, or are just interested in adding some plant-based food alternatives into your diet, @hotforfood turns vegan food into something to get excited about in her new cookbook, Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics. Some of her most notable Instagram posts include her buffalo chicken inspired cauliflower sandwiches, multi-purpose nacho cheese, and of course the ramen cheeseburger!

food bloggers on instagram

14. @nytcooking


New York Times Cooking features recipes from various food bloggers and recipe developers that contribute to NYT cooking. With over 100 recipes and various dietary needs covered, NYT cooking is a great place for foodies to get started. 

15. @foodminimalist


Lucia L. is based out of Boston where cooks mouth watering recipes. Her feed is colorful and viewers can almost taste the freshness of every bite through their phone. Lucia not only makes her own recipes, but uses other chef’s recipes as well. Each recipe can be found linked through a post or through her linktree in her bio. 

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Top 5 New York City Food Bloggers

1. @foodandcity


Restaurant advisor Jared Zuckerman tours and tastes some of New York City’s best dishes and shares his discoveries of tasty eats with his 74.7K followers. Not only has he mastered the art of tracking down new restaurants the city has to offer, he also has mastered the art of presenting the foods he eats. Zuckerman’s feed will surely leave your mouth watering. Aside from showcasing some of New York’s finest dishes, Zuckerman also interviews other food critics and connoisseurs through “Facing Time”.  

nyc food bloggers

2. @eatingnyc


Alexa Matthews has created one of the best New York City dining guides all at the touch of one’s fingertips. Matthews describes herself as a professional eater and we could not agree more. Her Instagram is full of the best places to eat all around the city. Matthews also has an outdoor dining guide and heating guide to help pick the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat, even in the winter!

3. @yeahfoodbeer


Stephanie Perez is a New York City native and shares all the food gems the city has to offer with her 84.4K followers. Perez’s authenticity and passion for delicious food shines through her work. From sweets to beer, she covers all the food bases. Check out her Instagram if you want to drool over some of her favorite spots. 

4. @foodbabyny


There’s no better food critic than a kid. I mean, they are some of the world’s pickiest eaters! That’s why @foodbabyny is one of the best food bloggers. They give their thumbs up to the best of what New York City has to offer. What could be better than a restaurant that’s kid approved?

food bloggers on instagram

5. @stuffbeneats


Ben Hon is based out of Brooklyn, New York and made a career leap leading him to where he is today, actively pursuing a career he loves. Hon’s feed highlights an appetizing array of Asian cuisine that can be found around the city. If you want to know some of the best places to eat dumplings or sushi in New York definitely head over to his Instagram. 

Top 5 Los Angeles Food Bloggers

1. @dailyfoodfeed


Calling all people who live in the Los Angeles area or hope to travel there soon. Jed Cartojano travels around Los Angeles and Orange County seeking out the best restaurants and is one of the best food bloggers in LA. From pizza, to sushi and sweets, he covers it all. 

2. @lafoodie


LA Foodie’s feed is sure to make your mouthwater. Wife and husband duo Ben and Lisa Walters strive to showcase the evolving city of Los Angeles. Their enthusiasm for food is contagious and rather than labeling themselves as food critics, they’re curators of the food community. 

3. @foodgps


Josh Lurie grew up in New Jersey just a half-hour outside Manhattan. His passion for food started at a young age while traveling and making lifelong memories with his family. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1999 and has continued his love for discovering great food and sharing it with others. 

4. @foodieonfleek


Skylar takes the LA foodie scene by storm with her bubbly personality and eye for the best restaurants in the city. She is extremely knowledgeable about Asian cuisine and has traveled to Tokyo and Korea. With these experiences, she’s able to pick out the best Asian cuisine in Los Angeles and showcase it on her feed. 

instagram food blogger

5. @valleyfattyguy


@valleyfattyguy highlights food from Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley! He has perfected his feed and knows the best places to grab a bite to eat. If you need the best place to grab a burger or tacos, check out his Instagram for some incredible options. 

No blog in the world could cover all the phenomenal food bloggers out there! Here are a few more that we recommend:


This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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