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Top 15 Food Bloggers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

While blogs are certainly nothing new in the recent years within the age of the internet, social media has undoubtedly opened new opportunities for bloggers to connect with their audiences. In particular, Instagram has become the perfect medium for hosting delectable food images and videos. Moreover, this social media platform has also become a perfect liaison for the food bloggers that are active on other social media platforms such as YouTube or even their own websites. Instagram can connect users to the more envious of extreme foodie accounts or even to those that create and share healthy recipes. Whether you are in search of some healthy dinner inspiration or just enjoy drooling over the most current crazy food trends, there is definitely an Instagram food blogger for you.


The Top 15 Food Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

By Maddy Metzger


Gina Homolka

Food blogger and author Gina Homolka's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of her photos. Gina Homolka, or Skinnytaste, is a food blogger that has acquired a dramatic following by offering lightened versions of the foods that everyone loves. Her website is weight watchers friendly and has various sections depending on dietary needs, including gluten free, low-carb, Keto, Whole30, and more. She has authored two cookbooks, including The Skinnytaste Cookbook and Skinnytaste Fast & Slow,as well as a meal planning book. Whether it’s cheesecake brownies or zucchini pork dumplings, Skinnytaste finds a way to make the most delicious meals completely guilt-free.

Sam Schnur

Food blogger Sam Schnur's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of her photos.Based in Miami, this food and lifestyle blogger is known for eating some of the trendiest and most aesthetic food on Instagram. Sam’s account commonly features extravagant desserts and gooey, cheesy dishes that are sure to get you drooling. Her bio includes the quote, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow,” and there is no doubt that you will be following her motto after a few minutes of browsing through her mouth-watering feed.

Breakfast in Sydney

Food blogger Breakfast in Sydney's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of their photos. If there is any country that truly knows how to do brunch, it is Australia. Without a doubt, Sydney has become a foodie destination of epic proportions. Breakfast in Sydney provides a continuous stream of some of the most delicious brunch foods in the city that will stun you beyond your wildest imagination. This account will make you want to pack your bags for the land down under for a carefully planned food coma.

Jonathan Cheban

Although Jonathan Cheban might be best known for his friendship to reality TV star and business mogul, Kim Kardashian West, his Instagram feed certainly garners attention all on its own. The public relations entrepreneur eats like a king, posting everything from mountainous piles of junk food to ice cream covered in gold flakes. Undoubtedly, this food blogger’s feed is one you will want to live through vicariously.

Alex Moe

This Starbucks barista has made a name for himself amongst bodybuilders and the calorie-conscious alike. By sharing his own Starbucks hacks, Alex Moe helps find new, exciting, macro-friendly ways to get your daily dose of caffeine. Some of his recipes include a Low-Carb Pink Drink that is only 35 calories for a venti and an Horchata Protein Frappuccino that has 26 grams of protein and is only 170 calories for a grande. Plus, as a barista himself, he always gives not only all the ingredients for the drinks but also directions on how to order the drink.

Feed Your Soull

Food blogger Feed Your Soull's Instagram page. Click here to scroll through more of their photos.Featuring delectable dishes from all over the USA, Feed Your Soull is one of the most popular food content creators on Instagram. With over 300,000 followers, this account covers everything from perfect stacks of pancakes drizzled syrup and sprinkled in powdered sugar to tacos with all the best toppings. Feed Your Soull’s feed is filled not only with American comfort food but also some delicious international cuisine.

Minimalist Baker

Food blogger Minimalist Baker's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of their photos.Upon first glance, this Instagram food account looks like all the rest, but don’t be fooled. Minimalist Baker proudly offers recipes with 10 plant-based ingredients or less, making this account’s beautiful images of scrumptious-looking spreads all the more exciting. When scrolling through the feed, anybody would be surprised to know that Minimalist Baker’s flakey cinnamon rolls are both vegan and gluten free, making this account great for anyone with dietary restrictions or just trying to eat a little cleaner.

