Top 25 Food Bloggers on Instagram (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

 Who doesn’t love food and Instagram? Well, what if I told you there are Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing pictures and recipes of the world’s best dishes? Food bloggers are taking Instagram by storm. The bloggers I will outline today are becoming among the most followed accounts on the gram! This is because Instagram has become the perfect medium for hosting delicious food images and videos. Moreover, this social media platform has also become a perfect liaison for the food bloggers that are active on other social media platforms, such as YouTube or personal blog websites. Instagram has the capability to connect users to the more envious of extreme foodie accounts or even to those that create and share both healthy (and unhealthy) recipes. Whether you are in search of some dinner inspo, or just enjoy drooling over crazy food trends, there is definitely an Instagram food blogger for you! 

Top 15 Food Bloggers

1. @breakfastinsydney


Breakfast in Sydney is one of the top food bloggersThere is no doubt that Australia is a country with good cuisine! Over the years, Sydney has become the ultimate foodie destination. For instance, @breakfastinsydney offers some of the most delicious breakfast foods the city has to offer, foods beyond your wildest imagination. With 171,000 followers and counting, this Australian food blogger page is sure to make you want to book a one-way flight to Sydney! Interested in seeing more of what Australia has to offer? Check out our latest blog on the top Australian influencers.

2. @foodgod


Top food blogger Food God's Instagram page

Jonathan Cheban is best known for his friendship with celebrity Kim Kardashian West, however, he is the man behind the highly followed Los Angeles food blog @foodgod! With over 3.4 million followers, this PR king sure knows how to run a food blog. Posting everything from gold ice cream to the cotton candy mountain of your dreams, Jonathan Cheban’s food blog is one that is sure to end in clogged arteries. If you love junk food and celebrities, he is a must-follow!  

3. @girleatworld


@girleatworld's Instagram page

With over 380,000 followers, Melissa is among the most popular food influencers on the web! She is based in Singapore, however, she travels wherever her taste buds may take her. From shots in Ukraine to 32-centimeter ice cream cones in South Korea, she offers a diversity of foods like no other. She is known for posting beautiful foods, but also breathtaking landscapes! Her account offers a good balance of food and popular travel destinations. Where are you most likely to find her? Exploring treats in Southeast Asia! She exemplifies everything you could ever want in a Singapore food blogger. Give her a follow!

4. @lostncheeseland


Top food blogger @lostncheeseland

Lindsey Tramuta is an American-born food influencer who is currently based in Paris, France! In addition to posting delicious dishes, she is a book author, journalist, and influencer. Lindsey is a frequent contributor to The New York Times, Bon Appetite, and many more impressive publications. Lindsey has racked up over 84,000 followers on her Parisian food blog Instagram page. She uses her food Instagram account to share her daily Paris eats! From mouthwatering croissants to the macaroons of your dreams, her feed never disappoints.  

5. @fiminokimura_official


@fuminokimura_official's Instagram page

Fumino Kimura is a popular actress and food enthusiast in Japan! With 2.3 million followers on her food Instagram page, she has become quite the food influencer in Japan over the years. Her fashionable food pictures are a sure way to make your mouth water! She posts pictures of traditional Japanese dishes, such as sushi and various fish! She has become the go-to Japan food blogger due to her aesthetically pleasing photographs of her dishes. In other words, she is #feedgoals! Looking to learn more about Japanese influencers? Check out our blog on the top Japanese YouTubers.

6. @skinnytaste


Top food blogger @skinnytaste

Gina Homolka, also known as @skinnytaste, is a healthy food blogger that has acquired a dramatic following by offering lightened versions of the foods that everyone loves. Her website is weight watchers friendly and has various sections depending on dietary needs, including gluten-free, low-carb, Keto, Whole30, and more. She has authored two cookbooks, including The Skinny Taste Cookbook, as well as a meal planning book. Whether it’s cheesecake brownies or dumplings, @skinnytaste finds a way to make the most seemingly unhealthy dishes completely guilt-free. With 1.2 million followers and counting, @skinnytaste has become one of the most popular healthy food bloggers! 

7. @whole30recipes


@whole30recipes' Instagram page

With the Whole 30 diet becoming more popular by the minute, the demand for Whole 30-approved recipes is higher than ever before. This food blog illustrates how even the cleanest and simplest food can be incredibly beautiful. The blog has a new contributor every week that takes over the feed and provides daily recipes, so if you follow this account you will likely be introduced to a wide range of different chefs and nutritionists. Can you believe this healthy food blog has racked up 1.3 million followers? Given its helpful information and useful recipes, I sure can! 

