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Top 10 Stars on Social Media

By Editorial Staff the perfect social media blend of modern-day karaoke and Vine in one neat bow. allows people of all talent to jam to their favorite songs, and put on performances the world ought to see. These online rockstars have mastered the art of and certainly know how to work an audience of millions. So, here are the top 10 stars and their social media accounts that you must follow!


Top 10 Stars You Should Be Following on Social Media

By Jessica Paolucci


Mackenzie Davis

15-year-old, RaddestRedHead has gathered over 3 million followers over her two years of fame. As a 13-year-old, she found fame through her passion for dancing- and recording it on camera. Her popularity sparked as a YouTube star, and she’s been on the uprise ever since. Aside from her fame, she has performed in a Debbie Allen production of “Brothers of the Knight” at the Warner Theatre. Mackenzie is as well rounded as any 15-year-old could be!

Tyler Brown

Joining Mackenzie in the teen club, 16-year-old California-native Tyler Brown has seen fame his entire life. Brown was featured on the Ellen Degeneres show when he was 8 years old (talk about peaking early)! Tyler Brown is very active on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, and cashes in with 3.5 million followers on Tyler remains humble and has been a straight A student through his stardom. His millions of followers are known as “brownies.” Take a look at his account and you could be a brownie yourself.

Kira Kosarin

A former Nickelodeon star, Kira Kosarin racks up 3.7 million followers on Raised by two former Broadway stars, she found her way to the spotlight at an early age upon moving to Los Angeles, CA. Kosarin was nominated for a Teen’s Choice Award in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, for the category of Favorite Female Actress. Kosarin’s videos are composed of singing cover songs and dancing. 20-year-old Kosarin is known to the world as more than just Phoebe from The Thunderman’s.

Savannah Soutas

25-year-old fashionista, Savannah Soutas greets the world one outfit at a time. Soutas stands out from other greats, in that she is in the higher age range than most. She never fails to prove, she’s still got it! As a mother of one daughter, she even managed to catch the top muser on on May 13, 2016. Soutas topped phenoms including Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel, and Lisa & Lena. With 4.6 million followers, Savannah Soutas also entertains her following on YouTube while running her own retail store called SavLaBrant.

Mackenzie Ziegler

Most of you know her as the little queen of Abby Lee Dance Company, or the girl who’s older sister gave you chills from the Chandelier. Mackenzie Ziegler’s 5.3 million following on proves her efforts to step aside from her sister’s shadow. Madison Ziegler’s ‘mini-me’ slays it on with her best of the best lip sync’s as the center of attention. Sometimes she even features her old castmates from Abby Lee, what a treat! Follow along with little Ziegler, and she’ll give you a show.

Liza Koshy

Our good friend, Liza Koshy! Known for her hilarious YouTube account, Koshy marks her territory on with 5.7 million followers. With facial expressions out of this world, is a match made in heaven. Koshy sings along to the most popular songs, and keeps your eyes glued to your screen for her next move. Being a YouTube star, Koshy is very comfortable in front of the camera and is not afraid let that be known. Give Koshy a follow, and you’ll be singing along in no time.

Jojo Siwa

Our second Abby Lee queen! Jojo Siwa is known for her oversized bows and oversized personality when it comes to being in front of a camera. Her love for producing music captures every single one of her 5.8 million followers. Her expressions are just enough ‘over-the-top’ to get the job done. Scroll through Jojo’s account, and you’ll see that personality come bursting through.

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas: a YouTube heart-throb. Cameron’s claim to fame began when he started posting video’s of himself pranking his friends, and the camera has loved him ever since. As a 2x Teen Choice Award recipient, Dallas knows exactly what his audience wants- adorable videos that you can’t help to drool over. With 10.3 million followers, Cameron Dallas lip sync’s his heart out. If it were up to me, every girl needs a Cameron Dallas.

Loren Gray

New to the social media game as of 2013, Loren Gray has made herself at home on With 11.2 million followers, Gray lets her natural skills shine through in every performance. She has been featured in Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine, received award nominations at People’s Choice Awards, and the VMAs. Her father also wanted a piece of the social media action, and holds his own account: @reallylorensdad. Who knew stardom was hereditary? Give Gray a follow, and you won’t be sorry.

Ariel Martin

The grand finale… with 26 million followers, Ariel Martin takes the cake of all things lip sync. Known as Baby Ariel, she has been recognized as one of the most influential people by Time magazine and was listed as Forbes’ 2017 list of entertainment influencers. Being so highly known in the social media world, Baby Ariel also runs an anti-bullying campaign called #ArielMovement as one of her most important endeavors. Martin won the Teen Choice Award for Best Muser in 2016 and 2017. Pretty impressive for a baby! Follow Ariel Martin if you want to be a OG.

If you’d like to reach out to any of these stars, click here!

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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