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Top 10 Surfing Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Summer is in season and so is surfing!

Whether shredding the surf or just cruising the coast, these surfing influencers will inspire you to surf more than just Instagram. Through social media, these surf legends showcase their style, swimwear, and shred from around the world. Here at NeoReach, we’ve compiled a list of the top surfing influencers to check out next time you’re surfing the web!


Top 10 Surfing Influencers You Should Be Following on Instagram

By Sophie Kalser


Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.With a total following of 5.1 million, Kelly Slater drops in at the top of this list of surfing influencers. Slater holds an impressive record of 11 World Surf League Championships, being both the youngest and oldest competitor to win this title. When he’s not riding the pipeline, Slater is designing his own eco-friendly menswear line dubbed Outerknown. If you want to stay up with Slater, you’re in luck! He’s active on social media, filling his feed with the latest and greatest from his surf style. Go check him out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.Model, surfer, and blogger, Anastasia Ashley is a triple threat to be reckoned with! With three national championship titles and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit feature, Ashley is not your average Instagram model. No stranger to sponsors, Ashley captivates her 1.1 million followers with her sexy shots showcasing her style, while advocating her advertisers. Want to learn more about this stylish surfer? Check out her website with updates on her career, lifestyle, and surf. With her popularity on the rise, keep an eye out for Anastasia!

Bethany Hamilton

The tenacity of Bethany Hamilton has encouraged many to test the waters of the surfing world. Following the life-altering shark attack that took her arm, Hamilton career was halted. When many thought she would never return to the water, this champion showed them wrong, with a victorious recovery. Hamilton’s autobiography was swept off bookshelves in 2004 and the novel’s subsequent film gained immense popularity in 2011. Hamilton has transformed her experience into an inspiration as a motivational speaker and philanthropist, as she utilizes social media as a means to touch and connect others with her charity.

Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.If life’s a beach, you can find Alana Blanchard playing in the sand! This fun-loving, carefree surfer initially rose to fame as the close friend of Bethany Hamilton but has since gained her own following. Alongside her pro-surfer boyfriend, Jack Freestone, Blanchard has been dominating Instagram from the coastlines of Kauai, posing with her adorable newborn, Banks Harvey. With an audience of over 1.8 million, Blanchard utilizes her massive following to promote her swimwear line and a vegan lifestyle.

John John Florence

John John Florence's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.Hailing from the Islands of Aloha, John John Florence is a big fish in the surfing industry. This back-to-back world champion is internationally recognized as one of the greatest surfers of his era, acclaimed as the master of the pipeline. His social media is filled with his achievements, philanthropy, and shots of his travels.

Holly-Daze and Ellie-Jean Coffey

Ellie-Jean Coffey's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influecner's photos.Meet the Coffeys! The “Kardashians” of surfing, Ellie-Jean (23) and Holly-Daze (21) have brought this enviously attractive family to fame. Alongside their brother and two sisters, this dynamic duo was homeschooled, spending their class time traveling the coasts of Australia, learning to hang ten. Sporting their sponsors, Billabong and Von Zipper, the Coffey sisters have brought considerable attention to the world of women’s surfing. With these sisters at the crest of international popularity, follow Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze to keep up with the Coffeys!

Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.“Lakey Surf Legend” and total smokeshow,  Laura Louise Peterson is a leader in the world of women’s surfing. Known for her aerial maneuvers, Peterson holds numerous national titles and placed runner-up as a wildcard entry at the US Open of Surfing. Passionate about philanthropy, Peterson speaks at international athletic conferences. If that’s not impressive enough, this surfer also stars in her big screen film, Zero to 100, beautifully depicting her life story.

Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.American Big Wave Surfer, Laird Hamilton is an inventor in his industry. Founder of the tow-in surfing style, Hamilton’s innovation has allowed surfers to catch waves at speeds that have never been caught before. Trailblazer and model, this “ambassador of surfing” was discovered by Men’s Vogue, landing himself an impressive modeling contract in his late teens. Despite retirement, Hamilton is still backed by prominent sponsors that support his surfing in leisure. This legend now splits his time between California and Hawaii, alongside his three daughters and wife, Gabrielle Reece.

Mark Healey

Mark Healey's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.For all those thrill-seeking Instagrammers, Mark Healey is a must-follow! Surfer, spear-fisherman, freediver, filmmaker, and part-time Hollywood stuntman is there anything Healey hasn’t tackled? Backed by brands from Yeti to Lululemon, Healey has sponsors from a variety of industries, incorporating his labels into his garb and gear. While Healey’s social media showcases his shred, his inspirational Instagrams of clear water and clean oceans will turn the tides for any couch potato.

Laura Crane

Laura Crane's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of this surfing influencer's photos.From across the pond, Laura Crane has been making waves on mainstream media. With her recent social media explosion, Crane has been utilizing her popularity to catapult her modeling career, collaborating with big-name brands, Billabong and Nixon. While her sponsors support her travels, Crane’s main focus is still her surf and shred. To get a taste of the surfing lifestyle while still beating the heat, check out Laura Crane on YouTube and Instagram!

If you would like to reach any of these surfing influencers, get started with us today for free!

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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