8. @deliciouslyella


@deliciouslyella's Instagram page

Deliciously Ella’s Instagram account is bursting with color and attention to detail, making it some of the most beautiful plant-based food to be photographed. The vibrancy of the food in photos make it feel like you are almost getting all the vitamins and minerals right through your smart phone’s screen. This food blogger’s websites chock full of both sweet and savory recipes. She even has a guide to brewing kombucha for those that are fans of the ultra healthy fermented tea drink. If you want recipes that you can hold in your hands, check out one of her four cookbooks. Even if you’re not big on cooking, Deliciously Ella has her own line of snacks containing granola, energy balls, and oat bars to name a few.

9. @rachlmansfield 


Top food blogger @rachlmansfield

This recipe developer and self-proclaimed dessert enthusiast does not mess around. Rachel Mansfield creates healthy recipes that cater to a variety of needs, including gluten-free, paleo, and vegan. Although her Instagram features all of her yummy recipes, her website contains all of her recipes organized into categories as well as her lifestyle blog, which contains information everything from home décor to skincare! Rachel’s account is great for anyone wanting to eat healthier and maybe even adds a little extra beauty to their lives.

10. @thenaughtyfork


@thenaughtyfork's Instagram page

Sam Schnur is an east coast food blogger that features local Miami restaurants! Its title, “The Naughty Fork,” is very fitting for Sam’s blog, as the blog features indulgent foods. From Miami’s best hamburgers, fish tacos, ice cream, and drinks, this blog is a must-follow if you plan on visiting Miami anytime soon. I think we can all relate to her bio that reads: “I think I’ll start my diet tomorrow.”

11. @ohsheglows


Top food blogger @ohsheglows

Angela Liddon is the mastermind behind the award-winning blog, cookbook, app, and Instagram account all titled “Oh She Glows.” Her crowd-pleasing vegan recipes will blow you away, as she has reinvented vegan dishes. With over 622,000 followers on her Instagram account, it is safe to say she is among the top vegan influencers of our time. From vegan cinnamon rolls to chili cheese nachos, she is capable of making any dish vegan for your convenience and cravings! Her recipes may even convince your friends to become vegan too!  

12. @minimalistbaker


@minimalistbaker's Instagram page

“All eaters welcome” is the sweet and welcoming quote featured in the bio of @minimalistbaker. With over 1.6 million followers, this popular vegan recipe page has grown in popularity over the years. The account is best known for its quick and simple recipes, most of which are vegan! Minimalist Baker is a must-follow for sweet treats and party foods. One of the latest posts features a 5-ingredient protein ball recipes that are low in sugar, high in protein, and a great grab-and-go snack. If that sounds good to you, check out this page for similar recipes! 

13. @lucywatson


Top food blogger @lucywatson

Lucy Watson is best known for her Made in Chelsea days. She now expresses her passion for her plant-based diet on Instagram, offering vegan food recipes, vegan tips, and promoting her vegan book, “Feed Me Vegan,” and vegan social media account! She has over 1.3 million followers and over 3,330 posts on her aesthetically pleasing feed. If you are looking for: recipe ideas, health education, tips for buying animal-friendly products, and inspiration, Lucy Watson’s Instagram account is for you!  

14. @hotforfood


@hotforfood's Instagram page

Food blogger and published author Lauren Toyota turns mouthwatering vegan recipes into any foodie’s dream.  Whether you are a vegan, are trying to eat less meat or dairy, or are just interested in adding some plant-based food alternatives into your diet, @hotforfood turns vegan food into something to get excited about in her new cookbook, Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics. Some of her most notable Instagram posts include her buffalo chicken inspired cauliflower sandwiches, multi-purpose nacho cheese, and of course the ramen cheeseburger!

15. @avantgardevegan


Top food blogger @avantgardevegan

Gaz Oakley is both highly informed and extremely helpful for those interested in tasty vegan fair. Not only does this food blogger have a website and a cookbook, Vegan, but he also has a YouTube channel where he teaches about vegan cooking. He brings a fresh perspective to the vegan lifestyle, showing on his YouTube channel that it is possible to eat a budget or even meal prep high protein vegan meals. He also includes recipe videos for many of the meals he features images of on his Instagram. 

