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Top 10 Art History Influencers On Instagram

By Editorial Staff

At Neoreach, our goal is to make life easier by providing a simple, yet informational lists of top 10 influencers. These influencers use social media platforms to advertise products, philosophies, and even life skills. Their dedicated follower fan base and mentions from around the world landed these influencers on Top 10!

The focus on Art History is on the rise, which means increased activity on these accounts on social media. Specifically Instagram, these pages are the most popular with educating the public with pieces of art (sculptures, paintings, etc.) from ancient history.

Using Neoreach, we have compiled a Top 10 Art History influencer list based off of overall performance data and audience demographics.


Number 1: The MET

The Met Influencer cardLocated in the heart of New York City, this busy museum comes in at #1, with over 2 million Instagram followers. A whopping 58% of the Met’s followers live in the United States. These followers are two-thirds female, while only 15% of them have kids. The Met museum has some of the most talked about art exhibits: art from Korea and pieces from World War 1.

The museum’s website shows the many exhibits currently on display, along with the ones coming up in the future. The Instagram feed includes daily historical art pieces, along with the descriptions of why they’re famous. When in New York City, stop by this landmark to learn all about why art is special to many.


Number 2: Tate Museum

Tate Influencer data cardWith over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, the Tate Museum is home to some of the most prestigious art from around the world. This museum located in the UK, which explains why 35% of its followers are from the United Kingdom. About 64% of its followers are female, with 78% of them being married.

The Tate Museum in London updates its Instagram feed daily with photographs, paintings, and other arts with descriptions plus questions to engage the audience. It provides the name of artist and time period and form of the piece. This museum boasts an astonishing 4.4 million followers on Twitter and 1.1 million Facebook likes. A trip to this museum should definitely be on your bucket list!


Number 3: Musee du Louvre

Louvre Influencer data cardMusee du Louvre, also known as The Louvre, is one of the world’s most recognizable museums on earth. This museum’s social profile mainly attract Americans in the age range of 25-35, with 90% of them having no children. Their Instagram page is uploaded with pictures strictly from the museum. It contains pictures of the outside of this elaborately decorated building along with the exquisite pieces of art on the inside. Coming in at third on this top 10 list.

The Louvre has a total reach of about 4.8 million people across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It’s Facebook has over 2.4 million likes, which accounts for just about half of the people in their influence. This museum is one of the main attractions in Paris, and should be your #1 thing to do when in Paris!


Number 4: Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum influencer data cardLocated in the historic city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Van Gogh Museum is a historic spot for tourists all around the world. Seen as one of the world’s greatest artist, this museum houses a majority of works by Van Gogh. Sunflowers line the outside of the museum as Van Gogh painted this flower often. 

The Van Gogh Museum has a reach of about 3.4 million people with 60% of them being females. The Instagram feed of this museum posts about the priceless art it holds inside.


Number 5: The Art Institute of Chicago

The art institute of chicago influencer data cardThe Art Institute of Chicago comes in at number five on this top ten list. The city of Chicago is filled with history, but what better history to look at than art!  This museum holds special exhibits that draw people in. A whopping 70% of this museum’s followers are based in the US, with another 91% of them being married.

Females prefer this social media influencer making up approximately 60% of the target audience. This feed posts multiple times a day, sharing pictures with quotes, picture information, along with other information dealing with the museum itself.


Number 6: Discovering Art History

Discovering art history influencer data cardThis page is one of the few pages on this list that is specific to Instagram. Very successful, this feed has over 114,000 followers with an engagement rate of 3.45% — an above the average rate. 

Like others on this list, Discovering Art History posts daily with information about different types of art such as architecture, portraits, and landscapes. This page is an art historian’s dream come true!


Number 7: Impressionism (& other art)

Impressionism data cardTo start off, this influencer has a very high engagement rate of 4.95%. This number means that his 90,000 Instagram followers stay because o the content and why this feed has made it on this top 10 list. This art page focuses on Impressionism with similar of other art movements.

The majority of this influencer’s audience is between the ages of 17-24, with 95% of them having no children. Mainly female viewers (64%) interact with the posts, often explaining all of the aspects of the art piece. Don’t miss out and go give this page a view!


Number 8: Art History Gallery

Art History Influencer cardArt History Gallery also only uses Instagram to portray its pictures. This influencer’s 74,000+ followers has an average engagement rate of about 3% because goes above and beyond by providing the story and history behind an art piece.

This is useful because the viewer understands the historical context of the piece. Be entertained by the amazing facts about the world’s most famous art!


Number 9: Gallerie Delgi Uffizi

Gallerie Delgi Uffizi influencer data cardIn the heart of Florence, the Uffizi museum amazes visitors with over one-third of the best art in the world.  Males and females are almost equal to their viewing in this page, and with 86% of them having no children. People ages from 20-29 are most likely to view this page.

Their feed includes posts about its own works and features spectators viewing the art from inside the historical museum. Italia e bella! 


Number 10: Art History Feed

Art history influencer data cardLast on the list, an influencer named Art History Feed rocking 65,000+ Instagram followers. These loyal followers help this page’s popularity on Twitter and Facebook: adding up 10,000 followers combined.

Consistent with the others, 62% of these viewers are female, while the majority of the viewers are in the 17 to 34 age range. Many of the famous works are posted on this page with background information regarding the piece.


This article was written by Editorial Staff

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