Lauren Toyota

Food blogger Lauren Toyota's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of her photos.Food blogger and published author Lauren Toyota turns mouthwatering vegan recipes into any foodie’s dream.  Whether you are a vegan, are trying eat less meat or dairy, or are just interested in adding some plant-based food alternatives into your diet, Hot for Food turns vegan food into something to get excited about in her new cookbook, Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics.  Some of her most notable Instagram posts include her buffalo chicken-inspired cauliflower sandwiches, multi-purpose nacho cheese, and of course the ramen cheese burger.

Jed’s #DailyFoodFeed

Food blogger Jed's #Daily Food Feed's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of their photos.If you want a daily dose of some exciting Los Angeles treats, look no further Jed’s Daily Food Feed. This colorful feed is definitely definitely anti-diet and more “treat yo’ self,” featuring everything from trendy Coachella delicacies to ginormous taco pizzas to even the newest Oreo flavors. This account even explains each and every delicious feature of the food in the images, in case you weren’t already getting hungry just looking at them.

New Fork City

Food blogger New York City's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of their photos.Naturally, the city that never sleeps is a cultural melting pot and therefore a mecca for all things food.  Some of the biggest trends in food start in New York City, and if they didn’t start there they will be there in a New York minute. New Fork City highlights all of the city’s best eats from every genre, culture, and price range. It’s essentially is a foodie’s guide to the Big Apple and certainly worth a follow.

Rachel Mansfield

Food blogger Rachel Mansfield's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of her photos.This recipe developer and self-proclaimed dessert enthusiast does not mess around. Rachel Mansfield creates healthy recipes that cater to a variety of needs, including gluten free, paleo, and vegan. Although her Instagram features all of her yummy recipes, her website contains all of her recipes organized into categories as well as her lifestyle blog, which contains information everything from home décor to information about collagen. Rachel’s account is great for anyone wanting to eat healthier and add a little extra beauty to their lives.

Official Whole30 Recipes

Food blogger Official Whole30 Recipes' Instagram page. Click here to check out more of their photos.With the Whole30 diet reaching significant popularity, the demand for Whole30-approved recipes is higher than ever before. This food blog illustrates how even the cleanest and simplest food can be incredibly beautiful. The blog has a new contributor every week that takes over the feed and provides daily recipes, so if you follow this account you will likely be introduced to a wide range of different chefs and nutritionists.

Gaz Oakley

Food blogger Gaz Oakley's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of his photos.Gaz Oakley is both highly informed and extremely helpful for those interested in tasty vegan fair. Not only does this food blogger have a website and a cookbook,Vegan 100, but he also has a YouTube channel where he teaches about vegan cooking. He brings a fresh perspective to the vegan lifestyle, showing on his YouTube channel that it is possible to eat vegan on a budgetor even meal prep high protein vegan meals. He also includes recipe videos for many of the meals he features images of on his Instagram.

Trader Joe’s List

Food blogger Trader Joe's List's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of their photos.Undeniably, Trader Joe’s has some good grub and its also pretty cost effective. As the seasons change, so too does Trader Joe’s unique array of specialty grocery items. Since it can be often difficult to keep track of all the new things coming in or to know what is really worth trying, Trader Joe’s List is a food blog that highlights all of Trader Joe’s best, most popular items and reviews the newest ones so you know what to put on your shopping list. The account also often lists recipes with items that can be found at TJ’s, so it truly is the perfect place to come for grocery list inspiration.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella’s Instagram account is bursting with color and attention to detail, making it some of the most beautiful plant-based food to be photographed. The vibrancy of the food in photos make it feel like you are almost getting all the vitamins and minerals right through your smart phone’s screen. This food blogger’s website is chock full of both sweet and savory recipes. She even has a guide to brewing kombucha for those that are fans of the ultra healthy fermented tea drink. If you want recipes that you can hold in your hands, check out one of her four cook books. Even if you’re not big on cooking, Deliciously Ella has her own line of snacks containing granola, energy balls, and oat bars to name a few.

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