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Top 10 Cats of Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Ever wonder how animals can accrue more followers than some celebrities? Take a look at our list of top 10 cats of Instagram to see exactly why these lovable felines deserve the love and attention of the social media world. We’ve compiled this list based on social media reach and engagement. Starting from number 10 and working our way up to the crown kitty, these felines all have one thing in common: they use their Insta-fame for good. Majority of these cool cats use their platforms to create awareness on the importance of adopting shelter pets as well as spaying and neutering. Enjoy!


Top 10 Cats of Instagram That You Should Be Following

By Jessica Paolucci


George & Wheezy

George & Wheezy are an adorable duo taking the Instagram world by storm. With 71,700 followers, these two are making quite the name for themselves among the feline community. Where did the duo get their names? These two were named after two characters in the 1970s sitcom “The Jeffersons.” Their Brooklyn-based cat mom, Tina, first got George from a Ragdoll breeder in Rhode Island. Surprisingly, this affectionate fella was first referred to as “Georgina.” However, once he was neutered, cat mom Tina went by “George.” After a while, George was in much need of companionship. Enter: Wheezy! Most famous for their apparel & accessories, these two make the ultimate cat duo.

Princess Monster Truck

A rescue kitty hailing from NYC, this cat influencer rakes in about 300,000 followers on Instagram. Her famous underbite makes her appear equal part adorable and intimidating. Don’t be fooled, however, that mug is a face more than just a mother could love. Princess Monster Truck is a charitable kitty, donating most of her time to creating awareness for foster cats and the harms against declawing.

Cole & Marmalade

These Florida natives bring in about 387,000 followers on Instagram. Our first friendly feline, Cole, was rescued by his human “servants” off the streets of Tampa, Fl. His name? A play on his sleek black coat, resembling the appearance of coal. Marmalade comes into the picture a little while later and becomes Cole’s go-to pal very quickly. After a scary cancer diagnosis in 2014, Marmalade underwent several chemotherapy treatments and surgery. Today he is cancer free, trolling the explore page of Instagram with his feline fellow.


Let’s jump on over and meet the Donut Diva herself, Pudge the Cat. Raking in over 666,000 Instagram followers, the social media influencer is most well known for her lovable mustache. #NationalDonutDay is this Minnesota gal’s favorite holiday (a feline after our own heart) and loves her human unconditionally.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

This Silicon Valley rescue has captured the hearts of Instagram, bringing in over 821,000 followers. A feral cat from the streets of LA (feral means born and raised without any contact from humans), “Hammy” needed some extra love and TLC before he found his forever home. After meeting his human, Jay Stowe, the instant connection was so apparent. Hamilton has a heart that gives back, after becoming Insta-famous he auctioned off his account to raise awareness toward the “Adopt Don’t Shop” cause.

Venus the Two Face Cat

This feline chimera is most striking for her physical attributes. One half of Venus’ face is black with a green eye, the other is orange with a blue eye. But don’t let her striking looks and physical beauty sway you, this sweetheart is as gentle and loving as they come. Venus stands among the top 5 feline influencers on Instagram with over 1.5M followers. This beauty also happens to be a big Detroit Tigers fan and loves to advocate for her favorite causes: Adopt Don’t Shop & the importance of spaying and neutering.

White Coffee Cat

This blue-eyed ball of white luff has captured the hearts of social media, ranking in at #4 is White Coffee Cat with 1.7M followers. While lovable and cute are two adjectives to best describe Coffee, another that comes to mind is: fighter. Diagnosed with kidney lymphoma at an early age, Coffee fought the battle of his life. After completing rigorous chemotherapy treatments, Coffee was found to be cancer-free! This tenacious feline can now enjoy a life of his favorite toys, including the Cat Catcher, taking naps with his human in bed & his favorite pastime of catching flies. Keep reading to see which of the influencers coming up is Coffee’s cat-mate.

Lil Bub

This tiny feline has made the cut for top 3 cat influencers of Instagram with over 1.8M followers, including the popular account Buzzfeed. Discovered as the runt of a healthy feral litter, Lil Bub was found in a tool shed in rural Indiana. Bub is most well known for her small quirky stature and carefree personality. However, her accomplishments include becoming a published author, a talk show host as well as a movie star. But Bub has a knack for giving back, she helped raise over $300,000 for fellow animals in need. Though this feline is little, she is a mighty influencer!

Grumpy Cat

Taking the runner-up spot for most influential felines on Instagram is none other than Grumpy Cat, with over 2.5M followers on Instagram. In years prior, Grumpy Cat was the most well-known kitty on social media for a few years, her grumpy disposition and a never-disappearing frown deem her trademark signatures. Don’t let this disgruntled mug fool you though, Grumpy Cat is a sweet, calm kitty with a unique underbite! (Hence the constant frowning). To add to the ever-growing list of lovable quirks for this kitty, she also has a form of feline dwarfism that makes it appear as if she walks a bit wobbly. Don’t fret, Grumpy Cat gets around just fine and leads a life of a completely normal kitty.


The crown champion for the most influential cat on Instagram goes to… Nala Cat with over 3.7M followers! Nala is a beautiful Siamese, Tabby mix who was rescued from a shelter in LA at 5 months old. Nala is also roommates with our #4 influencer White Coffee Cat. This lovable feline knows how to pose for the camera and loves going along with photoshoots. As the most famous cat on Instagram, Nala uses her notoriety for good and raises awareness for shelter pets like herself.

If you’d like to reach out to any of these cats of Instagram or others, click here!

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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