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Money Make-up: Tati Westbrook Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

If you’ve heard the name Tati Westbrook lately, odds are you’ve seen the names James Charles, Shane Dawson, or Jeffree Star come with it. However, this YouTuber and beauty entrepreneur is so much more than the drama on YouTube. As a video creator and makeup artist turned businesswoman, Westbrook has redefined what it means to be a beauty influencer on YouTube. Let’s take a look into what makes this guru so popular by breaking down the multi-million-dollar Tati Westbrook net worth: 

Who is Tati Westbrook?

Tati Westbrook is an American YouTuber, social media personality, businesswoman, and makeup artist. Growing up, Westbrook dabbled in acting and was featured in multiple television shows. Specifically, she appeared on an episode of the T.V. series Unsolved Mysteries as a child and then grew up to have a recurring role as a sorority girl on the show Greek in 2007. As a former image consultant turned makeup artist, Westbrook created her YouTube channel, GlamLifeGuru (later renamed Tati), on November 7, 2010, to make videos about budget-friendly makeup.

Westbrook first fell in love with makeup back when she was a child actress working on set, studying how artists applied her makeup and practicing her skills from there. According to Newsweek, she is widely considered to be an originator of YouTube’s beauty scene and has often been referred to as the “mother of the YouTube beauty community”.

Since she created her channel in 2010, Westbrook’s content has stayed consistent, but she has since experienced a mass amount of success on YouTube, which allowed her to appear on Amazon’s Style Code Live as an L.A.-based beauty correspondent. Back in early 2016, Westbrook first hit the 1M subscriber mark, but she now has 9.12M subscribers in 2020, making her one of the internet’s fastest-growing YouTubers. 

Revenue Streams 

With multiple unique revenue streams, Westbrook has expanded her online empire and started two beauty companies of her own, making her one of the most successful YouTubers in the world.

1. YouTube

As mentioned before, since she started her channel back in 2010 and posted her first video back in 2011, Westbrook has stayed consistent and produced content all about simple makeup tutorials and tips for buying drugstore beauty products on a budget. Recently, Westbrook’s videos have grown to include massive unboxings of press packages and reviews of unconventional cosmetic products.

With her popularity and success on the platform, Westbrook won one of Nylon’s first Beauty Innovator Awards in August 2018. In 2019, it was estimated that Westbrook makes between $1M and $2M a year off of YouTube alone. Westbrook mainly earns money on YouTube from advertising, as she rarely promotes brands or products on her channel due to a few bad experiences with sponsorships from makeup brands like Too Faced Cosmetics.

According to Naibuzz, Westbrook has amassed over 1.4B views over the years, which translates into AdSense money. She’s very active on the YouTube platform, and at one point she was uploading five videos per week. Her videos generate an average of 450,000 views each, which brings in an estimated revenue of $2,250 per day or $820,000 per year from ad revenue.

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2. Halo Beauty

 In February 2018, Westbrook founded and launched her own company, Halo Beauty Inc., which sells vitamin supplements. Within just 12 hours of launching, Halo Beauty sold out of its inaugural 100K palettes and generated $4.8M in sales. In the YouTube video announcing the launch of her brand, Westbrook acknowledged that her audience expected her to create a makeup or skincare brand, but she opted to make a hair, skin, and nail booster supplement that she fully supported as the “perfect vitamin”.

In competition with supplement brands like SugarBearHair, Westbrook’s supplements are praised for supposedly encouraging smoother skin, stronger nails, and significant hair growth in only three weeks. Currently, her original, pink Halo Beauty supplements have hundreds of five-star reviews on Influenster, with users claiming their skin cleared up and crediting the vitamins for their soft, fast-growing hair.

tati westbrook net worth halo beauty

Other than being loved for the great results they bring to users, the supplements are also popular for being especially healthy for the body and beneficial towards skin health since they are:

  • vegan
  • cruelty-free
  • free of soy
  • free of gluten
  • free of sugar

 In terms of revenue and Westbrook’s net worth, Halo Beauty’s supplements are very profitable, netting the Westbrooks over $3M in 2018. In 2019, when Halo received a huge publicity boost due to Westbrook’s online feud with James Charles, the company’s earnings almost tripled.

3. Tati Beauty

After 10 years of testing thousands of products, Westbrook finally decided to meet her fans’ expectations and come out with a beauty brand and makeup palette of her own. In late October 2019, Westbrook launched a new brand called Tati Beauty. To celebrate the launch, Westbrook released her Textured Neutrals eyeshadow palette which received rave reviews from fans and other beauty influencers alike. She then went on to release the Blendiful makeup puffs in January 2020 and three new supplements with Halo Beauty, all of which received a majority of positive reviews online.

tati beauty

Since the launch, Westbrook plans to release a lot more makeup palettes for her fans instead of partnering with other makeup brands to create palettes, which most beauty YouTubers do. Like her Halo Beauty supplements, all of the makeup released under Tati is vegan and cruelty-free, a core part of Westbrook’s brand.

 As for revenue, Tati Beauty has, to date, earned $15M in sales. However, Westbrook claimed in a recent YouTube video that she hasn’t earned a dime from the company, which some consumers have stated they found hard to believe. Either way, Westbrook states that the company has poured its money into creating, researching, and developing brand new products and ordering materials. According to Westbrook, she’s building Tati Beauty to be a “dream brand” for her audience and herself.

Tati Westbrook Net Worth

In 2020, Westbrook became one of the highest-paid YouTube stars due to her success on YouTube and in the professional beauty scene. According to Celebrity Net Worth and Naibuzz, the total Tati Westbrook net worth is estimated to be between $12M and $15M, a significant increase from Celebrity Net Worth’s June 2020 estimate of $6M.

Check out Tati’s social media channels below:


This article was written by Selena Ponton

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