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5 VidCon Influencers Who Make Magic With Their Hands

By Misha Talavera

[vc_row type=”in_container” full_screen_row_position=”middle” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” overlay_strength=”0.3″][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ column_shadow=”none” width=”1/1″ tablet_text_alignment=”default” phone_text_alignment=”default” column_border_width=”none” column_border_style=”solid”][vc_column_text]VidCon is right around the corner! As the excitement continues to escalate over the next few weeks, we had the pleasure of interviewing a handful of VidCon YouTubers who make incredible masterpieces with their hands. Here are their responses.

noah-guthrie-vidcon1) Noah Guthrie (Bluesy-Pop Singer/Songwriter)

Noah Guthrie has written and performed some amazing pieces of music that have soared across the web, and his YouTube channel is just another testament to his talent. He’ll make you want to suddenly stop what you are doing and groove in the moment because life has never felt so good.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

I would say my favorite piece would either be my cover of “Sexy And I Know It” or “You Are My Sunshine.”

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

Probably Batman, because I liked the fact that he didn’t have actual super powers, he was just really smart and tough. Also, Bono is my superhero, haha.

What’s your favorite VidCon memory? 

I played on the main stage and also got to meet Jenna Marbles!

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in? 

I’m very excited to be a part of the opening night concert!

donal-skehan-vidcon2) Donal Skehan (Food Writer / Photographer / TV Presenter)

If there exists a living reincarnation of Jamie Oliver, it is undoubtedly Donal Skehan. This enthusiastic foodie mastermind blows us away with his grade-A crafted travel and cooking videos. He gives a lot of TV food personalities a run for their money. Keep an eye on this guy. Big things are heading his way.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of?

I’m really proud of the standard of my food videos but I think the biggest change on YouTube came when I started vlogging [in addition to creating food videos].  I started to vlog while I was filming a series in Vietnam for Food Network.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to connect with my audience and give them a taste of what goes on in my life day to day.

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

Captain Planet. He’s my hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!  I loved that cartoon growing up!  But I also had a huge interest in food so I loved to watch cooking shows. Delia Smith and Darina Allen were some of the first I watched.

Who’s your favorite YouTuber that you haven’t met?

I really love the guys at Bondi Harvest, the channel is incredibly cool, I love the standard of content and how they give a sense of Guy’s lifestyle and manage to capture the essence of the beautiful Bondi beach!

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in?

As far as I know I’m speaking as part of a panel about food on YouTube.  Very excited to see who will be joining me and what will come out of the discussion.

Define the main social media outlets in one word:

  • Twitter = OLD
  • Vine = FUN
  • YouTube = VIDEO
  • Instagram = PHOTOS
  • Snapchat = QUICK
  • Periscope = HUH?

only-leigh-vidcon3) Only Leigh (Animator)

Animator Leigh Lahav is all about creating her own world, from her entertaining pop culture animation videos to her own doodles she shares online. How does she manage to do it all? We still don’t know, but we know for sure that she is one talented influencer.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of? 

Agent Coulson’s Secret because it features Captain America wearing american-flag panties. Doesn’t it make your patriotic heart soar? My mother-in-law calls this video “american butt”. You can see why i’m proud.

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

I was really more into villains because they are more interesting. I really liked Harley Quinn & Posion Ivy’s Sistership in Batman the animated series. Yes, Ivy, I agree roses are better than people. But! If i have to choose one, it would be freaking X-Men animated series’ Rogue man. She’s cool and fun and makes me wonder if I can rock a white hair stripe. I might. We’ll see.

Who’s your favorite YouTuber that you haven’t met? 

Emmy Made in Japan!! She seems hip and friendly. And how could she not be? Eating candy in front of a camera is the dream.

Define the main social media outlets in one word:

  • FB = hi mom
  • Twitter = hi Hank Green
  • Vine = new YouTube
  • YouTube= old Vine
  • Instagram = insta-shoop
  • Snapchat = ahh!! youths!!
  • Periscope = …I miss Friendster

karen-kavett-vidcon4) Karen Kavett (Graphic Design / DIY / Crafting)

Karen is your go-to anytime you’re feeling crafty with your hands or with your mouse. She makes you fall in love all over again with fun Photoshop how-tos or educational 101 tips on adhesives. Her personality, which is seemingly super bold and contagious, will keep you glued to your screen 24/7.

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of? 

It’s not a single piece of content, but I’m really proud that I’ve managed to make DIY videos every week for a year and a half on the channel I’m a part of, HGTV Handmade. It’s a lot of work, but we have hundreds of project ideas up there now, and we’re still going strong!

Who was your childhood superhero? Why?

Does Harry Potter count? Getting into the online Harry Potter community is what got me into YouTube in the first place, and I’m still friends with people I’ve known since before the last book came out!

What’s your favorite VidCon memory?

Dancing onstage with Kristina Horner‘s band and a ton of my friends to close out the very first VidCon. That first year was my first time in California and my first time flying across the country by myself. I’m glad I got to experience it.

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in? 

I will be in a panel about DIY videos with some other YouTubers I’ve loved for ages. I’m also going to be helping out HGTV with their HGTV Hall Pass, which is a contest to win access to an additional signing in the signing hall.

lauren-fairweather-vidcon5) Lauren Fairweather (Crafter / Musician / Self-Proclaimed Nerd)

The crafty connoisseur and heartwarming musician Lauren Fairweather has a great breadth of content: everything from fun geek culture DIY projects to performing catchy fun personal songs on her guitar. Bottom line: she’s is one skilled champ. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for her!

Which piece of content of yours are you most proud of? 

I made this DIY tutorial video for a Monster Book of Monsters Plush, inspired by Harry Potter! I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I’m really happy with the way this project came out.

Who’s your favorite YouTuber that you haven’t met? 

Julia Nunes! We performed on the same lineup during one of the outdoor concerts at VidCon last year, but the backstage tent was too crowded for me to stay back there the whole night. We still haven’t crossed paths again.

If you have been before, what’s your favorite VidCon memory? 

I had a really wonderful time at the fiveawesomegirls reunion panel I was part of back at VidCon 2013. That collab channel was a huge part of my life through college and it was so much fun to get everyone back together to relive some of our favorite moments.

Any particular VidCon events you plan to be featured in? 

I’ll be doing two workshops and panels (“Being an Engaged Fan” and “The Business of DIY”) and performing my original music on the Creator Keynote stage. I’ll also be hosting some of the open mics!



This article was written by Misha Talavera

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