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Top 5 NYC Food Bloggers

1. @new_fork_city


@new_fork_city's Instagram page

The city that never sleeps has food beyond your wildest imagination. New York City is a cultural melting pot and therefore a mecca for the best of the best food. From milkshakes larger than life itself to ramen noodles that will blow your mind, @new_fork_city has highlighted New York’s best for you! New Fork City contains all of the city’s best eats from every genre, culture, and price range. Essentially, it is a foodie’s guide to the city and certainly worth a follow if you plan to visit New York City anytime soon!

2. @feedyoursoull


@feedyoursoull's Instagram page

Based in New York City, Gissele Alzate runs the American food blog “Feed Your Soull.” This food blog is one of the most popular food blogs on Instagram! With over 328,000 followers, this account covers everything from apple pie french toast and the dessert-style tacos of your dreams. The feed of @feedyoursoull’s full of American comfort food as well as delicious international cuisine. Speaking of American comfort food, NeoReach has compiled a list of the best Thanksgiving recipes to meet your comfort food cravings. 

3. @noleftovers


Top food blogger @noleftovers

No Leftovers is a New York-based food blog run by Jackie Gebel. Jackie posts her favorite dishes around New York City as well as her favorite recipes! With over 365,000 followers on Instagram, her food blog has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is probably because she offers a good variety of dishes, especially healthy meals, and treats. But what if you are looking to treat yourself on a cheat day? With burger recommendations to the pasta of your dreams, this blog offers something for everyone! 

4. @foodandcity


@foodandcity's Instagram page

Jared Zuckerman is the man behind the popular food blog @foodandcity. With over 76,000 followers on Instagram and an audience that is 67 percent US-based, @foodandcity is an up and coming New York City food blog! His posts range from NYC culinary events, foods, drinks, and even a few posts from food in different cities. Jared commits himself to helping restaurants grow through social media marketing! Featuring mostly indulgent foods, you can find mac and cheese, burgers, chicken, burritos, and more! 

5. @eatingnyc


Top food blogger @eatingnyc

Alexa Mehraban is the girl behind the successful food blog @eatingnyc. She started blogging about her favorite NYC dishes in 2014 and has racked up over 324,000 followers over the years! On her blog, she recommends food destinations, features her favorite dishes, and even works with local restaurants and brands!  

Top 5 San Diego Food Bloggers

1. @sdfoodies


Top food blogger @sdfoodies

@sdfoodies is a San Diego-based food blog featuring San Diego’s best restaurants, food-related events, coffee, and drinks! Run by Gaby Menendez, this blog is flourishing with over 6,400 followers and counting! The latest post features sushi that is out of this world from Hane Sushi SD! This San Diego food blog is a breath of fresh air, offering a large variety of restaurants and foods all over San Diego. Check it out, you will not be disappointed! 

2. @taylereatseverything


@taylereatseverything's Instagram page

Tayler Coffin is the girl behind the highly followed San Diego food blog @taylereatseverything. With over 18,600 followers, she is among the most popular San Diego food blogs out there! Her bio reads: “just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be tacos” and I think we can all relate. Featuring everything from fried jalapeno chicken sandwiches to blue spirulina smoothies, her Instagram food blog will blow your mind! 

3. @urbancell_gastronomy


Top food blogger @urbancell_gastronomy

Bhadri Kubendran runs the food blog @urbancell_gastronomy! Featuring local San Diego food spots, this blog is a must-follow if you live in the San Diego area. This blog is unique in that every post is a “restaurant spotlight” and features a popular local café or restaurant. One of the latest posts features Snoice. Snoice is a local dessert café that is known for its pastries and tea! 

4. @hungry_sd


@hungry_sd's Instagram page

@hungry_sd aka “San Diego Foodie” is a food blog in San Diego that features local eats and food-related brand deals. This blog has it all- boba tea, baos, brisket udon, sandwiches, matcha shaved ice, and even lavender ice cream! With over 2,600 followers, this food blog is up and coming. With frequent posts, this blog is sure to keep you entertained, give it a follow!

5. @apriljackeats


Top food blogger @apriljackeats

With over 5,800 followers, @apriljackeats is a popular, go-to food blog in San Diego! Common posts on this food blog include fruity pebble donuts, meatloaf and hash, and protein waffles. As you can tell, @apriljackeats has quite the variety! Something unique about this blog is that it also features a few different destinations, such as Austin Texas and Sweden! If you are looking for a good balance of San Diego eats, with a few surprise destinations, look no further!

No blog in the world could cover all the phenomenal food bloggers out there! Here are a few more that we recommend:

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